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  1. Shower Rankings

    If you guys love this stuff, you need to read the articles he had to do each day due to a lost bet after the dolphins game. They make this look boring. Go Swarm! Building a rep, one site at a time.....
  2. Word Association

    crown their asses
  3. Guess you changed your mind about poetry. Or did someone just need to flash the cash for you to drop your inhibitions?
  4. Bears v. Jets

    I was trying to play within the rules without ever reading that waiver I checked on my way in the door. But good to know. We signed McClover a couple of weeks back when Mike Brown went down for the season. Of course he knows about Hester, the whole world does after sunday. I was being an asshat.
  5. Jet in Bear Country

    Yes. Yes, you do.
  6. Bears v. Jets

    Why would he be excited about a guy that has never been active on gameday? Wouldn't he care more about Devin Hester?
  7. Bears v. Jets

    Funny, I would have expected pond and ocean comments from phins fans. Shouldn't your analogies be about flight?
  8. Bears v. Jets

    I absolutely love how people point to weak schedules and compare results against similar opponents. All that does is prove you get all of your thoughts from a*shats like Sean Salisbury. Strength of schedule can only be determined AFTER the season is over. And as far as playing similar opponents go, it is a better measurement stick, but still not a good one. The term any given sunday comes to mind. Fact of the matter is that we haven't played each other yet, and NO other measurement is correct except for actual game results. I am sure you believe your team can win this game, just as I believe mine can. And for the phinfags, you will be equally as famous as the 85 dolphins. Think about that for just one minute........or have one of your smart friends do it for you.
  9. Bears v Jets: Poetry Battle

    For clarity purposes, poetry is not a regular part of our messageboard, at least not in the truest sense. Limericks, however, have become a weekly tradition there. If I may, here is a link to this weeks limerick thread on our site. http://www.dabearz.com/forums/showthread.php?t=14176&highlight=week enjoy!
  10. Bears v Jets: Poetry Battle

    Well, she will likely be here soon to verify, but she IS the "diva" of our site. Never a pic has been posted, but she sure does sound/read hot....... So life as a Bear fan is rocky, sometimes making me turn to hockey, after years of dismay, my team has finally started to play, then we lose to a team full of jockeys.
  11. DaBearz.com

    You guys have been great on our boards. The more the merrier.
  12. The Jets have done a great job of playing as a team. Despite personnel not ideally suited to their new defensive scheme, they have been stout the last few weeks. The Bears are not without faults. Grossman can be rattled. But the real reason for that is the inconsistent play of our O line. You are right, we will need the run to set up the pass. And if our O line shows up, we can do that against your defense. If not, well, trouble. Bears fans are realistic, and know we play to the level of our competition. I believe the Jets are a better team than the Dolphins one that beat us, and better than the AZ team that scared us. However, I believe the culprit in both of those games was overconfidence. I don't see that same overconfidence repeating itself just yet. Since the Jets are a better team, we should play better than in those games. It should be a close one. My call.......... Bears 27 Jets 21 (puts a push on the bookies)
  13. Bears v Jets: Poetry Battle

    Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful! And smarter than you.
  14. Bears v Jets: Poetry Battle

    Getting there. Now if it only made sense.
  15. Bears v Jets: Poetry Battle

    NO, but this is not gonna get you a passing grade in special school... "My bad man, my bad.:wink: Chicago blows, Chicago blows Everybody knows Chicago blows Rex Grossman is no Jim McMahon Hey onemanswarm, Rexy is the one with the arthritic hand Thank you, I'll be here all year.:wink:"