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  1. As the offseason goes along, I'm starting to agree with this sentiment through no additional faith/belief that Darnold is the guy. UNLESS JD/Saleh think Fields/Wilson are completely unique prospects you can't pass up on, I think I'd rather trade back and get a haul of picks and hopefully develop a meaningful infrastructure that can remain competitive for years. The downside is you may end up being the Colts, but I'd rather be the Colts than the Texans at this point. Both paths have examples of success or failure, but this team needs a foundation more than ever, and usually a good investment means sacrificing the short term (hope Fields/Wilson are goats) for the long term (a capable roster that can compete year in and year out). That being said if you don't get the haul of picks for #2 I'm throwing Sam to the curb and drafting Wilson/Fields... but I believe they will.
  2. This is really great for the Jets. Any chance they can they should look to sign FA to longer term deals. They will also be able to take on good players with bad contracts from other teams if they choose.
  3. I mean probably - but you don't trade the rights to the chosen one after you just spent a month courting Urban Meyer to someone in your division. You also don't send your franchise QB for the hope of the chosen one to someone in your division. I actually don't do it if I'm Jax b/c I believe in TL that much and you get the whole rookie contract thing... but its one of those rare instances where it kind of makes sense for both sides and yet both probably say no b/c the downside is so bad for them.
  4. Its all going to come down to Miami. If Miami isn't pursuing him b/c of Tua and Houston feels they have to move him - no one else can compete with the Jets. Look at the teams on these lists... https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/deshaun-watson-trade-rumors-patriots-dolphins-49ers-texans/y9y2bddicrn014klrevw12zpx https://www.nbcsports.com/bayarea/49ers/deshaun-watson-trade-five-teams-can-compete-49ers-star You tell me - if you're the new Texans GM you getting excited over 3 years of 49ers 1s? Washington? Denver!? Oh yea I'm sure a new GM will love trading away the face of the franchise for Drew Lock and 3 first round picks with the first (and likely lowest) being at #9 so they can draft Kyle Pitts.... The only way to sell this is getting another franchise QB and to do that you need a top 5 pick. If Miami is out Houston should be calling us....only way to save face here is to sell the fan base on Fields + picks. At least you have hope then. You start 2021 season with a Trubisky/Jimmy G camp battle and hope that your new WR in the first round is half of what DeAndre Hopkins used to be and they will riot in Houston.
  5. **** it - I'd offer #2, our 2nd this year, and their pick of our first or seattles first next year (so basically ours). The #2 pick is worth 2-3 firsts so that package is basically a package 3-4 first round picks and a top second round pick. Also gives us first round picks in this draft and next years. No other package guarantees you a franchise QB they can draft - which they will need except for Miami. If Miami wants to get in on this we can't beat their offer anyway as Watson will almost assuredly rather go there (closer to contention, no tax, already leaked he wants to go there). Outside of that, if he really digs in, let Houston take three 1s from the Redskins or something and tell them good luck finding a QB picking in the mid 20s for the next few years.
  6. Co-sign - if you think Darnolds trade value is a fringe 2/3 - if I'm Houston knowing I'm going to draft a QB at 2 I'd rather have the Jets third round pick than Darnold.
  7. This is so brutal for me because I absolutely believe Watson is worth that cost. HOWEVER. I don't view that as 3 first round picks. The #2 pick this year is worth 2 #10 overall picks, 3 #19 overall picks, 4 #28 overall picks, and nearly 5 #32 overall picks. I would also say the #2 this year is worth even more than that because you get your pick of Fields/Wilson and most seem to think those guys would be #1 picks in most other drafts (believe it or not I've read multiple scouting sites that say that). The only other team that can put an offer together like this to me is Miami. If they are set with Tua as they have said (which I don't really believe), then who else is going to make a similar offer? Lets say Detroit does. Well 1) Detroit's first this year is worth nearly half of ours this year - and they have no guarantee they can get a QB at that slot. Not too mention Watson has to agree to be traded to Detroit, which is an issue as well. SF? Their pick is worth less than half of our #2 pick and that team will automatically be picking in the high 20s if they do. If you give up #2 I'd part with Seattles pick next year and maybe our second this year. Thats three first round picks + a second in my mind and doesn't dip into our future first round picks which we still need because Watsons contract will mean we have less cap space. Damn it I want Watson though.
