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  1. Good luck, guys. Here's to a good game with no injuries... that the Texans win.
  2. Despite what you heard on the national media, there wasn't a huge Bush following in Houston. Personally, I wanted us to trade down with the Jets. I was hoping you guys would take Bush and then we'd either get Mario or D'Brick. But I was fine with Mario going first. Our defense last year was even worse than our offense. And, I'm not a big Bush fan. I don't think his game is going to translate well to the NFL. He's the kind of runner that you have to feed the ball to and live with a bunch of negative plays before he finally busts a big one. It's hard to sustain drives like that. That was always my problem with Barry Sanders and Bush isn't Barry Sanders. We've had a really good draft this year. Mario is looking good, although his feet are causing him problems now. Demeco is a stud at MLB. Spencer was our starting LT at the beginning of the season but had his leg broken. Winston is now moving into the line at RT. Owen Daniels at TE has been a huge surprise: 5 TD's so far. And Wali Lundy has been really productive for a late round RB. We're hoping for that kind of draft next year.
  3. That has been brought up on the Texans boards. We're a schizoid team. We're making lots of improvement but just can't get the W's. At least we have more wins than we did last year. And we really look like a better team this year. Going into the season, I thought we'd be winning this game against the Jets. I thought you guys were going to have chaos at QB and RB without Martin, but you guys are really playing hard. Now, I'm hoping for a win but I don't see how we're going to pull it out.
  4. JP Losman owns us. We've played him twice and both times we've made him look like the next coming of Joe Montana.
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