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  1. Given its the same website - its probably the same guy who did this: https://www.si.com/nfl/jets/news/2022-nfl-mock-draft-new-york-jets-scout-full-first-round-kayvon-thibodeaux-ikem-ekwonu-malik-willis#gid=ci029dc7e760002674&pid=1-jacksonville-jaguars-aidan-hutchinson-edge-michigan Malik at 2 - Matt Corrall at 3 overall Linderbaum at 6 Trey McBride at 11 - Carson Strong at 12 - Cameron Thomas at 13 - So maybe there is a bit of a disconnect btwn how he thinks and how the NFL does... who cares
  2. The roster is only stacked if you assume the young guys come in and play at an average to above average starting level. Looking at history: Becton - Good rookie year w/ some injuries - zero his 2nd year Mims - Flashes rookie year - zero his second year Davis & Zuniga - busts who have dealt w/ injuries AVT - Probably the only guy who was on the field enough and played strong enough to match his draft spot Moore - Flashed - but was generally inconsistent in production (likely more a ZW issue) and dealt w/ injuries Michael Carter - Generally performed well but dealt w/ injuries So of the past two years "top" picks - really only AVT gave you what every analyst is projecting out of the rookies this year. Not to say these guys can't outperform our past draft picks under JD - but rookies deal w/ inconsistent play, ramp up time, and injuries. If Sauce can have a rookie year like the CBs from last year, if Garrett Wilson can have the impact a Devonta Smith had last year, if JJ can be a productive pass rusher, if Breece can do what rookie RBs have had success doing - yes I think our roster has tons of potential... but it may take these guys time and assuming they'll be impact day 1 goes against a lot of history.
  3. Its about 70% on Zach - 15% on Saleh/coaching staff - 15% tied between some new major acquisitions who haven't proved themselves yet (Becton, rookies, Lawson, etc.) Jets have been plagued w/ injuries but I still tend to believe outside of guys like Lawson and Becton those are more random and the Jets have simply gotten unlucky. If you took injuries off how many wins do you project? If Lawson, Becton, ZW, Elijah, JFM, QW, Sauce all get injured - no sh*t we won't win as many games.... but look what happened to the Ravens last year - they got decimated by injuries as well - they had a down year - it happens. Ultimately JD has done enough to keep this ship afloat. Yes that is assuming the rookies step in day 1 and maybe some younger guys like Elijah, QW, Becton grow as well. However, there is enough talent and depth to say Zach (and to a lesser degree the coaching staff) how far can you take us... ultimately he is the variable that will dictate what this team record will be.
  4. Going on record that this is my choice as well - guy could be a PROBLEM. If not want a trade back or Muma or Pitre. Not really feeling Dean w/ the injury concerns.
  5. Wow - been following this draft pretty close and everything pointed to Sauce having like an A+ character - crazy to think a team may view it the opposite.
  6. A few logs to feed the Hutch available at 4 fire: 1) I can't say I know who this guy is - but I found this link on a Lions board and they seemed to think hes legit... 2) https://www.nfl.com/news/lance-zierlein-2022-nfl-mock-draft-4-0-steelers-trade-up-for-lone-round-1-qb Greg Zierlien is pretty plugged in w/ the Texans. I put a lot of faith in him saying Stingley would be the pick at 3
  7. Just seems weird to me that after months of no meaningful reports all of a sudden there is a ton of Jets like Sauce, Jets love Ekwonu, Jets want JJ over Thibs talk. If it is a smokescreen not really sure what the point of it is. Doesn't make sense to incentivize a team to move up as far as I can see... Say what you want about the current FO but they have been pretty damn tight lipped. Now league sources have info? How did league sources not have any info on Tyreek when Jets already had an accepted trade proposal for him? I'm not saying JJ won't be the pick at 4... but this all just seems weird.
  8. I've yet to read a single thing about the Jets and Walker and its always kind of surprised me. I don't really want him to be the pick but I also never understood why there hasn't been a peep about the Jets "liking him" like there has been with Thibs, Sauce, Icky, etc. Thanks for all the nuggets - always look forward to your posts.
  9. I did not know this. Its weird JD wouldn't just clarify that this was the reason he is missing a workout - but CMG is missing as well b/c his wife apparently just had a baby. If Becton's wife is 37 weeks she could deliver anytime - so as much as I'd love to kill him that is a legit excuse to miss a voluntary workout.
  10. Well with 38 youre pegging his value at like a mid second rounder - but yea I'm not sure I'd want to pay that as another team.
  11. 38 + Becton for one of Saints first rounders?
  12. Give them pick 10. I actually think I prefer giving up 10 to all three of our day three picks (T Hill offer). Everyone is penciling us in for a WR at 10 anyway - so now we get a sure thing stud at pick 10 for $18mm more in cap. I'll take that trade all day when we have our QB, EDGE, LT, and other WR on rookie deals. No one on this team is due to make $20mm in the next few years unless QW blows up next season. Our other biggest needs (LB, S, DT, RB) all slot nicely w/ the talent available on day two. YES we could draft a top WR at 10. Look at the past WRs drafted in the first round. Its 50/50 our guy will be good enough to earn a second contract. Of those 50% of times the WR is worth a second contract there is an almost certain chance that they will: A) Not be able to make an instant impact for our 2nd year QB B ) Not be nearly as good as Deebo at any point in their playing career C) Won't be A PERFECT SCHEME FIT FOR OFFENSE Deebo is a top WR in this league - don't mess around - go get him. Still don't think SF moves him though...I would tell him we're franchising him twice and then will move him ala Adams.
  13. Curious what people think of this: There is some more JJ conversation at the 28 minute mark or so... but I clipped the video when they talk about pass rush win rate outside the tackle spot. Long story short - among power five edges since 2017 - #1 is a tie between Chasee Young and Nick Bosa, #3 was Josh Allen (Kentucky), 4th was Aiden Hutchinson and Karalaftis, Ebikete was 7th, Thibs was 15th, Mafe was 36th, Ojabo 41st... Jermaine Johnson was 111th... Its obviously only one stat - but pretty alarming when comparing him to other prospects. They also talk earlier (at like the 28 min mark) about how JJ may have dominated at senior bowl - but he is 1-2 years older than most people there... he was the only round 1 edge in attendance so not a lot of competition, and most of the tackles in attendance are not the elite prospects of this draft (no Cross, Icky, Neal, etc) If they take him at four OK - I don't think hes a bust - but I can't say I'm super excited about picking him at all in the first round - let alone at 4.
  14. I like the idea of trading up to get Linderbaum - but ironically I think if you were going to make the move the team to move ahead of is Cincinatti. The knock on Linderbaum is he is undersized and will only be a fit for a zone blocking scheme. Whether you believe it or not that seems to be the consensus from most draft pundits which explains why he isn't being drafted higher b/c as a pure prospect he is pretty elite. In the 20s I'd guess the Packers are a potential - but they drafted Josh Myers in the second last year. Maybe he can be pushed to guard. They need a DT as well (assuming their first pick is a WR) and could double dip at WR - but they could def take him. Bengals run outside zone - they loaded up on IOL in FA - but none were major deals that would prohibit them from drafting Linderbaum. In the second round - not sure what scheme the Jags will run - but they could take him as well. So outside of maybe the Jags I actually think there is a pretty good chance he could fall to 35 if Bengals and Packers pass on him. As for trading up - I wouldn't hate it. You could basically trade Sam Darnold (38 + 4th + 6th) to 30 to draft him. We previously traded our stud DE for our franchise center - I'd be fine trading our bust QB for the same if JD thinks hes the guy.
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