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  1. I wanted to throw this question out there as Im guessing were going to be split on this one,depending on where you call home....being a Long Island guy myself, Im pretty bummed that my summer days of heading over to Hofstra to catch a Jet practice are all but over. Even if you live in Jersey a part of you has to be dissapointed that the NEW YORK Jets will no longer have any affifiliation with the state, right??? Lets hear some thoughts
  2. so many ? surrounding both teams right now, a prediction this early is foolish......but fun Jets 35 G-men-10
  3. Vincent Shenocca is a construction worker who believes that Bill Belichick (who is married) has been having an affair with his wife for years. And his attorneys are expected to subpeona Belichick sometime soon to ask the coach about his alleged infidelities. From today's Boston Herald: Shenocca wants the team to explain why Fed-Exed boxes of cash - from Belichick to Sharon - bore the team's return address. And he also wants to know if the Pats paid for Sharon Shenocca's room at Super Bowl XXXVIII in Houston when she and her sister were guests of Belichick. Somewhere, Vincent Shenocca heard LaDainian Tomlinson say that Bill Belichick had no class, and he thought to himself ... "Yeah, no kidding." Nothing says "classy" like Fed-Exing a married mother boxes of cash. I should point out, though, that nothing has been proven. Sharon Shenocca says they're "just friends," but if I could speak on behalf of the male gender for just one quick second ... we don't send anyone a box of cash unless we're expecting some pleasurable friction in return. I'm sorry, but that's just the way things go. And I can't imagine that the Patriots are thrilled with having the team's official addressed used for these cash gifts. Not only does it drag the entire organization into what will probably be some very messy court proceedings, but it's also a tremendous waste of office supplies. Come on, Bill, get your own stationery. Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Comments [204]
  4. Ya I heard the news this morning....with him and Graig Cooper we may have turned this thing around sooner then we though.....we dont rebuild, we re-load!
  5. P.S. Moral of the story= Wish he was still a Jet
  6. Jetcane...us Canes know what this guy was while in coral gables. He was a justified late rounder, but a guy that showed a lot of promise at the U. I always thought of him as our defensive equivelent to a guy like Jason Geathers. Not a natural at any particular position, but a great athlete and an asset to the program nonetheless. Come to think of it, I remember another guy who fits that model (albeit in a offesnive manner) and who happened to work out in the pros pretty well....Deven Hester. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I never watched a game with DH in uniform where he didnt do something to alter the outcome.
  7. Dont know if any of you caught this interview this afternoon. If you didnt get a chance, it was a great, very honast and humorous interview, worth the listen.... http://wfan.com/topic/play_window.php?audioType=Episode&audioId=256287
  8. If anyone decides to record the game on to a dvd, I will gladly pay for it...send me a PM and we can do this on the hush hush
  9. Im way past ebay. Its gotten to the point where I am actually in the process of drafting a letter to Steve Sabol....
  10. I have been scowering the internet for two days now, ebay, CL, you name it...trying to find someone selling a converted DVD of Super Bowl III. No luck. I find it hard to believe that in this day and age there is no way to find a copy of this game out there somewhere. Does anyone anyone know of where/how I could go about finding a copy??
  11. If, by some miracle, Marshawyn Lynch is available and we pass, I will be dissapointed
  12. http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/news/story?id=2748084
  13. Me too...being as I dont see how a guy like Marshawn Lynch could possibly drop to us, an immediate impact DE is my 1st choice
  14. This excerpt is from the ESPN.com insider breakdown on the senior bowl of "who benefited the most" Adam Carriker, DE, Nebraska Carriker used his outstanding combination of size, quickness, power and technique to overwhelm offensive linemen throughout the week of practice and in Saturday's game. At nearly 6-foot-6, 292 pounds, Carriker can play defensive end in a 3-4 or 4-3 defensive scheme. With so many teams now using hybrid versions of both systems, his versatility is especially appealing. Don't be surprised if Carriker is one of the top 20 picks of the upcoming draft.
  15. funny, actually just added that to my Amazon wishlist. It got very strong reviews
  16. very wishful in your thinking...but I like it
  17. Worst/best movie of all time= "Rad" starring Lori Loughlin and Talia Shire
  18. it amazes me how inconsistant this team is....
  19. The Nets very well win the division...either way, Toronto will hold on for a playoff spot. I was just detailing the current division leaders, its only a game or so thats seperating them now
  20. Being as the Atlantic is as weak as it is, you might think the knicks have a good chance at the playoffs, I argue otherwise...here is my logic, please chime in with your thoughts on how to hopefully prove me wrong Three conference winners are automatics: 1.toronto 2.washington 3.detroit five slots remain: 4.Orlando is 23-21, a very solid, emrgin team- their getting in 5.Chicago is 26-19- their getting in 6.Cleveland is 25-19- their getting in Ok, so two slots remain- Realistically its between Indiana (23-21),Nets (21-23) and the defending champion Heat (19-25). I believe, now that their healthy the Heat will get in. I just dont see how the Knicks will be able to out muscle either the Pacers or Nets....anyone think otherwise??
  21. Very strong article, great to walk into on a Monday.....given the nature of the sport, the pension program is a difficult situation to bargain with and ultimatly, I believe, that responsibility falls with Gene Upshaw and the players union to see to it that there not-so-bright stars get taken care of....HBO did a real good special on the topic a few years back. Anyway, thanks for the article, really enjoyed it.
  22. Has the NFL apologized for ruling Tom Brady's blatent fumble against Oakland in 2001 a forward pass???
  23. You guys are missing the point. It does not make a difference whether or not the fans are "real fans" by your standards. The point is tailgating has become as much a part of the game as the damn scoreboard...this whole thing is ridiculous. Why the NFL wants to disallow its fans to grill some food and drink a few beers in the spirit of their premier event is beyond me.
  24. Ok Ok we suceed, Keny Darby is the next Walter Payton....now will you please tell us what Alabama alum charger RB you were reffering to in your earlier comments?? did you mean sean alexander?
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