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  1. So much better than the folks who get paid for this. KRL, you missed your calling! Thanks for this!
  2. Thanks! Just watched it on YouTube.
  3. Just watched all 4 episodes. Great! Thanks for the heads up!
  4. Don't live in NY metro, so can't get SNY. Anyone know if this is online anywhere?
  5. Rest in peace, Coach. Too soon. Prayers for his wife and family.
  6. He will do well. Great personality. Mediocre QB.
  7. Done. Least I can do after all of the hours I have enjoyed this site. Praying for a good outcome for your wife and family, Phil.
  8. Will beat Joe’s 4007 yd season. Of course with 3 more games, but still... Offensive ROTY. 3:1 td/int.
  9. Please make Bowles the HC of NE. Please, please, please,please, please.
  10. Avid Mets fan until 87. Won it all in 86. Turned them on in 87 and didn’t recognize anyone on the team. All gone. I was done. Haven’t followed baseball since.
  11. No media access today. Boo.
  12. I was a Mets fan, but even I can recognize Jeter was clutch. Had the stats, but what was special about him was he was clutch.
  13. I understand you are now part of the “media”. Makes sense. Stake out a controversial position for clicks. You were much better when you were just a fan. Obviously that is long gone now.
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