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  1. Had a couple of friends that went to school out there, I remember them saying Glendale was a party town, because the University's are around there.....good luck

    yea that sounds good i cant wait. Thanks Rillo..... if any of you all like the yankees checkout the website in my sig and see what its all about. im in some of the pics playing catcher

  2. Im leaving for Arizona in the morning. Never been there before the reason im going is for the Yankees Fantasy baseball camp my dad runs every year. So half the time ill be an all time catcher and the other half will be partying.

    Anyone know any good spots in Glendale, AZ? im staying in the Rennisanse hotel right next to West Gate ir something like that.

  3. He's smart for the simple fact he's never been married. Good call when you have that kind of cash.

    Talk about set for life. He'll have his # retired upon leaving the game and probably a job within the Yanks organization.

    No doubt about it. Basically if your going to become a Yankee you better pick a number higher then 10 lol

    Plus Jeter just built a house in Tampa that has a 10 car garage you know he is set for life.. Money is not a option to Jeter

  4. What? Which corner store? The one right before the camp grounds or the one in town before you go down the road that leads to the springs. How ironic, I've probably bumped into her cuz we used to go there all the time back in school.

    Definitely a nice break from the city...a bit too slow paced for me....but thats why I live in Jax...you can get the best of both worlds.

    Im not sure really i havent been up there enough to really know my way around.. but it the one right by the train tracks before you get into the Main Road i guess.. but its the one that has a pizza place attached.. my aunt is Tall with short hair and really loud and out going like all other red necks lol

  5. hahahaha. Ginnie Springs? That place is the spot. You get a lot of UF students go there too, so seeing hot chicks is the norm. You just have to deal with toothless Red Necks, but they are no harm, just throw them a natty light or some dip and you are thier best friend.

    HAhaha yep Ginnie Springs lol yea they are harmless plus since my Aunt manages the Corner sotre up there she basically knows the whole town i would like to live up there one day. its a nice break from the city that for sure

  6. Yep. Thats out in the middle of no where, so I can see how those dogs run all day long. She probably lives on acres of land for dirt cheap.

    High Springs is very natural and pretty. Some sick natural springs chillax areas and some big time Redneck Riviera type party spots.

    Yea she lives on 8 1/2 acres so those dogs are outside all day running around... i was up there in june and we all went tubing down the ichetucknee river i still have to get the underwater pics developed... i couldnt believe all the rednecks up there with their party boats tied to together getting straght wasted with some pretty hot chicks on board..

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