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  1. Im stating this right now.....48 hour from now, the Jets will be a game out...with 10 to play. R-E-L-A-X, the party hasn't started yet.
  2. Si Senor....GLH222 is me Thanks for listening guys!
  3. Im being offered MJD and Plax for Chris Johnson....im getting a little nervous about CJ2k's status and this is the best value i can find...what do you guys think?
  4. More or less, this is a response to the previous post... First things first, all Jets fans wanted Nnamdi. We cant run from this fact. A Rex Ryan defense with one shutdown corner is dangerous. A Rex Ryan defense with two shutdown corners, both of whom can play the run, would have been downright scary. Is 30mm a ton of money to pay a DB? Yes sir. Is 30mm a lot of money to pay a 30 year old db? yes sir....However, lets face facts. After 31 years, we are not concerned with "future salary cap considerations", or overpaying a middle aged man. We are concerned with winning a Super Bowl...once. Thats it, end of story. So, did we care about the money? of course not...BUT, would we have cared about the money if it came at the expense of building the rest of a team that we hope can finally climb that elusive mountain? Say what you will about the way the Nnamdi sweepstakes played out, but please don't attempt to convince me that Mike Tannenbaum has been anything short of the best General Manager this team has had in my lifetime. Over the course of his tenure he has consistently found a way to build winners, manage the cap, attract talent and put a viable contender on the field. So he lost one today, so be it. Lets not forget that this team...the team Mike Tannenbaum built, and is about to re-sign, was a 3rd down stop away from handing the ball back to Mark Sanchez so that he could complete one of the greatest comebacks in playoff history, and take us to a place we haven't been since 1969.
  5. Anyone else catch rex miced up on the nfl network a few minutes ago? Rex on the NFL network reminds me of when Hogan and The Macho Man Randy Savage joined forces to become The "mega powers". it was just too good to be true....
  6. Solid stuff. I totally agree...however, i think the jets can win this game without rushing for 100+. granted, it would be great if they did, but i dont feel that urgency to keep an opposing offense off the field like i did last sunday. Just my 2 cents
  7. OK, i'll bite.....free (Fill in the blank), and im in!
  8. Aside from this looking and feeling like a pre season game,, we have to feel good about seeing Mcknight running like this. Dare i say it...he looks a heck of a lot more explosive than someone else we normally see carrying the ball. Danny Woodwho??
  9. Because I did....its been 11 years since we were last here, and despite having a solid core of young talent, in this league- there are no guarentees we'll be back again for another 11. Here is what I know....the Colts are good, damn good. But here is what I also know....7 of their first 14 wins, were games they won by just 5 points or less. Point being, this was NOT a team like the pats in 07' who just blew people out of the water.. The funny thing is, this Jets team is 1 win away from erasing 40 years of pain. Yet at the same time, they are one loss away from simply adding another chapter.... Who is with me on calling all this talk of "win or lose the jets had a great run and have something to build on" crap a bunch of BS? F it....there are no guarentees moving forward. THIS GAME IS WINNABLE, AND G-D DAMN...I WANT TO WIN IT!
  10. FYI...these are the same folks who predicted the Packers D to take them to the Super Bowl this year...ummmm
  11. Thanks dude....i cant hide it, im f'ing pumped for Saturday! I dont know much, but I do know that a shutdown defense is what wins playoff games and that this defense is the REAL DEAL
  12. Guys...what I was saying was not that their is no blame to be put on the defense. Quite the contrary, certainly they are saddled with their share of the blame for not being able to make "the key stop". But what I am saying is that for the #1 defense in the league to have a .500 record means the offense isnt giving them much help, and from my vantage point I see a young qb whose decision making is the chief culprit....not that im re-inventing the wheel with these sentiments, but for the love of g-d were not asking for 28 pts p/game, were asking for double digits!
  13. Hey guys....I wanted to post a quick message about these guys Tailwaiters. If you havent heard, they provide a tailgating service at the meadowlands, maybe you have heard the ad on 1050. Anyway, I used them a few weeks back (Actually twice in a week). I am in no way affiliated with them (g-ds honest truth), but I did want to post on how impressed I was. The tent, food, etc was all set up when I got to the meadowlands and these guys really couldnt have been more helpful, just a really cool idea....so if you are planning to head out to anymore games this season, I would 100% give them a shout.
  14. This team went 9-7 a year ago. They upgraded defensively in the form of Scott, Leonord, Stickland, Sheppard, etc...offensively they fell off in the form of losing a aging qb, and a WR, but retained the core and saw young talent such as Dustin Keller and Stuckey mature. Not to mention the coach that took the brunt of the blame was shown the door, replaced with a reputed defensive whiz who was asked to improve on an already solid defense. Yet, the football world is SUPRISED that this team is a contendor? I just dont get it. How can the ESPN talking heads of the world actually be suprised by this teams success? The talent, the experience, the staff.....what am I missing here, this isnt a mistake...this team is just (gasp) good! thoughts?
  15. Yes, It seems perfectly logical that when presented with 8-10 million, a coach would turn it down based on the fact that the Jets are "second class citizens". Regardless of whether or not this is true, this may be one of the stupider things I have read in a long time....get real.
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