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  1. The only forth quarter drive your gonna see is the one of you driving home half way through the 4th quarter because you will be losing so bad.
  2. Witch one are you managing now?? i love titties and beer!!!
  3. yea hes got the looks but soon as he opens his mouth it will sound like your phucking a 13yr old kid.
  4. Not even Mary Ann can score on Revis's Island!!
  5. So that gives you about 3 days of running if you wait for "winter"
  6. Quarter Deck is probably a better atmosphere.. never went to the Clevelander to watch Football... only to watch the ass go by
  7. This weekend i saw on my Facebook someone posted the lyrics to the Dolphags song and it made me think. Hey they need a new song because the dont do anything that is mentioned in the song. hahahaha freaking hilarious Miami has the Dolphins The Greatest Football Team (umm sorry that not even close) We take the ball from goal to goal (hasnt happen in a loooong time) Like no one's ever seen We're in the air, we're on the ground (yeah chads on the ground in pain) We're always in control (of thier own losing record) And when you say Miami You're talking Super Bowl (they got 1 right the SB is in MIA this year) 'Cause we're the... Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins Number One. Yes we're the... Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins Number One
  8. Your right but the rule doesnt make it clear. that rule only applies to a defender. It sucks i know i dont like the pic either but hey if it was the other way around and TJ was doing that to Jason Taylor we would all be loving it... hate the game not the player
  9. Dude, its not a penalty. as much as it should be its not. The ball carriers has all the advantages the defense has none basically
  10. its all good that pic is from like 3years ago that **** aint happening this time around. R. Williams wont get more then 30yards rushing monday night mark my words!!!!
  11. A mile?!?!?! holy hell i do a couple laps and im good.. hahaha forget trying to swim a mile. that the beauty of swimming after just a few laps you feel like you did a total body workout
  12. Running sucks!!!! i much rather swim to get into shape
  13. Im telling you its going to be one hell of a game. i alomost dont want to go to the game just to stay home and see if i can hear the crowd from my house.
  14. Hahaha that would be classic but a first down Miami..lol
  15. Thank God the Marlins arent making the Playoff!!!! lol
  16. IDK i like playing under the lights plus its hard for any team from the North to go down to this heat and play good so im glad its a night game. Plus down here we dont get to see alot of Games in HD unless you got the Sunday Ticket thing and i dont... i have comcast basic ****
  17. Happy Birthday fellow Floridian!!
  18. Are we playing Baseball on Monday night or are we gonna get to play football on a real football field??
  19. Yea the ball carrier is allowed to touch or grab a defenders facemask one of the best but worst rules in the NFL
  20. And the only reason you got 3 Monday night games is because of the teams you play. First was the Colt and the Nations loves Peyton Manning, the 2nd is against us and the Nation wants to see that awesome Div rivalry and the 3rd is againd NE. those game have nothing to do with you its all about the opposing teams not the Dolphins
  21. HAHAHA he did that against one of the Best teams in the NFL... You guys whooped on the Bill and there old ass tired QB. just hold all the smack talk until Monday night cause i garentee the trolls will be in hiding come tuesday morning
  22. I cant wait to see what Calvin Pace is going to do i know he is just counting the days until he gets to hit somebody...
  23. Sorry buddy but its hard to get rushing yards when your team is gonna get out of the back field Calvin Pace in gonna be down Hennes throats like a dry cuban sandwich come Monday night...
  24. Brocolli and Cheese Baked Potato Mom's Pasta Fagoli
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