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  1. For years now everyone has been complaining about Chad's arm strength and how he can't throw the deep ball. But after watching Kellen Clemens for the final 8 games, does anyone out there actually think this team can win more than 5-6 games next year with him ? Look I like Kellen, but I don't love him. He has good mobility and a good arm. But he lacks so much more. With Chad, I feel he can take this team to the Super Bowl. He is one of, if not the smartest QB's in the league. He has pin-point accuracy and he manages a game like no other. With a healthy and strong O-Line Chad is a proven winner. Throw out his arm strength for a second..... is there anything else you can actually complain about ? Ok yes, he can't bring us back from a large deficit but how many qb's can? Maybe if our defense wasn't on the field for the whole game Chad wouldn't have to bring us back from a 20pt deficit. I just think everyone has become so obsessed with the deep pass that you'd rather sacrafice everything else Chad has for a so-so QB with a good arm. Kellen Clemens seemed very erratic and nervous all the time. Granted his O-Line was horrible and he didn't have many weapons. But then again, neither did Chad ! I think is we beef up our O-Line and get chad some playmakers on offense, he can turn this whole thing around. And I also may be jumping the gun on Kellen and writing him off, I just think Chad is the answer and he gives us our best chance at winning games.

    Let me know whatcha's think.:)

  2. Who do you root for? Sorry, but as much as I hate the Patriots, I hate Giants fans more. Go Pats if this is the case in three weeks.

    God as much as it pains me to say this, I'd root for the Pats. I'd loose my mind if I had to hear Giants fans if the won the superbowl. I can barley stand it now. Let's just hope we don't have to root for either team come superbowl time........GO PACKERS !!!!!!!!!

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