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  1. No they only hurt a little.. naw but it all depends on the spot

  2. oh well that is a totally different story!! lol when i got my first one i had to hide it for a week until i graduated high school to show her..lol

  3. Hey are you from Florida by any chance?

  4. sounds like a plan!!! just let me kno.. im always in boca and wpb

  5. thank you!! thats what they call a Mexican Navy Seal

  6. oh ok, I was just asking because i have a client call RSJ Builders so.. just a coincidence... Have a good one

  7. Thanks for the Rep!!

  8. Thanks for the Rep!!

  9. Your welcome!! i would rep you more but half the time it doesnt let me.. i think thats a stupid feature.. even though there is a good reason behind it..

  10. hey max! JN is running much faster on my end thanks for all your help

  11. hey as long as they root for the Jets to win then the more the marrier lol

  12. Yo i laugh everytime i see your sig.. because since times are hard for everyone now thats all me and my friend say to each other now of days.. "yo whats up bro i got 5 on it"!! lol

  13. thanks we should start a tatto thread one day.. do you have any??

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