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  1. you wanna talk about not finding a rhythm lets talk rex and -1 yard in the first half thats not finding a rhythm
  2. great read, if you guys had been playing any other team you would have won big today. thanks for all the great football talk see you guys next time our teams meet.
  3. lucky for you guys no one took me up on this. great game i wasn't sure we coould win until well into the fourth Q.
  4. we don't take away his TD because then my FF team would lose a couple wins
  5. imagine growing up in texas with the name Lovie i bet he learned to fight real early in life i take Lovie in this now if we were talking college wrestleing then maybe mangini has the edge
  6. that was aimed at the jetinsider they trolled our board hard lastnight with a bunch of racist stuff and personal attacks on members
  7. here is the link that i followed here. i tried jetinsider that place was horible fans there are mostly trolls but not all. http://dabearz.com/forums/showthread.php?t=14141
  8. anyone here care to make a sig bet?????????? winner must post at least 2 times a day at the winning teams board for a week after the game
  9. it shouldn't hurt anymore then the phin's loss. becuase we have the easiest schedule ever consived by then nfl so we should only lose to the great JETS and the sucking 3 time superbowl champion pats
  10. i'm more impressed by his return yards he has gotten me 13 points at least in the last 3 weeks
  11. yeah your right but if god is ditka jordon is jesus
  12. i have only been collecting about 6 years but i do have an autographed card of almost every starter on the team. i mostly collect autographed cards i have an auto of sayers, singletary, dent, fencik and perry plus i have 55 sid luckman card and a brian picollo rookie since he only had one card i am guessing yours is also a rookie. by the way i haev a leon washington auto but not the one mentioned in this thread
  13. first off i agree the bears are beatable but then again every team in the nfl is except the '72 dolphins. as far as grossman being the same QB he was lat year he won both games he played in last year and looked ok doing it so i hope your right. i think the bears Oline is better then the Pats is if they play like they did every game so far if i'm not mistaken rex is one of the least sacked QB's this season.
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