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  1. Just wanted to stop by and wish everyone here a Happy Thanksgiving. Be safe in your travels, and enjoy your families and friends. That is, between eating, drinking, and watching 9 hours of football! Also Happy Thanksgiving to our men and women serving both here and overseas; especially in areas of conflict. Perhaps they cannot be home, but they are thought of. Stay low, stay safe.
  2. Bren, try this: http://novogate.com/board/3001/232507-1.html
  3. Bren, Atomic Dawg has that pic, and I posted it on Digital Dawgs;) Ya know I had to try.
  4. So, anyway, did you wear that shirt to the stadium Sunday? Nice to see other fans looking at the Squeelers like the roaches they are.
  5. Who came to the Muny Lot Sunday. Had a great time, shared some time, food, drink, and some good old fashion Muny Lot fun. Can't remember all the names, but I do know the ladyjets are lovely gals. Brenjetsfan and Jets28 (especially you sweetie, with your orange and brown buckeye beads on), were lots of fun. Good luck the rest of the year.
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