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  1. I'll caveat this with I think fans who are pissed at JD or have no faith in him are well in their rights given the product on the field. If you're out on JD - I get it - no issues. That being said I'm still a supporter. A lot of the reasons have been shared already so no point in doubling down. The ultimate reason I want him to stay is I think he thinks about things the right way. I believe you need to build from the draft, I believe if youre going to take swings in FA it should be for younger players who are rising, and I believe you should build through the trenches. You can thro
  2. Obviously big picture this isn't a huge deal considering we were never going to compete this season and Joyner was a stop gap. But holy sh*t this team has sh*t luck
  3. One thing I'm fairly certain about is Joe D needs to just suck it up and pay retail price for one member of the OL this offseason. Enough with the bargain bin hunting and relying on draft picks. I'm optimistic that Becton and AVT will be guys - but outside of 1-2 guys every year it takes time to develop. We don't have that luxury with a rookie QB. We passed on Conklin who all the fans wanted - he's been great for Cleveland. We passed on Corey Lindsley this offseason - he and the Chargers OL were great yesterday. We passed on Trent Williams whos the best tackle in the league. Just overspe
  4. Its an interesting thought - and given Carolinas outside WRs are not big (Moore - only 6'0 - Robby tall but thin) - it may be a good matchup to try it. However, I'm pretty wary of starting a guy who was an UDFA in a position he has no experience in for the first game of his second season. If they want to try it - great - but they better be ready to adjust quick if its not working.
  5. We made it everyone. Shout out to everyone who contributed on this board over a crazy offseason as it certainly helped distract me whilst quarantining. Its been a wild 8 months since our last game, the team looks dramatically different than it did when we left the field against New England. It feels like we're on the verge of something special, but realistically this team is still a ways away from competing. I wanted to throw down 20 predictions for the upcoming season which I will be sure to bump if they are somewhat accurate and ignore if I whiff. Would love to get your guys thoughts:
  6. I think the following will be true: 1) The Jets should be able to pressure Darnold w/o blitzing - our IDL is our strength and their IOL is their weakness. 2) We should have success rushing the ball - last year the Panthers were 5th worst in the league in terms of YPC and they didn't make any major additions that should help this in this area - we need to run early and run often to take pressure off ZW and keep Carolina's offense on the sidelines 3) Carolina's WRs will present a problem if we can't get to Darnold. So ultimately I believe if we can find success in the run
  7. He was REALLY good in 2017. Probably a POS but from a football perspective an interesting name if he gets signed.
  8. I think JPP would make a lot of sense. Bucs have Shaq Barret and love Joe Tyron. They need cap relief. JPP is expensive on a cap basis, but won't cost a lot to aquire. A future 6th or something is likely all it'd take. We get a 1-year gap filler.
  9. Pop + Achilles means our best case scenario is he is OK and can be Carl Lawson again next year. This year is done.
  10. Don't even know why I deal with this god forsaken team
  11. Becton was beat 5 times - and we gave up 7 sacks. Maybe the LG should be helping the LT more as the leak is not coming from the interior... 5 times on 23 pass attempts.
  12. Louisville also ran an outside zone while he was there... If you hear hoofbeats think horse, not zebra. In this case if you hear hoofbeats, think our franchise LT is a big fat fatty, not a scheme issue.
  13. I don't think anyone is expecting us to compete with GB - no one seems super concerned about them being generally better. The concern is over our left tackle and the implications that has for our rookie QB. Becton is getting beat around the edge, so take the "wait for AVT" takes out of this. Also Becton was getting beat like a drum when AVT was on the field. I don't give a sh*t if we lose every play to GB. I care if our LT is regressing and the risk that poses to Wilson.
  14. For the people saying Becton concern is unwarranted until games. I'd be with you if it wasn't for the past two years of circumstances. In college Becton was good as a freshman, amazing as a junior, and trash as a sophomore. As a sophomore he admitted to being overweight, and got his sh*t together for his junior year. Last year he had to go through the combine and obviously got into great shape for the combine and seems to have maintained that level in training camp. While camp was different last year and he was going against inferior competition, the reports around him last year in camp
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