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  1. Yea it has been hot as hell down here lately... my friends dog died of a heat stroke and the dog was only outside for about 2 hrs.
  2. WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO I cant wait baby!!! this will be my first Jets game im like 5 years im just sitting at work watching the clock!!! LETS GO JETS!!!
  3. there fixed it for you.... i cant wait till you guys are 1 and 6 so you guys can drop this stupid Div champs bull crap
  4. yEA HE IS SUPER WACK!!! and he plays dirty ive seem him pull guys down by thier hair and he loves to horse collar tackle
  5. W1 D Brees NO W2 A Peterson MN W3 P Rivers SD W4 E Manning NYG WEEK 5 PEYTON MANNING COLTS
  6. yea when he talks sometimes he sounds like one of those real feminine guys... maybe he is a closet fag with some football skills
  7. Plus they arent very comfy to wear... i always end up taking mine off and throwing it over my shoulder they are to hot.. Ill be rockin a nice Jets T-shirt to the game to hot for the jersey
  8. IDK how much do the Dolphins pay the Marlins to let them around arond on thier baseball field???
  9. i have a Martin but i rarely wear because hes retired... but does any wanna buy a Signed Santana Moss jersey??..
  10. For real and i dont think he is really 5'8"... i think he is shorter then what is on paper
  11. Thanks but i cant take credit for it Cobra made them all and they are great.
  12. AHHHHHHHH is it Monday Night yet?????? i wanna see this beast wearing some green and white!!!!!
  13. Break out the brooms its gonna be a quick series GO YANKEES!!!!!!
  14. i dont know.... everytime ive ever been on a boat a gun has been on board. wont leave the dock without it
  15. Thanks for the Rep!!

  16. Thanks for the Rep!!

  17. Revis is the PHUCKING MAN!!! but he did almost get burnned deep on the one play but luckly someone was there to bat the ball don i cant rememeber who that was though
  18. that man is a G i just hope he performs like he should.
  19. yea you guys know your ghey so there is no need to keep reminding you about it..
  20. Yep the turnpike is going to be packed with Dolphans right around the start of the 4th quarter.
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