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  1. hahaha i love salami sandwiches!!!
  2. yea and my friend bought one hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah:bwahaharoll:
  3. Can i borrow one of your guns??? and by any chance do you own a ski mask??
  4. Straight WOLVES in sheeps clothing...
  5. just kidding hope you get better soon!!
  6. I leave all my jewelry home as well..
  7. yea the mattress sounds like a great idea... i live pay check to pay check so its not like imma have alot of money piled up for someone to come take..
  8. All of them no matter which one it is they are all a bunch of theives!!!!!!!! poor get poorer while the rich keep getting rich... I hate this freaking world we live in..... end rant!!
  9. Yea think your biggest accomplishment of the game was finally getting Ted Ginn to catch a pass. he almost looked like a professional doing it. especially with 3 Jets players right on his heels
  10. or sponser a shuttle bus so we can find it easier....
  11. yea i saw Wayne Hizinga and his daughter get in seperate choppers then Scotty and Mr Stern I dont know it was pretty rough..lol i walked through a whole sea of Dolphans tailgating over in West 32 and 22 and holy **** did i get boo'ed heavily with dudes running up in my face screaming and ****... and that chant im sure even you guys were getting tired of say JETS suck suck suck... i heard it 40000000000 times... the only thing that got me throght the tailgate was the 8 beers i drank in the parking lot and the Purp i had in the car
  12. Exactly.. you gotta take everything with grain of salt.... coolest part of the walk back was watching Scotty Pippen and David Stern getting into their heliocopter and leaving
  13. Yep you never know now of days
  14. The fan were actually not that bad.. you just have to know how to shut them up.. this one guy kept screaming in my ear about the dolphins blah blah blah and he must of thought i was from out of town. So when he start screaming this is Hialieh this is Liberty City.. i looked at him smiled put my hand on his shoulder and said bro calm down we are in Miami Gardens and he shut up real quick and started laughing
  15. i tried to find the tailgate but i didnt see no Jets flag anywhere i walked around the whole lot... but its all good tailgated with some dolphins fan and got BOOO at the whole time... Did anyone see that guy get stabbed??? i was right there when it happened
  16. Thats my problem to much hot stuff not enough water.. i get it all the time especialy if i ate alot of salty and spicey foods Oh and i use Pepcaid Complete when i have it bad
  17. you cant use the Ginn pic no more he actually caught a pass when it counted
  18. for real TJ is only good in the Red Zone its like he knows the chance of him breaking for then 7 yards is slim so he trys to hard.. ie dancing but when he is close to the goal he plows right through
  19. Yea but what lot i circled that whole place unless you were across the street
  20. yea and our D didnt help either... Sanchez did pretty much everything he could of to win the game. And what about special teams if it wasnt for them this game would of been alot mor ugly!!!
  21. Yea that almost happened tome but i can talk my way out of everything... the cop looked at me like he wanted to fight tho
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