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  1. He got control of the company, took it private, fired the executive management team, and laid off the dead wood employees. Exactly your takeover model. How he got control of the company is not relevant to the conversation.
  2. They are not unionized. They are at-will employees in an at-will employment state. Try again.
  3. First you describe what happens in all takeovers, and then blame Musk for following the blueprint. Sounds like "Elon man bad" too me. Btw, did you see the Twitter employees demands letter? Ridiculous. After that they should be fired for cause, not layed off with 3 months salary, plus severance. Btw, I am not a fan or follower of MG Barbie. I just searched Twitter for Twitter employees demands letter and selected the first one, so no politics.
  4. Good. Ground and pound, baby.
  5. For those upset how Musk layed off workers at Twitter, those workers got 3 months paid notice. Not bad from a prick. Were you equally upset when Disney layed off and off shored their entire IT department with no notice, and FORCED them to train their replacements or they got no severance? Do you still subscribe to Disney+, go to Disney World, buy Disney merch? And Disney is not the only company to do this. Happens all the time in the IT world. (Off shoring is usually a disaster, btw) As per industry standards, Twitter employees were treated pretty good by Musk. Especially for a workforce that wanted to sabotage him.
  6. Be comforted that your Dad thinks as highly of you as you do of him. It is such an honor to be raised by such a good man. Praying for you both.
  7. Zappe is the backup. With a new center, he and Little Mac will be toast by then. Usually the 3rd string QB is inactive, so down to the emergency QB. Can't wait!
  8. Who is the Patriots emergency QB? He will be starting the second half.
  9. Yeah. Really persecuted. Cut bait.
  10. Wrong. He was targeted once. A go route he gave up on. There was a penalty, so it didn't make the stat sheet.
  11. And then they deactivated him for the game, which is a time out. Get it right. He is a me first, nobody second a$$hole.
  12. I know you wish you had one eighth of Zach's talent, but jealousy is a wasted emotion.
  13. Garbage time prevent defense. Stats lie.
  14. Hackett watched how Q and the D-line trashed Rogers last week, and made a business decision.
  15. You are starting to give clowns a bad name.
  16. Yeah, every transgression. I'm glad your not coaching this team, or every time a selfish a$$hole, that goes against everything you are trying to instill in this team, pulls a stunt like this you give him cookies and warm milk, a big hug, and tell him just say sorry and we will feed you the ball. Even if you can't get open.
  17. Or he can't get open. Per film, fact.
  18. Keyshawn was wrong, Elijah is wrong, and YOU are wrong. He wants stats, not wins. They just won 3 in a row, so he demands to be traded. Winning without stats is not that important to him. He is a selfish prick. Sit him. Forever. 21/2 years on the bench. Do it. Edit: Make him run gassers and do up downs all day. Earn that paycheck.
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