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  1. Hey man, where you been?

  2. Pizza, Chili Dip and some good ole Dr Publix!!!! and dont forget the lucky Crippy blunt!!!!
  3. Lets go JETS!!!!! this is more exciting then the Yankees world series run last year
  4. iim getting excited just watching sportcenter... im pretty sure i want have a voice when this game is over!!!!!!
  5. i am so freaking pumped for this game!!!! we have finally proved we can play like an elite team so now its time to stick it up indy's ass!!!!!! i called out of work so i can watch every single second of this game its our time boys!!!!! LETS GO JETS!!!!!!!!
  6. Ill be there tailgating for sure after we beat the Colts!!!
  7. its a baseball site..lol (oh i got it not funny....lol)
  8. yea that sounds good i cant wait. Thanks Rillo..... if any of you all like the yankees checkout the website in my sig and see what its all about. im in some of the pics playing catcher
  9. Im leaving for Arizona in the morning. Never been there before the reason im going is for the Yankees Fantasy baseball camp my dad runs every year. So half the time ill be an all time catcher and the other half will be partying. Anyone know any good spots in Glendale, AZ? im staying in the Rennisanse hotel right next to West Gate ir something like that.
  10. Naw Porter didnt do **** his homies stood up for him... And does anyone have a clip of Jason Taylor throwing the ball the the Jets logo then the ball coming back and hitting him scare in the face?? freaking hilarious
  11. plus 1 that thing is creepy. We should not be suprised by this even though we could of done something differently to win last night but its all good we take it in the Bronx tonight like i said all along
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