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  2. Revis Signed!!!!

    TheJetsStream #Jets deal for Darrelle Revis is 7 years... it can be voided to 4 years, $46 million, per source. #nfl #nyj
  3. Revis Signed!!!!

    Jay Glazer: It's a 7 year deal that voids easily to a 4 year deal
  4. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh if this is actually for more than Aso I'm gonna be sick
  6. Woody says NO to Mevi$

    I'm sure some part of WJ does thin that...but this has to be somewhat, if not mostly a negotiating ploy..
  7. Darrelle Revis Holdout: MERGED

    There is no way Revis is traded
  8. D'Brick signs D'Extension!!!

    I doubt the Jets are stupid enough to hurt themselves/mangold/revis by holding a grudge...
  9. D'Brick signs D'Extension!!!

    Rod Boone tweeted it as well... Excited, but wonder why this deal came now when Mangold/Revis were probably more vocal about wanting a deal
  10. RB rankings : we're 8th ? ? ?

    It seems like they're running the talent at the RB position, which I actually think 8th is pretty good for having a rookie, a guy you could argue is washed up, and Shone Greene (who is still a question mark). If you are ranking run games/O-Lines we would probably be top 3, but as far as RB talent goes we're really not overly strong. I think 8 may be higher than we actually are.
  11. Jets-Pats: Best Combined 53-Man Roster: Round 2

    my bad didn't see it at the bottom there!
  12. Jets-Pats: Best Combined 53-Man Roster: Round 2

    You're carrying 3 WRs and have Edelman over Cotch and Braylon???
  13. All Time Favorite Jets WR?

    Chrebet....too young for toon/manyard
  14. Report: Revis wants $20M a year from Jets

    Is Revis really only going to get paid 1 mm next year though? I mean if there was ever a time/reason to sit out a year wouldn't this be it?
  15. Report: Revis wants $20M a year from Jets

    The thing thats so messed up is that Revis is making nothing this year (~1mm reported I believe?) which is obviously absurd considering his talent...but given the fact that no one knows what the new CBA/cap situation will be its hard to extend him. Is there a way to boost his salary this year and then try and work something out when the CBA is announced?