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  1. Let me just say Rocky Balboa (its actually not called Rocky IV, what a shame) is going to be the most surprising, fulfilling, weirdly inspiring movie to come out in a while. That will be an easy $10 bucks for me to dish out and see Balboa go at it one more time. But my real point is this: I know this isnt what this thread is all about, and i'm sorry for goin off topic here, but who is TomShane? i just a newbie here at the Nation, but i've heard the rumors. I want to learn about the legend of TomShane. Can anyone help me gain this knowledge??????
  2. i know its a rarity, but i'm a Knicks fan (albeit recently), and dont ask me why This Knicks win is a good one, seeing as Utah had the best record in the league. The scene at the Garden was ugly, but if it gets this team in gear and they can win more than 35 games this year, i second the motion, lets fight some d-bags like Melo and J.R. Smith every couple games Also, yes, the recent rotation = too many players. An 8-9 man rotation could be something, as long as the right bodies are on the court. However, asking Isiah to make an adjustment like this may just be toooooo much.
  3. just when i began to think, "you know, peyton hasn't absolutely wowed me in almost 3 weeks" and then tonite happened hahahah....did u see that completion %??????
  4. i agree entirely, i think if the Jets win one of the next 2 games and even finish 9-7 the penguin deserves this one. However, i hate to say it but i just dont see it happening, because Sean Payton has done a great job and no one wants to ruin that parade, and i dont really blame them. Mangini has done the better coaching job, but Payton has done more in terms of takin a team in the dumps and changing an entire attitude, and i think he ends up edging it out.
  5. this guys good for 130 games a year tops, half of it is that hes injury prone and the other half is that he doesnt care
  6. i agree whith schotty on this one, when its said and done hes gonna be the greatest player to ever put on a football jersey.... im just glad we get to watch this guy play
  7. David Carr is one of those guys I would love to see on another team. Some times i find myself saying this guy could be real good, and sometimes i just think he sucks. He was doing great at the beginning of the year, things are just falling apart for him
  8. The defense played horribly today, and whenever they were asked to make stops they didnt. The O-line was also suspect and the Johnson blitzes at the end were what killed us. However, the Giants are by no means bad, gutless, and undisciplined (last two weeks, 6 penalties combined) If the Giants can get it in gear and sneak into the playoffs by beating Norleans and Wash, they will definitely be a tough out, no questions asked
  9. Horrible day at the office....so nice to be in the NFC though. We win the next two were prob still in the playoffs
  10. hahah psk...u were about a minute ahead of me
  11. Republicans and Democrats working together: "I have a bad idea!" "Well I can make it sh**tier!!!" **we could start a whole thread of lewis black jokes
  12. We can talk rotation all we want, but its really pointless when looking at it on paper. Maybe Pettitite is rejuvenated in NY, wins 15 and posts and era under 3.50. Maybe Papelbon is really the stud they thought he would be (as a starter), and wins a ton of games. Maybe Dice-K can't pitch to better american lineups, or maybe Carl Pavano wins the AL Cy Young (hahah sorry bout thaat one) Im just saying, far too many question marks with pitching rotations, esp. when u take into account some of these guys are climbing in age Besides all that, I think the best story comin out of Bosto
  13. your in for a treat. His mannerisms are almost funnier than the actual material. Hes got all these nervous ticks but when you watch the show hes unreal. its gonna be a good one
  14. Its cause his life is in a downward spiral and he still has a little bit of cash left and shes just the latest one lookin to kick him while hes down. Dont mistake my point here though, Marcus Vick is still a despicable human being
  15. Your lucky man. Lewis Black = f*in hillarious
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