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  1. http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/gruden-expected-jets-oc-john-morton-raiders-staff-article-1.3730152?cid=bitly&utm_content=buffercdccc&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campa
  2. Yeah but trying to generate the buzz with sensationalism and using his woe is me routine to rile up the fans is taking the easy way out. Maybe if they provided more in depth sports content you would listen. He Also Says The Knicks Are Doing The Right thing By Building through the draft and they should add free agents down the road when the have built the foundation, but then wants Mac fired for trying to build the team that way.
  3. Beningo is a tool whined that the Mets wouldn't do anything at the trade deadline a few years back, they traded for Cespedes and went to the world series. Whined how they wouldn't resign Cespedes the following year and they did Had Mo on his show weekly and told him every week how great he was and how he deserved all the money in the world, and whined about how the Jets would never sign him......they did
  4. A few mop up throws in 0 degree weather, best way to evaluate his potential.... http://www.nflweather.com/en/game/2017/week-17/jets-at-patriots
  5. Petty is already 26, 27 before next season starts, so the question is how much more time can you give him to develop? Or are you better just giving Hack a shot of drafting somebody else.
  6. You could have done that this week with Petty...
  7. RANK NAME TEAM CL POSITION G PASS ATT PASS COM INT PASS TD PASS YDS 1 Josh Rosen UCLA Jr. QB 4 200 131 4 16 1763 2 Mason Rudolph Oklahoma St. Sr. QB 4 135 90 3 13 1533 3 Tyler Rogers
  8. Don't know how he didn't see that guy off the PA, and he held the ball way to !ong.
  9. Yes because all 7 th round draft picks are supposed to go into the Hall of Fame...
  10. Adam Schefter‏Verified account @AdamSchefter 1m1 minute ago More In Richardson-Kearse trade, Jets are getting Seahawks' 2018 second-round pick and teams also swapping 7th-round picks, per source.
  11. Preseason stats are meaningless Here are a few reasons Petty was 24 years of age, Hack was 21 While they had an almost identical number of PA, petty 45 and Hack 47, 37 of Pettys came in the first 2 preseason games, and 8 came in game 3 while all of Hacks came in games 3 and 4 where people are typically fighting for jobs. Hack got very few reps in camp last year as we were carrying 4 qbs, in petty s rookie year it was only fitz and petty getting most of the reps after geno broke his jaw. Then you can also get into what units they were playing with and against.....Who k
  12. Petty is getting his reps now. Coaches had plenty of opportunity to see what Petty could do last year, so why not look at Hack.
  13. I agree. My point about the article above was there was no need to make the negative point about Hack to prove a point about Pettys play. All that needed to be said was exactly what you posted here.
  14. Not a moot point. To compare what Hack did last year in the preseason as a rookie to what Petty is doing this year with multiple years experience and after starting games in the NFL is not a fair comparison.
  15. Exactly. Kid had a long run in a preseason game and suddenly out comes this story. Where was this since the draft?
  16. Hackenberg was a rookie last year, is petty a rookie this year?
  17. Didn't say it was a shot in the arm for the GM, but were these trades the principal reason our roster is so poor as the original poster stated?
  18. So you have already declared our draft class from this year busts when they haven't even played a game yet. Alrighty.
  19. We are not three years in, and it remains to be seen just how good or bad our roster is
  20. 1) we traded a conditional 7 th that could become a 6 th for Fitz. That pick was traded to Atlanta who drafted guard Wes Schweitzer. 2) we traded our 5 th to Chicago ( Adrian Amos) for Brandon Marshall and a seventh rounder. We then traded the 7 th rounder for Stacy. So we traded a fifth rounder for Marshall and stacy. 3) We've traded our 3rd (70th) for HOU's 3rd (82), 5th (152), 7th (229) and WR DeVier Posey. I guess you forgot to mention all the other picks we got in return along with posey... with the 70 th pick Houston got Jalen Strong we got 82) Lorenzo Mauld
  21. Second report today disputing nj.coms story about the passes to reporters, so I guess we do have to wait and see with our own eyes.
  22. Yes. In discussing the Jets’ dire situation under center, Schefter chimed in saying new quarterback coach Jeremy Bates “is a quarterback guru and I think that he can do a lot of good for Christian Hackenberg” and continued, saying Bates is “the underrated, least talked about jets off-season acquisition so far” http://beforeitsnews.com/sports/2017/04/schefter-jeremy-bates-is-jets-most-underrated-off-season-acquisition-2686275.html That would be quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates. “Everybody is overlooking the Jets’ biggest quarterback acquisition this offseason, w
  23. I don't see it. Pats gave a 4 th for Moss Jets gave a 5 th for Marshall Decker isn't worth much coming off hip and shoulder surgery.
  24. It's been out there for months that this was going to happen once he passed his physical. "Also do not be surprised if Eric Decker, who is rehabbing from hip and shoulder surgeries, is also cut this offseason if/when he passes his physical, a source says." http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/jets-release-wr-brandon-marshall-article-1.2987588
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