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  1. ok so pull the pineapple with TRUTH written on the side of it out your ass, and stop making stupid comments about a state you know nothing about.. Thakn You
  2. Thats just a Stupid Comment if it wasnt for Florida you New Yorkers wouldnt have orange juice to drink in the morning amongest other things
  3. Is that the same thing as a Bass Master??? beside they fly fish??
  4. OMG channel 51 those game shows are off the chain with the spanish chicks US games shows > rest of the world games shows
  5. Yea it supposed to be More fun and gore then Scary and gorey..... Ive met Jesse Einsberg before he is good frineds with one of my Co-workers. he cool pretty quiet guy... But i saw Jennifers Body the other night it wasnt to be keeps you watching that for sure and you alway think you about to get a shot of Megan Fox naked but....
  6. i always thought the last 2 line were Bing Bang an orangutan Support your local zoo hahahahaha man that brought back a few years
  7. yea and wasnt that the Bad guy from Da Vinci Code??
  8. if it does go to Rio i cant wait to see all that Brazilian Arse on TV!!!
  9. oh true.. thats pretty smart. ive had those Chicago Deep Dish pizza that you can get shipped to your house from one of the famous restaurants up there and it was awesome for being frozen and **** and all
  10. wait so your took 2 pizza home on the plane with you?? because thats a pretty good idea if you did
  11. everytime i see your sig it reminds me of my girlfriends dog.. its a chihuahua and all it does is hump all the stuffed animals in the house and he sometimes looks like he know what he doing like a human.. its the funniest thing ever
  12. Iphone plans are pretty expensive. check with T-mobile they have great family plans and are awesome with customer service. plus they have some pretty cool phone out right now that can pretty much keep up with the Iphone
  13. Sounds like a plan!!! to bad its not a 1pm game because i would make a special request for some real Jersey taylor ham!!
  14. Just got my tickets in the mail!! Cant wait for this game its gonna be a blast!!!!!
  15. phuck all that they have some of the best scuba diving and snorkeling areas in all of the world. what i would give to go spearfishing in Cuba!!
  16. no its called wet foot dry foot...lol i see it everyday... but at least the cubans drive better than the haitians just sayin
  17. General Tso is the ****!!!!! but its favored with tamerine not oranges in case you want to make it at home i used to work in a chinesse food restaurant
  18. i know im getting pissed that i didnt by a green and white one when i was in Mexico. the wrestling mask i got is white with blue eyes and a green and red mohawk
  19. Thats why i asked.. i didnt understand what he was trying to say. Dont throw the Fail word at me.... btw your avy is wack!!! this is a Jets site go use that avy at finsheaven.com
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