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  1. WHAT!! delgado with hip problems go figure he is only like 60 something!! get the walker with the tennis balls at the bottom ready
  2. we have always been a threat in the AFC! we just had a QB that would always do something stupid to lose the game for us.. unless we were playing the dolfags of course because then he would play amazing
  3. you said it bro!! we are making some major moves!! sux that the season is so far away!!!
  4. yea boy!!!! next time no hieniken for breakfast!!!
  5. i hope no one thinks this is a real story.. alot of the things listed are from years of people coming up with stupid things to do at a wal-mart...
  6. Of course!! down here in south fla i go lobster fishing.. matter of fact me and LI mike went last weekend in the keys. thank god for the ocean!!
  7. thor your killin me guy!!!! hahahah now thats fruity!!!!
  8. hahahaha wow thats a good one!!! hahaha yea he probably would got a new one to keep drinkin!! lol
  9. is it gay day in training camp?? its pretty bad when a grown man is still sporting a jerry curl with a headband especially on a baseball field!!!
  10. HAHAHA jeez how can anyone miss that guy looks like he would take up the whole entire mound!!
  11. 75 percent of the NFL smokes weed if they didnt they would all end up like Brynt McKennie beating the crap out of people because the have to much testorone floating thru there body they need someting to keep them relaxed... ask TO have you ever seen his chocolate parlor on MTV cribs?? it screems weed fest
  12. hahahahahahahahaha thats was a good one:rl:
  13. ok you got me... i call a truse..
  14. yea thats true.. Keyshawn was good until he wrote that horrible book..lol
  15. about time someone give Gastineau some credit... and what about Cherbet he gave his heart out for us and dam near died doing it...lol and Joe Nameth has to be the QB.. he beat the "unstopable" colts gotta give him some credit
  16. then who do you think the best player of all time is.. i garentee they wore pinstripes one time in there career
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