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  1. Is that Rondo Hatten in your avatar?

    I was just watching Hell Harbor the other day.

    Why yes it is.

    I have also been known to use a pic of Tor Johnson in other forums.

    BTW, never seen any of his movies, just a pic in a magazine back in the 70s & it's stuck with me ever since.

  2. Just got an email from the Jets that only 50 season ticket seats are available. Somehow, I don't believe this.

    Down here in Houston they offer us a chance to get on 'the waiting list' every year.

    I'm a season ticket holder (non psl) & am getting sick of the NFL's greed.

    Parking going from $10 to $18 in 3 years, as well as the ticket price creeping up - I'd hate to think what might happen when we ever make a playoff appearance!

    Hoping for a good game Sunday, unfortunately that will include you guys coming out on the losing end.

  3. Just curious - have you guys heard what ticket & PSL prices are going to be?

    I'm a Texans fan here & think it sucks that our ticket prices are going up after finally hiting .500, but I'd hate to be in little 'd' - check this out:


    I figure your stadium would be in the 10 figure range, but wonder if your (& the Giants) owner has a plastic surgery habit to finance, as well.

    What are your thoughts?

  4. Reggie Bush is AWFUL. Seriously, he is one of the ****tiest RBs in the league. Unless he drastically changes his playing style, he will be one of the biggest busts in NFL history. Hit the FN hole and quit dancing, you are NOT Barry Sanders.

    Williams is a beast. Smart move by Charley Casserole.

    Are YOU freaking NUTS???!!!!!!!....or are you just kidding. Reggie Bush is a freak of nature. He makes you blink twice.....and he's just a rookie!!!

    Mario Williams hasn't done ****. FACT! He's shown zero promise. You wanna know how I know? I have him in fantasy football!!!!!!!!!!!! I picked him up in a late round and thought he was a steal. That move by the Texans was UNARGUABLY the most stupid move in the history ofnot only football, but all of sports. Styupid stupid stupid. And they actually pay people 6 and 7 figures to figure this shizzle out????? I'll never understand.

    In TEN games, this clown has 28 tackles (a lousy player makes 2.8 tackles per game, by accident), 4.5 sacks (WOW!!!! As someone said, this guy is a BEAST!!!!), ZERO forced fumbles and ZERO Int's. Granted, stats don't tel the whole game, but fact is, this guy is nothing. A 6th rounder playing for league minimum could do the same, if not better. I'm right and whoever disagrees is wrong......period.

    Glad to see you could join us, Mrs (or Mr) Bush!

    BTW, Wali Lundy (our 6th rounder) is having a better year than Reggie.

  5. that's your problem if you're looking for a good injury free game. You sound like a pittsburgh pirate/kc royal fan, looking forward to next year. Personally, i believe the next Mike Utley resides on your offensive line

    ...and you sound like an eagles fan.

    BTW, I'm sure you guys have had alot of "looking forward to next year"s since '68.

    And Mike Utley is nothing to joke about.

  6. I had no idea they had either. I'm thinking they view this as a win-able game? Ridiculous. Jets will go up and down the field like they did against Detroit, but won't allow nearly the same offensive output...It's still ridiculous to be trading barbs with Texans fans tho

    Think of that "any given Sunday" thing.

    After all, J'ville smoked you guys - what? 41-0?

    And we swept them.

    Go figure!

    We are recovering from the ineptness that ran the team for the last 4 years & at least I'm looking forward to next year.

    Looking for a good, injury free game, no matter the outcome.

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