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  1. Chad was unable to find his house Saturday evening, the Police confirmed, saying they found the Jets Qb is a confused state of mind. Turns out , someone painted a endzone in his driveway... LOLOL,, Feel free to insert your opposing QB,,, and repeat...
  2. Figured i give ya one last shout, and say good luck,, Go Bears.....33-13
  3. onemanswarm, Classic as allways,, good stuff.
  4. Wow you all know i have to agree with that one,. that other Jets site was a train wreck of crack heads. Props to Jetnation and the intelligent folks here. My prediction is Bears will win this game 30-13. Great site guys...
  5. I agree with most of the posts except i think this might be the best defense the Jets have had to face in a long time.. Even back to the middle of last year.. So how would you guys address that? and Do you think the Jets are ready for such a stout defense?
  6. I would have to agree with that, with anyother team but the Bears. The Cardinals game we puked the ball up 6 times and won.. LOL.. But seriously i agree. Turn-overs will be a major factor.. Something else to think about. The Bears where one of the least penalized teams early on, and now in the last 5 games they have been probably one of the worse in the NFL. For the Record the raiders lead that statistic, and they lead the NFL in allowed sacks.. with 40.. Jets have 20, and the Bears have only allowed Grossman to be sacked 11 times. That is tied with Favre for 2nd best. And P.Manning has only been sacked 10 times to lead the league.
  7. Excellent post , and to think people are saying we Bears are overrated. LOL. In my opinion Rex Grossman and the O-line is the biggest key to the Bears success. If they show up and protect Grossman we should win, if they play poorly then he will be running around and we all know what he does when he gets out side the pocket. I beleive that 18-2 is a bit misguided, the Bears won alot of the games last year on defense alone. I think the Bears were the only team in NFL history to completely eliminate the position of QB , win a division, and make it to the play-offs. The Bears defense is stout, but its nice to have an offense now. Grossman is playing in his 17th game, basically a rookie with more knowledge, and we are encouraged with his play. You have to remember we havnt had a half-decent QB in a long long time, and to quote one of my Bears fans from our forum. In Chicago a QB is a Luxury, not a necessity.. Good luck this weekend, and great win last week.
  8. Hello Jets fans, and good luck this weekend, May the best team, or the team who dont screw up the most win. Good to see a Jets site with intelligent football fans.. What a relief.... LOL...
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