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  1. I follow this guy too - but I'm pretty sure he's full of sh*t - hes been wrong about everything jets wise this offseason... and in general it looks like the new Jets FO is pretty locked up with regards to leaks... and at the end of the day - JD has full control of roster so ownership can't do much.
  2. That’s a bummer. Those three hours were the highlight of the last ten years...
  3. There goes any chance mims is there for our round three picks...
  4. This is a pretty big deal for the Jets. 1) One less group to be going after other FA tackles... 2) Potential he doesn't sign with Cots and is an option for the Jets... 3) Almost no chance now the Colts look to move ahead of the Jets to pick a Tackle before them...
  5. My dream is Cushenberry or Ruiz in Rd 2 and Mims with the Giants pick... my bet right now is that none of these players would be there at these picks so if we did choose Mims at 48 I'd be OK with it. Mims is the "lowest ranked" that I think has a real chance of being a WR1
  6. Never heard of this guy before - just spent 10 min reading about him and couldn’t agree more. Versatile, young guy trending up, worst case he’s a flexible depth guy... given Douglas connection actually feel good about our chances of getting him.
  7. If cooper leaves in FA could definitely see cowboys trading to 11 for CD or Jeudy - in almost every mock one or both of those WRs gets to 11 but btwn our pick and 17 you could easily see the raiders, colts, or broncos take a WR. Jerry is going to want to win now and think we could definitely get a better deal than the trade chart shows or maybe have them add one of their many OL in the trade and walk away with a proven OL and then pick someone like Josh Jones or Ruggs/Higgins or an edge/CB at 17
  8. #11 will be a lot easier to predict after FA. If we sign a sanders/agholor/funchess or resign RA there’s a 0 percent chance we take jeudy/lamb. If we sign Conklin or castanzo (doubt it) I could see us going WR or edge but still think it’s prob greater than 50% we take an OT at 11. Ultimately though it will come down to what Douglas thinks of these tackles. None of these OTs are sure things. Becton seems boom or bust, wirfs and wills are RTs that I have seen multiple reports say may end up as guards and Andrew Thomas was written up in Matt miller’s scouting report as saying NFL people believe the media is higher on than NFL scouts (whether you believe that or not is up to you). Jones it seems everyone has at 5 but closer to the first group than the next tier of tackles. If Douglas believes all of these guys have high caliber starter tackle grades than you just prey one of them falls and they are a no brainer pick at 11 if they are there. But if he thinks they are just mediocre prospects and you could get a similar player in next years draft and you come out of free agency with DT and Perriman as our wideouts than I think you just look to sign a guy like Beachum to a 2 year deal and draft a project OT in round 2 or 3 or wait until next year because I think Jeudy and CD are unbelievable WR prospects that may not be Julio Jones/megatron level... but right after that. You could wait 5 years and not see a prospect like that and if you believe in drafting BPA and want to help your QB you can’t pass on them. I trust Douglas ability to scout a OT and believe if he is drafting them it’s not forcing a pick and he believes these guys can be an anchor of our oline for a decade. Preying im right
  9. For everyone saying OTs don't shake free...he is basically already free. Similar to the Jets and Robby Anderson, the time to try and sign him for a hometown discount would have been last yr (when they didn't pick up his option) or during the season where maybe he signs for less just in case he gets injured. He is two months away from being the best young OT on the market with several teams with TONS of cap space in need of an OT. Why on earth would he decide to forego that now to take an offer from TEN when he knows that their offer will likely still be on the table two months from now? Not saying he won't - maybe he just loves TEN and the organization that much - but even then they need to sign Tannheill, Henry, Logan Ryan... and they already have two guys on the OL making 16mm and 11mm... so while there is a chance hes just a Titan for life type guy... I'd bet anything he'll be hitting FA - and should be the Jets top target.
  10. Everyone should root for qbs and defensive players to do really well at the combine
  11. I feel there are four major holes on this team (more than four but four glaring ones) OL WR EDGE CB Btwn FA and the draft there is very little chance we will be able to address all four items... if that is the case - CB is the spot I would prefer to pass on - there is some reason for optimism, and I believe an edge rusher would help the problem... I do believe our CBs are probably worse than the second half of the season would indicate - we didn't play too many great passing offensives in that stretch and yet several teams did have success throwing against us
  12. Right behind cle - who will almost assuredly draft an OT
  13. Is Sam a hard worker off the field when it comes to film review and preparation?
  14. Hewitt I just forgot - he should be on there and I'd expect them to re-sign him - can't imagine it'd be more than a few million bucks if that Jenkins was tough for me - its an obvious need - but I don't think he can be your top Edge rusher - and if you pay him what he will command in the open market I think you will be paying over $10mm - and I couldn't find a way to make it work where you get valuable lineman and an impact edge free agent pick up... basically I like Dupree more than him
  15. For those that don't want to re-sign Robby at ~11-12mm/yr (probably closer or more than 12 than 11)... who do you want to be two outside WRs next year? I would assume one answer will be whoever you pick first in the draft - but what about the other side? If its the first two rounds - well than I'd ask you to look at Cleveland and see what having two great WRs and no offensive line gets you...

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