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  1. i cheer for both unless they play each other. my brothers friend is a jets fan die hard. I cheer for the jets when were not playing them. I just want to go to a game in NYC If i said i was only a bills fan someone might try to raise the price on the ticket as if i was a jets fan haha!
  2. haha i forgot about that storm. I live in Niagara Falls and we got none but buffalo got hammered. Thank god there wasnt a bills game that weekend or it woulda been cancelled or moved cause there were driving bans all over.
  3. oh yeah, well im in Niagara Falls and we got none. But yes we did get snow, its easy for me to forget about that because i wasnt in it. Going to be nice and cold for San Diego on Sunday, maybe LT's feet will freeze? Thats about our only chance of winning this one. And thanks Pats fan for the comments on JP. I like him but im not sold yet, hes playing much better and thats encouraging. I just hope we dont give up on him after 1 season, im sick of the QB carousel in Buffalo. Look what happens when you have a good oline and a decent to good QB. Maybe our team will finally fix the oline so w
  4. i was joking haha. Im a proud bills fan. Win or lose its my team. I think were going to get better with what we have at QB, etc. Its easy for other teams to look at you and say your QB sucks, etc. But all we have is faith and hope in Buffalo. Hell, its embarassing when you look for small things just to say you had a good game when its a blowout haha.
  5. Anyone have any suggestions of things to do while im at the game? Any good food, etc? My friend is a jets fan so im gonna try to get him something from the game. Hows your tailgating at the games?
  6. thats a cheap shot! Why you picking on the weak team! Pick on someone your own size, like the Chargers!
  7. i like JP but thats something im going to discuss here. Only time will tell with him. he got screwed by Mularkey (the best thing we ever did was send him to Miami, half back passes!) The problem the bills have had for years is that we never get consistency from our team. We finally get some good people and we lose other good people. our oline has sucked for years and we always blame the QB. I like our new coach's plan to stay the course. Looking at your schedule, u have a good shot and i hope you do it.
  8. haha.....id lake Losman over Eli anyday. He might not be the best right now, but the guy has heart which says something. Its a shame bills fans have to look for such small things to call your season a success...but hey, build for the future and maybe we can go to the superbowl someday and finally win one. With us having no chance of going this year, i do hope the Jets pull it out, id rather have the jets go than any other AFC east team.
  9. well see how bold i am if i wanna paint my face. I just wanna go see the city and watch a bills game live. Win or lose, i love going to bills games at home just being in the enviroment. lately, they have been more exciting now that our QB is FINALLY developing somewhat. But thats for another thread and another message board. I just wanted to see what i should expect at the game.
  10. were the same way, we HATE patriots and miami fans. But that goes for both of us.
  11. zero but guess what....San Diego is coming to town Sunday, the forecast 33 and snow
  12. ok so seriously, its ok to wear my jersey and bills winter hat then? Im not painting my face or anything.
  13. yeah i had to get tickets from the bills since the game is sold out so i had to take what i could get. I looked on ebay and stuff but they are expensive and while im an OCD bills fan, they arent worth 100+ dollars a ticket right now and i need only 3, and most want u to buy 4.
  14. i know its not in NYC but im staying with a friend in NYC.
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