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  1. Gotta be ira from Staten Island. This guy goes to every game home and away.
  2. Just saw the promo on nfl network.. All new on Tuesday night. .I guess they filmed during rehab..
  3. I guess by the time they get through Moore and get to Sanchez, hes already on his back..
  4. @RossTuckerNFL: Do you know how ridiculous it is that Jets Brandon Moore has not given up a hit on QB? RG by far hardest interior spot! Shared via TweetCaster
  5. Dont forget about BaBaBooey...Howards producer is a huge Jets fan as well..
  6. The way this week seems to have gone, we can probably forget it...i sure hope it happens...
  7. I agree...i know they had no choice but to give him up for the sanchez pick, but hes a rex kind of guy I think...
  8. If we lose Pool, any chance we bring Elam back...Hes a free agent?
  9. They should have had that Legrand kid from Rutgers there....I wonder if Byrd has spoken with him or visited him....
  10. Are we rockin the white that we won with in Pittsburgh a few weeks ago or the green we wore against the patsies
  11. Carton is a ******* idiot....not funny and extremely annoying...top that off with a severe lack of sports knowledge and an inability to pronounce revis' name properly...
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