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  1. What round is he projected to. Very dynamic player.
  2. Doesn’t matter. Done is done. Move on.
  3. haha... I agree. Wilson vs Sam in training camp. Winner starts. Lets go...
  4. "All opinions are welcome, even yours." Pretty condescending. Nice... A real peach of a guy.
  5. QB sneaks, probably. One tough SOB.
  6. As I said, because he was not Marino, Jets fans underrate him. He was tough, stood in there and took the big hit to complete a pass, and had a rifle. Mobile, no, but that was not prized back then. Very good QB, yes. Probably my second favorite Jets QB.
  7. Best looking woman EVER! Before or after.
  8. Namath was the best, no question, but Kenny O was underrated by Jets fans. Some of those 80s teams were epic. The best Jets regular season game I ever saw as a Jets fan was 1986 Week 3 against Marino. Westly Walker for the win in OT!
  9. VERY well said. I could not agree more. Urban legend (probably not true). It was said that you could place a handkerchief (a cloth tissue for you youngsters) anywhere on the field and Joe could hit it. Amazing are talent. Quick release and strong arm.
  10. And Shea, a baseball stadium, still had a dirt infield. No removable turf that could be changed out for football or baseball. As someone mentioned, the NFL game and the AFL game were so different back then. The NFL was a run first, 3 yards and a cloud of dust league. The Packers, who won 5 championships during the 60s, were the epitome of an NFL team. What were they known for? The Packer Sweep. A running play. The AFL was a wide open (for the time) passing league. Fun to watch. Why I love the Jets over the Giants. Joe was the face of the new upstart league. There were
  11. You are absolutely correct. I saw them both. Joe OWNED this town. Revis only played here.
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