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  1. RIP. GREAT Avatar. Loved reading his posts. Will be missed here.
  2. Please watch North Dallas Forty. Elite players are not treated like everyone else. Parcells would say, everyone gets treated fairly, not equal.
  3. Can anyone please dm me a reliable stream to the game? The one from dwc did not work last week. Thanks!
  4. As they say, the most important ability is availability. Bye bye Cashman.
  5. If he was gone before we were able to trade up, it is irrelevant. He was not available.
  6. If "football games are won and lost in the trenches" is true, we win this game easily. I believe it is true.
  7. 9-8. Youth will gel and surprise the league. Edit: can't add.
  8. He looked left first. Davis must have been the 3rd or 4th read. Glad he got it to him. Really hard to complain about a 20+ gain.
  9. Watch the play again. if Davis kept running he would have run into 2 defenders. Wilson threw into the hole in the defense where the defenders could not get to in time. Great play, great awareness. Davis was standing there because that was where Zach threw it, into the best spot for that play.
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