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  1. your the only one on here thats getting tuff... your making your self look like a little insecure B*atch ranting and raving... go play with your pet pigs!!
  2. listen bro!! you cant stop me you can only hope to contain me!! and the banned dude is only for mods stop tryin to be something your not
  3. i like that because clement was garbage!!!!
  4. i think i saw this guy on jerry springer yesterday.. the title of the show was 25 and still in college and i once slept with a NFL QB from my home town
  5. im glad more then one of us see that this guy is a little fruity!!! tell him to take the hey out of his mouth so we can understand what he types
  6. i agree i was mad when they stopped airing food 911 i liked watching housewives try to learn how to cut a cucumber.. it was funny
  7. wow that must be a knee slapper in tenn. because that aint funny where im from... at least my mom has her teeth still.. wait is that your moms dinner bell in the backround calling you home junnnnnnnnnnnnnnnior... its chow time
  8. hahahahahahaahahahahaha sorry u feel that way its not my fault you cant take a little criticism.. just give up on chad!!!!!
  9. finally you admit that your out matched on chad being the starter because i garentee that mangini doesnt even want chad to start.. he is just tryin to be politically correct by making it an "open" competition during training camp
  10. Naw the exit looniville is too the right because if you think chad is gonna be the starter come october then your oviously on prozak and other anti-dultional medicines chad might be lucky if he even gets a jersey because he might get traded way be for the summer is even over
  11. Good Eats is a good one alton brown knows everything about food and it componants..lol Tylers Ultimate is also not bad
  12. How do you figure that half of the games we lost we were winning until CHAD threw an INT of forced a stupid turnover. chad is our cancer!! just face guys we need youth on our side.
  14. dont forget about pace getting that $20M signing bonus... they should Rhodes $20M just for being him because he is by far the most exciting player to waych on our defense
  15. yeah but if they were in the AL it would be a different story... they got it made hitting against NL pitching
  16. yea he could had everything including a dairy cow for a wife!!
  17. haha yea id bet that someone on that plane passed out from the feeling that they were gonna die..
  18. hanley has to prove he can be consistant before he is better than reyes in my book
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