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  1. Only Eli Manning has thrown more INTs in his first 5 games than Baker since 2000.
  2. Looked it up, I didn't know that it can enlarge your spleen and make far more susceptible to be ruptured.
  3. Could have he challenged it? Wasn't the play at the 2 minute warning? Also, the Jets got a first down after that, Loss of a time out could have been a big deal there. Edited: I see that this was asked and answered
  4. So.. your call is for him to best one of the best 3rd round or later pass rushers as a rookie since sacks became a statistic. That seems a bit optimistic
  5. As absurd as this thread is. It should be noted, the expectations shouldn't be that high. I looked up all 3rd round Front 7 picks since 2000. Of the 139 who played a game in their rookie season, - 16 had 3 sacks or more. - 7 had 5 sacks or more. The most was 8 for Ngakoue in 2016. I'm wonering what everone's expectation is for him in his rookie season
  6. I could be wrong, but I don't think the waiver wire works that way. I think the Jets are 3rd for every player until week 3 of the NFL season, then it goes by standings, but it's not like fantasy football where you go to back of the line after claiming a player. https://operations.nfl.com/updates/the-players/nfl-waiver-system-overview/
  7. Couple of random notes from being at practice, and I thought the miss was from 52, not 57, but I was low in the stands and might be a little harder to tell. He also knocked one in off the crossbar upright. I'm no KRL, but the only things I can really say that I saw is that - Darnold looks good in practice, crisp throws. Quick reads, and putting balls where only a WR or no one else can get it most of the day - The rest of the QBs do not. At one point Siemian was running around looking for someone, took a sack and then threw the ball, seemingly in frustration, but even that throw looked terrible. I know they are all backups, but it's alarming how inaccurate Siemian, Webb, and Falk look.

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