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  1. There is always something...always. Since the Pats game we have not been the same...because every other team has seen the script and has played us the same.....Cumberland is a huge guy, and plays soft...your right about the PI in the endzone but he should have caught it and there was another pass to him in that game that he wiffed on as well...
  2. HC is a rookie.....and was a DC.......OC has been in the league for years.....remember when we were 4 and 1?...the one lose is because our players in that game gave it away literally.....then came the Pats game......a dropped pass by Cumberland in the end zone, then a dropped pass in the end zone by Marshall.....since then we have not been the same team.....couple it with Colon going down, and Mangold being on-off due to injury our running game has evaporated.....ok, this is when HC coaching comes into play, you see the HC making some desperate moves going for it on 4th downs....the guy is a rookie...but there is zero excuse for the OC. and zero excuse for our WR dropping balls like they are getting paid to drop balls!...there is zero excuse for our D not to even show up in Oak. There is zero excuse for 12 men on the field on D....this is now all on the HC...its called you need to fire up the team, that is his job....it starts today....and come sunday against the Fins, the team needs to play like its do or die....that's it, every week has got to be that way.....
  3. Jet27

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    I did think we could have got to 10 wins....I thought that in preseason. But watching them, its like there is no fire on this team. Then throw in the stupid rookie HC moves and a bland OC man its like WTF....
  4. Jet27

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    Every time they suck me back in!
  5. Nothing you can do? Its called put a TE there to help, and by the way, make plays away from the best D player in the league....This is just basic stuff guys...the HC is a rookie but the is no excuse for the OC...the guy is a dumbass.....
  6. Jet27

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    Thanks for the advice.....how do you feel today after watching the Jets yesterday. Same story right. Anyway, it is what it is.....rookie DC being an HC....we are stuck....and the only one playing out there is Ftiz.....
  7. Jet27

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    Really how did you like yesterdays game? Was there progress?.....all you have to say is TJ Yates......
  8. Jet27

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    Watching this team makes me want to throw something threw my window. I have seen this crappy play, crappy HC calls, OC calls before. Just different names. There is no excuse for not understanding that you need to take timeouts, you need to use the clock and when a team gives you an opportunity, you need to capitalize on it. After the Bills game, I am convinced that this team continues to go backward. Some on this board say oh we won 4 games last year and we won 5 this year so you use that as some form of progress. To bad but that is NOT how it works. It doesn't work when you get smacked down by Oak and don't even show up. It doesn't work by allowing Wrecks to come here and beat you after his team did everything to give you the game but you cant come up with some "play" to score. Then not even understand that you don't leave points out there. I counted 6 last week (two field goals). I don't give me well Bowles didn't trust this guy to kick em....if you don't try you wont know. In my opinion we have to live with the growing pains of this HC...but at a minimum should understand clock management and the use of time outs....so far bad job on that front which has cost us at a minimum 1 game. Sunday we have the Texans.......plain and simple... we lose we are done, I don't want to hear about math and statistics...that all BS.....my eyes see the real deal on the screen and so far these Jets have not passed the eye test. Message to Bowles, if its 4 and 2 on the 21....please kick the FG....thanks.
  9. The real reason is because he is SAN-BLOW-ME-OH
  10. Taking a second chance on a player....you can say that about 1/3 of the NFL
  11. I am sure he is not finished......lets see what happens.
  12. If MM is on the board, I say we draft him,......put him on the sideline and make the kid learn......Fitz could start, but I do believe we need a good running game and then with this D...watch out
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