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  1. I don't know if it would matter in your selections..but I'm fairly certain the Jets pick 5th in the second round with the Washington pick.
  2. The old rule, which came into play in the 1968 Raider-Jet game at Shea, was that a lateral was a live ball but could not be advanced if recovered by the defense. Sort of like a muffed punt now.
  3. I heard the FAX line was busy.
  4. You were banned today for criticizing Chad's play ? Tons of Chad critics over there...you must have said something "special" to get banned...just criticizing Chad would not appear to merit that response.
  5. Not simplistic..Realistic. Try it sometime. Sure the game was close...that's why they play 60 minutes games. They don't stop the clock after 50 minutes. Just ask Tom Coughlin. Patriots won by 7..close game. You're wrong.
  6. Giants were leading the Titans 21-0 after 50 minutes. They lost the game. I guess that wasn't a close game for the Giants either. I hear they are petitioning the NFL to declare them the actually winner quoting the "PFSIKH" Doctrine.
  7. It's not going too well for him over there either.
  8. Complete Nonsense...it was a one score game with 10 minutes to go. Brady did a great job running down the clock...Kudos to him. Did you think he thought it was an "easy" game as he was converting all those 3rd downs to avoid punting back to the Jets?
  9. They Jets lost to the Pats by 7 points 8 weeks earlier. To quote you from another thread....Do not let facts get in your way.
  10. http://www.packers.com/ Packers-Bears Moving To Prime Time The Green Bay Packers' regular season finale against the Chicago Bears on New Year's Eve is moving to prime time. As part of the NFL's flexible scheduling, the league has selected the Dec. 31 Packers-Bears game for the 7:15 p.m. (CT) kickoff on NBC at Soldier Field in Chicago. While the Bears (13-2) have the NFC's top seed and home-field advantage secured throughout the playoffs, the Packers (7-8) may have their playoff hopes in the balance when they take the field on Sunday night. - More
  11. He may be a knowledgable poster and he may be a Jet fan as well but he also could possibly not be a fan of Pennington and could skew his research to reflect his opinions of Chad...as I said, with just a quick glance I found 4 mistakes. There very well could be more. Maybe not. But it appears dubious at first glance. And Pennington came into to Jax game after 10 minutes..and into the Eagle game after 25 minutes of play. Hardly "over 90% of both games" (you see, that's a perfect example of someone skewing their research to reflect their opinions). And since Chad did not start t
  12. Top of my head.. Chad did not start the 2002 Jax game Chad did not start the 2003 Philly game. The Buffalo win and loss this year are missing The Minnesota win from last week is missing. Calls into question the validity of your research...or should I say the research of others that you parrot.
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