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  1. Now leverage the picks to trade for a player that can help Sam NOW
  2. Where do I need to go to do this with mine?
  3. One thing I like and respect about Gase is his in or out approach with players. if you aren’t on board get off... if he ever turns out to be a good coach with Xs and Os his attitude is what the hall of fame coaches have
  4. I mean he is basically gen Z.. but let’s just call everyone who bitches on Twitter a millennial...
  5. Sierra Nevada beers are the best and most consistent in my opinion. The seasonal Summerfest and Celebration are amazing. There are just so many dozens of great beers now though. aside from beer I love a great Chianti
  6. How can he be worth more than that and not worth keeping at the same time?
  7. Welcome to 2020 put down your newspaper
  8. Jerry Jones probably made him do it so he doesn’t have to give up a 1st
  9. His camp is leaking that to hurt the JETs compensation
  10. Team is worse with him gone and the draft pick they get won’t be a factor till at least 2022 if ever... it’s too bad it came to this
  11. You are inspiring, keep fighting hard and thanks for sharing with us.
  12. I agree in general but it would be nice to cash in and you would hope anyone paying a premium is a decent fan at least Also how do you choose who gets to buy their own tickets? Will they just call and offer refunds to us and see who is left standing?
  13. You all have some weird browsing history based on the ads you are being served.
  14. Two of the games “strength” are based on having Tom Brady as QB and now have Stidham. they play Drew Lock and Tyrod/Herbert you really think Stidham and Lock are so much tougher than Haskins or Jones?
  15. Strength of schedule in May is irrelevant. Teams change year over year.
  16. I bet it is about guaranteed money that’s what is not mentioned here.
  17. You do realize you are being served ads based on your own browsing history right?? Be careful sharing what ads you see...
  18. Yeah Metcalf really brought the Seahawks to the next level...
  19. They went 14-2 by being BOLD and stacking their team around an unknown QB
  20. It would sound like a Jags home game for reference..
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