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  1. masters program as in they dont offer a doctorate program douchebag...just a different way of classifying the schools as a whole
  2. along with the number one ranking in the northeast i believe villanova has one of the top 20 business schools in the country..hows rutgers business doing? http://www.businessweek.com/bschools/undergraduate/06profiles/
  3. im pretty sure that rutgers cant hold a candle to any private school in the country, you're a joke
  4. 80 is a poser jets fan...only goes to about 3 home games a year i hear
  5. scotty reyonlds goes to the school he rejected for nova... Let's go NOVA (btw rick margeras, stop caclling scotty reynolds lowry just cuz he wears number one, he's not that good) V
  6. LI Legend....it doesnt matter against blown calls..giants just arent good enough to beat the juggernot titans
  7. as long as neither of our teams are as bad as the jets (even though they beat us for the first time in 4 years because it was just gettign unfair) i dont really need to be arguing with some d**che bag from the suck pile of a conference they call the nfc
  8. you seem to have forgotten those mighty texans and unstoppable bucs that the giants have beaten, throw them in the mix and it evens up d*ck face. and whatever enjoy your 8-8 season, at least there'll be one manning in the play-offs
  9. our wins may not have been of the best quality, but oh please..lets take a look at all 6 of the giants 'quality' wins (comcbined win-loss) of the 6 teams the 'ants have beaten: 25-35..you can talk when you get some quality wins under your belt
  10. Legend, you wont be rebounding against anyone if eli throws another 41 times? are you kidding, with a back like barber, there should be no reason for eli to throw over 40 times a game your just asking for a loss. secondly Tony Homo is going to rip apart your defense, he's been playign terrific lately, and decently against indy, but was still able to lead his team to a win, so im sure they can beat eli and the giants. and f*** off about brady, both eli and peyton are going to be sitting on their couch this postseason touching each other once again...and maybe if eli stopping poppin hard o
  11. stop being bitter because eli is pathetic. i've got some insight for you...he's broken a passer rating of 80 once in the past 6 games (with and 80.4) with 8 TD's and 9 INT!...how are you guys feeling about rivers now
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