  8. IMO there is no way that Philly is trading up for a QB. They have a QB competition already and it makes no sense to trade Hurts and the reason Peterson was let go is b/c ownership wants to start Wentz. Bengals make sense, however by all accounts they are a team that almost never trades up.. I don't get it, but I have a buddy who is a Bengals fan and insists its like an unwritten rule for them. Falcons/Lions/Panthers/Broncos all share one unique thing with each other... ALL of them have new GMs. While one could make the argument that a new GM should be aggressive to go get their guy - I'd probably argue they are the LEAST likely to do so. New GMs don't have any immediate pressure to produce a winner, and probably don't want to lose out on several premium picks as they work to rebuild a struggling roster. Past big trade ups for QBs were RG3 by Washington, Wentz by Philly, Darnold by the dunce. All three teams had GMs that were several years into their tenure. Maccagnan is a good example. 1) he was dumb, but 2) he felt pressure to do something big to save his job as the Hack pick flopped and the team sucked. So who is our fish at the poker table? I see two options. 1 - Dallas. Now I think its 90% chance they re-rign Dak, however, they already have a lot of cap committed to non QB players like Zeke, Cooper, Martin, etc. According to OTC they already have $180mm in cap commitments before Dak, and the cap may be as low as 190. The biggest reason I think they are our guy is because Jerry Jones is old as ****. He wants to win now, and if he falls in love with Fields or Wilson he may very well be interested in re-setting the rookie QB scale and giving up future picks. Furthermore Dallas has a few players that the Jets could very well be interested in like Gallup and Lae'el Collins. If the Jets gave up 2 and Dallas packaged Collins, 10, and two second rounders I think that'd be a big win for the Jets if Collins is healthy. 2- SF. I view them the same way as I view Seattle trading for JA. They could easily be convinced they are one piece away and have a roster filled with talent that will make it tough to retain all talent while paying a non-rookie QB. They are picking at 12 so I would guess a better move for them is trading up to spots 5-10 for Lance or Fields/Wilson if they drop. However, everyone says Wilson is a great fit in Shannys scheme and if they fall in love with him there is only one spot that guarantees they get him. SFs 1,2 this year, 1 next year and a player or two that fit our new SF based scheme could work.
  9. From all accounts - and the most trusted ones to me are @Mogglez and @football guy JD and the rest of his staff are high on Darnold. HOWEVER, if you were going to trade Sam and were totally done with him - they should be leaking the exact same info. They will absolutely be scouting the top QBs in the draft, and at the end of the day if they think Wilson or Fields (or even Lance) are THE guy, they're going to take him. A lot still needs to happen. The scouting department needs to get on the same page as the new coaches (once the staff is up to speed), and then they need to do interviews with players, workouts, etc. I have no idea if Sam will be our QB next year. But I am extremely confident no decision has been made. There is a lot of optimism on this board about JD and the new staff. If they ultimately elect to keep Sam, I think people on this board should have faith that guys we can trust are making that decision. Even if most of us (myself included) are hoping they move on....
  10. DJ IMO is the best draft analyst out there. He seems to be way more plugged in to what teams draft boards look like than most media mocks you’ll see. I’ve said it before, he had Trey Lance as his QB1 going into this season... ahead of Trevor Lawrence. Obviously with the 1 game showcase this season guys have been able to pass him. But I think when workouts/combines start happening you’re going to head a lot more about Trey Lance.
  11. The optimistic take away of the bold is that if you believe experience matters this is a position the Jets have been in a lot
  12. If its more than 10-11/year I'd rather they take a swing at Justin Simmons if he actually makes it to FA

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