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  1. Did anyone see who was resonsible for giving up the sack that led to the injury?
  2. The following players are inactive for todays game: Jacob Bender Marques Tuiasosopo Eric Smith Andre Dyson Darian Barnes Mike DeVito Jason Pociask Chansi Stuckey
  3. Question- during the first quarter "CJ Mosley Show" who was the corner responsible for giving up the 3rd and 31 yard pick up??
  4. Brown is above average...Ginn has "peter warrick" written all over him...and Brady Quinn was a no-brain decision.
  5. Did anyone else see Bowens out there on offense during that last possesion? Anyone happen to catch where he was lined up?
  6. Just when I think this place can't get any stupider, you go out and do something like this......and totally redeem yourself!!!!
  7. Does anyone know the name/number of who popped Clemens on that last touchdown pass to Ryan???
  8. Is that your thought or a copy and paste?? Either way, a fair enough point...im with it
  9. Everytime I watch it, I notice two things: 1)how hard I laugh 2) the incredible hang time of Pops
  10. http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1661872
  11. The AFL does not guage itself by "NFL standards" because it is a completely different game. It is not a feeder system or a minor league; it is an independent entity and as such an entirely different product....and that product happens to be a damn good one.
  12. My two favorites have always been the 4th of July and Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is premised around eating, family and football while the 4th is based on Patriotism, beer, Springsteen and explosives....I ask you this, not taking the Jets game on Thanksgiving this year into account, which do you prefer?? Thank you too all the Men and Women who risk their lives for our freedom.
  13. Ray Lucas is boarderline unwatchable....just off the top of my head, a few that should have been mentioned: Barber/Jones (Dal) Portis/Betts Jones-Drew/Taylor (Jax) Foster/Williams (Car)
  14. Arena Bowl date is Sunday June 29th, New Orleans
  16. I find it hard to believe that it wouldnt be available on youtube...perhaps even redtube, as to some sick and twisted peope on this site that play was comprable to porn.
  17. "30 other coaches discuss injuries, but Mangini doesn't. Why, because the only other coach who handles injury information this way is his mentor, Bill Belichick?" - I know another thing that Bill Belichick does that the other dont..win multiple super bowls
  18. I didnt realize he was tatted up like that
  19. I want to send out a quick thank-you to my new co-host "The Big Show" Justin Melhado as well as Archie Snowden from SNY for taking the time to talk with us....hope you guys enjoy the show.
  20. Both very important because they are so directly related to all important field position. However, a punt returner hopefully gets more opportunities- assuming the D does its job. I'll straddle on this one though and go with equal
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