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  1. Chad Pennington had a tough afternoon. But, we have a Defense that has given people fits all season. Rex didn't look like HOF material either, in my opinion. THomas Jones on the other hand did his thing, as I predicted. He's really hitting his stride right now. Good luck with the rest of your season, Jets fans - I enjoyed being over here. Rip 'em up next week. You have a good coach, btw.
  2. You run a good board here. We've enjoyed it. I'll be back during the game on your gameday thread, so feel free to gloat, etc.... You're a classy bunch over here - I'd enjoy watching a game with any of you. And, as far as the Pats go......well, believe me - We're coming, and we want to give Tom Brady even more headaches than you all did. I find myself in the position of rooting for the Pack today - I want Favre to tear them apart. Meanwhile, we still have to play YOU guys, and outcoach Mangini. No easy feat, despite what some of my fellow fans might think. This is going
  3. I think Pennington for the Jets - I've always thought he played with class, and heart. For us, I pick Thomas Jones. I look for him to have a big day. Thanks for the warm welcome to all of us Bears fans folks. I've enjoyed reading your posts.
  4. Ladies and Gentlemen: Good luck today. Got two for you....... 1) Who are are your pregame picks for MVP of the game, unofficially? One from the Jets, one from the Bears, regardless of the final score. 2) Who was the best Middle Linebacker, in your opinion, in Jets history?
  5. Good luck, boys and girls. Here's to an injury-free 4 quarters. I think the Jets are a team to watch this year. And hey - 5-5 is a good record in this time of parity. Nothing wrong with it at all, so no worries, okay?
  6. Found this piece today. Maybe you've all seen it, but it goes to the topic of the thread here. I looked quickly through the Articles thread you have stickied, and didn't see this one. Some interesting thoughts here. http://www.realfootball365.com/nfl/articles/2006/11/bears-washington-jets171106.html
  7. You guys will be catching Rex on an upswing in his learning curve. I won't claim he's already at 90 percent, but he is on the upswing. Watch then breakdown the games, cumulatively, and it's clear that he is. I don't think the few games referenced paint the whole picture, anymore than Pennington can be judged soley on either his Pats or Browns performances. But, again, I think the running attack will be what you are going to have to try and stop. That's where they'll attack you, and I think they will try to do so early, and often, as the cliche goes. Sidenote on Beson: A lot of
  8. Greetings, Jets.... Lot of talk about the key to beating us being all about putting pressure on Rex. I think you're going to have to step up your run defense to stay in it this Sunday, is my take. You're struggling there, and TJ is getting better every week. About Rex...he really learned a lot about himself these past two weeks, and I think he's only going to get better. Before the Miami game, I posted on the Fins board that I was sure Chicago wasn't underestimating Miami. Obviously, I was *ahem* WRONG about that one. Crimminy. I wasn't sure we were even on the field for part
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