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  1. You take the generational talent. I love Sam - still think he can be a pro bowl caliber Qb. He got the rawest of deals being drafted by this franchise... I will genuinely wish him well wherever he goes. Sam was a #1 pick caliber prospect... if the browns picked him at 1 people would say it was solid. He wasn’t a weak #1 pick that some people projected to slip. He was a consensus totally standard #1 pick with some people thinking he was even more special. TL is not in that category. He is in the Elway/Manning/Luck category. Doesn’t mean he will be a hit... it’s just a different level of prospect. You don’t pass up a generational prospect for a great prospect... ask the Portland Trailblazers about that
  2. Davis is unfortunately looking like this years Ty Montgomery...
  3. They’ll figure out your lie in 5 minutes or think football is the most depressing sport of all time...
  4. I’ve seen multiple power rankings putting us at #32.... if it’s not the most popular pick it’s definitely a top 3 pick. Who else is even in the mix? Bengals?
  5. It just sucks being a fan of this team. I thought we’d win 5 games this year before the injuries... maybe 6... all I wanted to do was see Mims play and see if him and Darnold could be a thing. **** you football gods... and I’ll say this again when Becton or Herndon goes down next week. sh*t is a JOKE
  6. I'm not trying to be funny or a dick at all here - but I genuinely believe Darnold is kind of a dumb guy. Like you hear him talk, and the way he kind of short circuits under pressure and my take is that he just doesn't have a brain that works ultra fast. I think what Bates did was dumb everything down for him w/ one read RPOs, screens, roll outs that take away half the field, etc. We were all mad at the time b/c we wanted to see more downfield throws and aggression but I think he was just trying to make things simple. Then Adam Jerkoff comes in and throws what several people have said is one of the most complex offensives in the NFL at him. Darnold can't process everything and it makes everything he does harder. It would explain a lot of his perceived regression and also explains why he misses stuff like this b/c he is so rattled. I'm not trying to take blame away from Darnold. In fact calling him a dumb guy is shifting a ton of blame on him and the reality is if he is too dumb to run an NFL offense in his 2nd year he was probably never going to be the guy... but it also speaks to a common criticism of Gase which is that he has no capability of tailoring his system to the players he has.
  7. Meh. If anything today makes me feel better about the JA trade. Imagine thinking this team would be better off right now with an 18mm/yr safety than multiple picks. The Jets have a bottom 3 roster in the NFL and need a QB - they’re two years away from competing... glad we were able to get something while we could and losing Jamal gives us a better chance of being able to draft TL.
  8. This is from March which adds some credibility...however the source is Tony Pauline/PFN which I think is dicey as a source. Either way, if this was a "rumor" floating around the combine it would make sense as to why no one claimed this guy... Fallout from the blockbuster trade between Texans and Cardinals The condemnation over the trade which sent DeAndre Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals is just about unanimous from all for a number of reasons. First, everyone believes Texans head coach Bill O’Brien should have put aside his personality issues with Hopkins because the receiver always showed up to play. Second, many felt taking on the contract of running back David Johnson was equally insane. From the Arizona point of view, this trade could spell the end of Hakeem Butler’s short career with the franchise. Last fall I was told the team was not happy with their fourth-round pick from the 2019 draft and the Cardinals were relieved they had to place him on injured reserve rather than face the embarrassment of cutting him before the regular season. I heard further confirmation of this during the Scouting Combine three weeks ago.
  9. For what its worth - I like PFF but they had Baker far and away #1 in 2018, Rosen #3, Lamar at 4 and I'm pretty sure there was a big gap between him and the other guys. They also loved Mason Rudolph that year. In 2019 they did love Kyler, but had Haskins and Grier 2 and 3 ahead of Jones... plus in 2019 they said Quinnen was the best interior defender they ever scouted. So yea, they can be wrong... but as much as I love and believe in Darnold, we need to get used to the fact that unless he starts delivering more other people aren't going to be giving him much of a boost to do upside anymore.
  10. The ventriloquist act comment by Coz has to be someone from the Daily News asking Gase about the meetings/set up right? Anyone know who it was?
  11. I don't see how you can not look into it at this point... but he is pretty washed at this point and primarily plays the slot so I won't freak out if hes not a Jet...
  12. So starting OG is injured. Darnold looks bad. 1st Team D can't stop our back ups (who are backing up an offense that can't score on the 2nd team). Basically worst possible news ever? Got it. Awesome.
  13. The thing thats crazy about this, and also some of the other massive offseason signings like Bosa, Clark, Garret, Kittle, Tunsil, etc. is just how massive some of these deals are in relation to past deals (Bosa, Mahomes, Kittle, Baker) for the position in the landscape of EVERYONE saying teams are f'ed w/ the next few years of cap based on an assumed 2021 drop in cap space which will theoretically level off future cap space for the next few years (spread out the losses and not make 2021 a disaster sub $100mm cap or something - hence the 175mm floor). Its like these guys are the people buying massive houses in 2009 or something - all of the data is pointing against these new record setting deals, but teams are moving forward with them anyway. Will be fascinating to see how this plays out but it "feels" risky at best, negligent at worse...

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