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  1. Would have and definetly could have easily won that game. and yea i get it its to early to say do the switch but watching him behind 2nd and 3rd stringers in the pre season lighting it up he should have beaten out Smith in the pre season?
  2. We do know he can get to the quarter back
  3. There really isn't anything better right now than whats going on with this team, its really fun now that i can sit down on Sundays and say we can dominate this team.
  4. Yea i am going to and hope he starts to flip like we thought he would...
  5. i know what the topic is hunny but as soon as i saw something regarding 1 round picks i cant stop but look at this kid and say WTF.
  6. i hear ya but its starting to get annoying..i mean if i am in his shoes and i watch this guy Mayo last night i would feel like a peice of ****...
  7. Lol i remember us Jet fans were hoping the next team facing the Pats would beat them so we can catch up in the division it looks like its been reversed...lol
  8. And when the F'N is Golston gonna play like one..
  9. i wonder what moron from the patriots staff came up with this crap...
  10. i dont see it happening but if they do beat us we in deep shyt...
  11. for good reason im sure you watched him coming out of USC
  12. yea i still cant believe what they did,they freaking won with 4 field goals against the ravens..i mean the ravens offense isn't saying much but still...
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