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  1. ve to be old as hell.. they stop making grills like that awhile ago... now of day if you get a grill with gems in it. it usually looks like this
  2. And there are no hot bats in the Yanks line up right now??
  3. Yea the Call at second was just as bad as the one at third. and then the one when cano and posada should of both been out.. how cano ended up safe is beyond me
  4. Please point those girls out because it seems to me the only "Wild" girls that are in Florida are only here for the weekend and then they go back home.
  5. Nope just get on TV some how thats the best job.. Look at Jon Gosslin or Richard Heene now those guys will be rich off stupid ****..
  6. W1: Drew Brees W2: A Peterson W3: Phillip Rivers W4: Peyton Manning W5: Eli Manning WEEK SIX: A. Rodgers G Bay
  7. No thats is funny.. are the new books going to have chapters on the do's and dont's of internships..lol
  8. Dam kids in the high school have suprer sperm... i bet there is one dude in the school who is responsible for 3 of the girl prego
  9. Yea how could i forget golf and bumpin skins under the stars on the beach..
  10. Snorkeling ans Spearfishing will always be my favorite outdoor activity next to Baseball of course
  11. Can someone please post the standing i cant get to BZ cool website at work.. Thanks
  12. Yep my neighbor when she was 5 hid in a closet because she did something wrong and didnt want to get in trouble ended up falling asleep in there and no one could find her for 4 hrs... cops and everything got involved in the search
  13. i read his older brother saw him climb in and take off..it it true??
  14. ok maybe i didnt tell you that.. lol i did the stupid whambulance thing instead of giving my real opinion
  15. the funnest is when he says "Reggie Bush!!!!! Sike!!!" that had me rollin
  16. I got an idea ill start selling drugs then hopefully i will get shot a couple times then i can start my Rap career and be legit.. it could work
  17. So in other words i should join a credit union??
  18. Yea im going to have to start doing that because the fees and other stupid charges are crazy..
  19. Hey there is only one Mickey Mantle on this board mother f-ers
  20. Yea that kid is a player... lets hope the titanium in his leg will help him kick harder... Lets hope for a full recovery...
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