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  1. Vida Guerra!! i would suck a fart from her azz and hold it like a bong hit
  2. i Just wanna buy a seat from yankees stadium.. section 7 row7 seat 7 will be perfect
  3. what time did the game actually start in japan??
  4. Yea ive been neg repped by The Show aka "part time poster" because he couldnt take the heat when we were tryin to tell him that chad will not be the starter this year.. just because you cant come up with better come back then the poster you are disagreeing with doesnt give you the right to hand out negitive rep
  5. fa shooo i went to target and got it for the $12.99 what a deal!!!
  6. wha thats wack well to let you know the carter 3 is no joke its putting thriller to shame
  7. KOBE did you go get that weezy wee today or what!?!?
  8. most tear drop represent that someone died its the hood way of some remorse BTW.. i doubt he killed someone it would be a waste of his time hes got goons to do that stuff for him..lol
  9. yezzir!! most anticipated album of the year by far!! but dont forget about that Rick Ross that drops today.. ross has is shat together on this one!!
  10. as long as A-Rod plays good ball we shouldnt worry about what he does off the field or how he acts to the media.. he is the best player in the game by far and he is wearing pinstripes its a beautiful thing
  11. i just got a speeding ticket thats gonna cost me $80.50 and i actually got lucky because i was doing 95mph in a 70mph zone and the trooper cut me a break and put that i was going 79mph in a 70mph zone. now im gonna have to go to driving school so i dont get points on my license.. not a good day:mad0222:
  12. Yummy!! nipple are a mans best friend!!
  13. well if your getting tired of the cold weather you can move down the sunny south florida with the rest of the SoFla jet fans and never get to see the seasons change.. we just see the seasons go from hot to hotter..lol:)
  14. for real.. coach dont get paid close to that much money and thats all chad is gonna be this season. a extra QB coach for kellen
  15. no tough!!! sry u dont understand.. im done thanks for making my day go by faster its been fun
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