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  1. right by where you went to college. High Spring, Florida about 15mins south east of Gainesville i think...
  2. Party party party lets all get wasted!!!! Happy 21st JB.. enjoy your day!! you better get black out drunk it is your 21st after all
  3. Yea it was pretty gross i had to ask for a cold glass..lol
  4. Jeter is THE best and most respectful guys in the game. Ive never heard a bad word about him and im sure i never will. Plus the dude slays any Model or Actress he wants.. JETER IS MY HERO!!!!
  5. Yo rillo you been to Jamiaca?? they serve them thing warm over there, or at least thats how i was giving them it was probably just crappy service tho..lol
  6. Fosters is good.. Last year when i was at Halloween Horror nights they were selling them in the big can and me and my girl were killing those things.. That big can seems to help keep the beer cold and i think it taste better than Heiniken lights any day of the week
  7. Weimeraner are cool dogs my aunt has two of them up in Northern Florida those dogs can run all day... you even have to make them stop running around sometimes just so the dont over heat..
  8. We all know Miami can control the clock.. dont you remember earlier in the season against the Colts they had they ball for 45mins and still lost.
  9. Dam this **** makes me sad!!! Get well soon Leon and i hope woody has a nice lady on the plane to make him part of the mile high club!!
  10. you know what they say Red in the head FIRE in the hole!!!
  11. im a sucka for a red headed female with big brown eyes
  12. I dont know if im addicted but i sure do love the Puss!!!!
  13. the world is not over my friend we will still Win the Division!!
  14. Whitey Ford Bob Turley Don Larson all those guys would of been un stopable in the post season
  15. Well with no A/C and 100 plus temps in the summer whatelse should i be wearing a Parka??
  16. well that would depend on who painted it according to Verde
  17. Well you do have to take into consideration when talking about the Old time greats that they didnt have Playoffs they just won the pentant and went straight to the Series.. so they didnt get to play as many games as they do now.. its like the stat that says Jorge has started more "post season" games then Yogi Berra but Yogi has 10 rings. we just cant compare baseball from back then to now because its all completely different.. baseball is all about numbers now before it was about showing up to play and winning..
  18. I thought Sigmund Freud was the Tigers trainer from Las Vegas???
  19. This pic wasnt my personal car just a pic i found but i had the same exact one before i sold it i loved that car i regret selling it every single day!!
  20. WOOOO HOOOOOOO cant wait for this series Baby!!! and then when its over im off to Arizona for my Heroes In Pinstripes camp to celebrate with all the old time yankkes that will be there!!!! LETS GO YANKEES!!!!!
  21. Doesnt matter how many games you start if you dont win buddy boy!!!! DUHHHHHH
  22. Yo i laugh everytime i see your sig.. because since times are hard for everyone now thats all me and my friend say to each other now of days.. "yo whats up bro i got 5 on it"!! lol

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