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  1. Really good vision in the hole. Love it.
  2. If ZW does not turn into our FQB, it will not be from lack of effort! "want to" + talent = success. We have the right formula with Zach!
  3. Good thing it's not ZW vs those guys. It's NY Jets vs their team. More specifically, it's our defense against their offense, our offense against their defense, and our special teams against their special teams. Also, our health vs their health. Last year we beat the Bengal and Titans and almost beat Tampa. With coaching, the right game plan, team effort, and Zach taking the next step, we will be fine. Plus, we still have a bunch of draft assets to add to the team. Let's not lose the games before we play them!
  4. Weapons don't matter if Zach has free runners every play. Can't play QB from your back. Last time we were good we had a great OL. Now we have dog sh*t. Lawson will be back next year for edge. We need another tackle since Becton can't stay on the field and can't block when he is. We also need a Center, and a RT. Out best draft in the past 2 decades we took Brick and Mangold in the 1st. Worked out pretty good. Since then, up until JD, we have drafted a bunch of bums in the back of the draft. How is that working out?
  5. Did Zach regress? No. Full stop
  6. Title says it all. We will do nothing if we can't control the LOS on offense. Defense played pretty good today, considering, but OL and offensive weapons were a joke. Go best WR, then OT, OG, and C. Edge can wait. Or FA.
  7. Prayers up, Max. I second this about Sloane. Saved my wife's life 25 years ago. She is in good hands.
  8. But he is. Watched all those play. Has the heart and quicks of all those. With Zach throwing to him, could be great. Sign this beast!
  9. It might be when the defense lets up some, but it also could be he freezes up from mental pressure when the game is still on the line. Some guys get better with that pressure, some fold. He seems to be playing scared when the game is still in question. Frees up when it is lost. Don't know. Hope I am wrong. Can't win with that problem.
  10. Yeah, but I'm not getting any younger. Saw one Superbowl win. Would like to see another one. Doesn't look good.
  11. I really hate to say it. I was so optimistic. But this kid does not have it. He sucks. Who's next?
  12. And we sometimes think that us healthy people have problems. Stay strong. Praying for you both.
  13. GandWFan

    RIP Savage69

    RIP. GREAT Avatar. Loved reading his posts. Will be missed here.
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