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  1. Lets go!!! The Jets will pay out his bonus in 15 days. The Jets get their offset language. HOW THE F DID THIS TAKE THREE MONTHS TO DO
  2. Maye is under contract for two more years at 22mm. The team has an option to get out of the contract after this year. Considering most three year deals have two years of guaranteed money, there is literally zero reason to give him a deal now that exceeds the $11mm number. It sucks, hes a good guy, and a good player - but hes making a sh*t ton of money and JD's job is to help the Jets. Take it up with the NFLPA
  3. Lets goooooooooo 1 Year deal means the 1% chance he was playing guard goes down to 0% - but dgaf - great signing.
  4. It'll be really interesting how the Jets handle this. One thing that seems to be consensus is Fant doesn't have the anchor to play guard. I have no idea if thats true or not - but that seems to be what a lot of people who watch more film say. Presumably Moses will be the best version of himself at RT, but the more important question is does a right side of RT: Fant RG: Moses> RT: Moses RG: GVR The fact that its a multi-year deal makes me think there is a chance (albeit I think most likely is Fant hits the bench and Moses is our new RT) that Moses will play guard. No way he'd take a 1 y
  5. I realize this isn't exactly a science but if you look at his combine pics it doesn't really look like he is noticeably larger? I dunno its really hard to tell on a guy his size - but hopefully this is a wake up call for him and he will consider losing weight....
  6. For 7-on-7 what are the positions that are out there for offense/defense?
  7. And the follow up... I'm still generally in the camp that none of these practices should carry too much weight... that being said its nice that ZW is at least looking competent - even if MIAs defense is >> ours
  8. The potential hidden benefit of this is if Cole and Berrios and Moore ball out Crowder should actually have legit trade value at the deadline. If his new contract is ~$6mm than a contender could trade for him and only have to pay ~$3mm for him for the rest of the season. JD can probably get a mid rounder and half a season of production for a guy that may have been cut. Good move.
  9. If Crowder blows out his knee next week how does his contract work?
  10. This is where I'm at. I don't want to cut Crowder - but I'd rather ZW go into the year with Cole/Moore/Berrios filling in the slot role than have a bunch of games with McDermott at LT. I think everyone here is expecting Becton to miss a few games this year given he is already banged up and they haven't even put on the pads yet. Our line is back to full on sucking again if he is out - and I think that is a way worse situation than the drop off of Crowder to Berrios.
  11. I remember when there was talks about the Jets extending JA the contract price was supposed to start at what CJ Mosley was being paid ($17mm per year). Then I remember after the trade I heard on a podcast (so not the best source admittedly - but it was one w/ national reporters on it) - that he wanted to be paid like a "defensive playmaker" - not a safety - and this reporter estimated that the contract would be in the $18-$20mm per year range. Needless to say - I am thoroughly enjoying this from afar...
  12. One thing that may be kind of funny for Jets fans this year is I wouldn't be surprised (read - I'd be basically bummed) if the offense lit up the defense in training camp. We're so accustomed to hearing all of these reports that the defense is dominant and our QB (whether it was Sanchez, Geno, or Darnold) - wasn't really able to move the ball well against our defense. The question was always whether our QBs actually sucked or the defense was just way ahead of the offense. This year if the offense isn't lighting up the defense - we probably have a big problem. Maybe if this was full tackl
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