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  1. So how did everything turn out??? i tried to find everyone but i couldnt i walked around forever looking for that flag pole but no luck...
  2. it seems like TJ only hit the hole hard when we are on the goalline... i much rather see Leon get most of the snaps and save TJ for Red Zone plays... or we need to start running more plays with both of them out there so TJ can at least try and block for Leon
  3. Yea im trying to stay away from facebook but its hard when you get updates sent to your phone.
  4. Does anyone have a extra seat available for tonights game??? my friends needs one???
  5. Wait what did i miss??? did you win some kind of contest??? that sounds like a dream come true!! post all the pics!!!
  6. well he does have a really soft voice just sayin... and he did live close to San Fran, Cali
  7. there are only 2 times a year when me and my grandma dont get along... she is a diehard dolphan... piss off grams!!!
  8. Yea tell all your croneys to go easy on the Jets fans because im sure we will be out numbering you guys..
  9. hahahaha i Blame Jason Taylor for bringing his Cancer back to the team.. thanks JT your the man
  10. i think its in 13 something look at the stickyed thread it tells you.
  11. haha even though the spanish people had to put all thier money together to be able to Match what the white man (Jimmy Buffet) put up
  12. no i was serious my friend waited on him at her job thats really what he ate..lol but this is for dinner today
  13. will a mod resize that please??? thank you
  14. I have 23 yrs but i dont think ill ever be able to catch up to you
  15. No but i know what Chad Pennington had for Breakfast.. he ate big because he aint playing tonight. hhahahahahahah Oatmeal, Biscuits and Gravy decaf coffee and a Large OJ lol
  16. Yea you should of grabbed a ride with Joe.. he usually has some nice ladys with him lol
  17. Yea baby!!! its been a long 5 years we need tp prove to America we still run the MLB!!! LETS GO YANKEES!!!!!
  18. Yea its been crazy.. you know its hot when you sweat in the shade... i have been staying away from the beach lately because its been to dam hot to actually go there and be relaxed
  19. Yea **** Landshark piss Ale!!! Im going green tonight so this is what im drinking
  20. Good job but hey your in Miami im sure you can find some hotties better than that...
  21. Kegs and Eggs Baby!!!! BP's in MIAMI B!TCH!!!! drink all day drink all night lol
  22. Yes Sir she will be there in some Jets gear to!! You going?
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