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  1. You must also believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny----they do not win nother game all season!
  2. Most of you who know my two son's (Mavrik & GOB) and some of you who know me personally from over the years know that my first Jet game was at the Polo Grounds for the Titans first home game against the Bills. I don't post much if at all; I figure my sons can do that enough for the whole family. You know the sons who I turned into rabid Jets fans while living in Michigan these past 38 years. But what I will tell you is there is no more loyal Jets fan, there is no single person who has been a fan longer, and there is no person who finds what I am going to say harder. But I am done with these losers! After all the promises of wait until next year, after all the blown draft picks, after all the head coaches who were going to be our savior, and after the owners who looked us in the eye and lied their rear ends off saying they wanted a winner, I'm done! I have reached the fill line on the NY Jets Frustration and BS Gauge. I just don't believe anyone or anything this organization has to say anymore. They do not know how to win and it permeates every aspect of this franchise from Woody to the guy who picks up the jocks in the locker room. They take their fans for granted and except for that one shining year, have done so for their entire history. We buy their tickets, we buy their merchandise, and we eat our hearts out every Sunday hoping this is the day they act like the winners they claimto be. And every Sunday at 7:00PM we know we have been used like some Hunters Point Hooker. Those who know GOB have seen frustration vented by a member of my family before. Those who know Mavrik know he has been the temperate one who still believes things can and will change. Well to my two beloved sons and to all of you who remain, good luck and I hope that when you reach my age you will at least have the memory of your own Super Bowl. Not the one that guys my age sat and watched. Not the one that is now NFL folklore. And not the one that every member of the Jets organization since 1969 has promised you will return. I doubt it, but I do wish you luck. Goodbye and God Bless Buffrat Macomb, MI
  3. What a win man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are for real plus rthe Lions won today. The only thing that would make it a perfect day is for the Dolphins to get their lights waxed.

  4. Sweet Victory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ryan and Sanchez for President/Vice-President in 2012!
  5. What? No picture of the longest Jets fan in the history of the franchise?

  6. westoff too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Mangini and Comapny strike again. We have a coaching staff that can't call a game to save their life, a decent defense, but a remainder of a team that believes losing is OK as long as you collect a paycheck! Parcells was right----this orginization has a losing mentality!
  8. Couldn't be any worse then Mangini and Co.! This is two weeks in a row that the game was called poorly. Last week it didn't matter cause hell, it was Miami. But this week it was critical. And he blew it like he did so many times last year.
  9. When is this team going to get a killer attitude and quit acting like this is a sandlot game where we all sing Kumbiya? From Mangini and Schottenheimer who couldn't call a good game if their friggin lives depended on it (2nd and goal and 3 straight running plays?) to Jet players helping Patriots up and then yucking it up as if they were the best of buds, the entire team acts like losing is OK. Parcells once said the loser mentality permeates this orginization and he was right. So Woody, do me a favor. Spend some of that money on a coach who demands excellence and a meanness that says: "The guy across from me is my enemy,. I am going to do everything short of maiming, or killing him to win. And if I have to do that and can get away with it I will. I am not going to smile and congratulate my opponents when they kick my ass, rather I am going to dedicate myself to kick their ass the next time. And then I am going to do it." I have bbeen a Jets fan since the first home game of the Titans 48 years ago and I am sick and tired of watching a bunch of losers, hasbeens, and wannabes play the game like its a joke. And for those of you who tell me its a buysiness, yeah I know, and every of us pays these buttheads their salaries. What a friggin disgrace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Only one comment needed. Miami is 1-16 over 2 seasons.
  11. You would do that to the guy that brought you into the world and bought you your first Jets jersey and helmet? What has become of the youth of this country!
  12. How about when we took that "old guy" Testeverde and he took us to the AFC Championship. You know who. LOL
  13. What sweet and poetic justice. New England's #22, Asante Samuals does the typical "gangsta" grandstanding by slapping and pounding his chest, crossing his arms and wanting everyone to think he's a bad ass when he slaps down some minor pass that has no bearing whatsover on the game. But when Tyree of the Giants beats him for the touchdown, how come I didn't see him running his big mouth or being a "bad ass" then? The NFL was so much better when players had class, acted as if they had been there before, and let their actions on the field speak for them instead. Where are the Sauers, Maynards, Sayers, and countless others who built the NFL into what it ios today and acted like Gentlemen in doing it. Excitement? Yes! Enthusiasim? Yes! Acting like some street punk? Definitly not. Congratulations to Eli, Plexico, and Strahan and the trest of our cross town rivals for a well played, and hard fought win. You definitly deserved it!
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