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  1. I'd go OL at 23 & 34 I think drafting BPA is a fantastic philosophy that every team should generally abide by - with the exception being sh*tty teams that just drafted a QB - which just so happens to be our Jets. You want to help a rookie QB? Forego a coverage linebacker and CB for one year - or just overpay for a veteran available. We need to protect ZW and provide him with every chance to succeed. If a stud D player falls to you trade back and get more picks to use at OL/WR/RB/TE. Goal this year: Make it easy for ZW Goal for the next 10 years: Build a superbowl ros
  2. Unless AVT has a gas mask pic in the queue I don't see any scenario where we pass him up
  3. I don't like his picks - like many others - but always interesting to see where the more tuned in guys in the media expect other players to fall. While I don't like Dane's picks - I am encouraged by the following: At pick 23 - would have the option of Newsome/Leatherwood/Humphrey/Dickerson At pick 34 - would have option of Humphrey/Dickerson/Stokes/Terrace Marshall At pick 66 - we would have the option of Dynami Brown/Walker Little/Tommy Tremble/Paulson Abedo At pick 86 - we could pick from Wyatt Davis/Kendrick Green/D'Wayne Eskridge/Nico Collins/ So if we don'
  4. Hadn't heard of Drew Dalman before the below Brandon Thorn tweets - but if BT likes him thats good enough for me! Like that he is bullish on this class - really hope we exit day 2 with two OL
  5. If JD can upgrade the o-line via the draft I actually think this has the potential to be a solid unit. The top end talent is certainly lacking - the only guy who you can realistically point to as having the potential to be a top 5 player at his position next year is Becton (and we'll see if the injury bug keeps biting). That being said the two most important individuals on the offense are the coach and the QB. If they hit on those it should be a much improved unit. I couldn't care less about the RB position, the WR groups is lacking a game changer but they have 4 solid WRs and Mims has potenti
  6. Regarding his injury history - his specific injuries shouldn't necessarily be causes for concerns moving forward. I heard somewhere that post surgery for a torn labrum your shoulder should theoretically hold up better than it would have pre-injury. So just because he's already had this injury it doesn't necessarily mean he's more likely to have another one than any other QB prospect. That being said, he does seem to seek out contact as a runner and does have a smaller frame - so I believe he is more injury prone due to his stature/playing style than other QBs. Its definitely a risk IMO.
  7. At this point in draft szn I feel I've seen enough to know the below players definitively won't be there at pick 23: 5 QBs - we all know em 3WRs - Smith/Waddle/Chase 1 TE - Pitts 2 Tackles - Slater/Sewell 2 CBs - Surtain/Horn That is 13 players. While other players like Derrisaw, Parsons, AVT, Kwity Paye, and JOK are consistently mocked before 23, I feel there is a chance any of them could drop due to competition (a lot of tackles - maybe someone prefers others to a player like Derrisaw), or other issues (Caleb Farley has injuries, Parsons has off field issues,
  8. Would love him at 66 - specifically for o-line I think trading back from 23 and trying to get two 2nds is the move. Gives us a chance to double dip at guys like Leatherwood/Humphrey/Dickerson/Green/Meyers/Echtenberg/Walker Little - If a Vera-Tucker is there no issue with taking him - but I don't think there is much of a drop off on the IOL after that and would love to have two swings at them.
  9. I'm pretty indifferent between the two - would honestly swap picks with SF if we got like an extra 2nd just due to how tight I have the players - I don't know how to weigh Fields risk of processing vs. Wilsons risk of injury/worse competition - but Fields upside with his legs is just so intriguing to me.
  10. I'm really intrigued by Cole. I mean he had 650 yards in only 5 starts last year for a Jags team that was not exactly the greatest show on turf. Also the below tweets are kind of wild to me: So while I'm not penciling him in for Canton - a guy that has solid production, can play inside and outside, and is pegged to be our #4 receiver is far from a dart throw.
  11. Jets swapping picks for a DT, getting an older QB to start and then selecting Najee Harris at 3 as Joe Douglas rips off his face and hes been Mike Maccagnan all along would probably not even crack the top 3 depressingly shocking moments in this franchises history...
  12. Also I just checked a few of the reputable mock drafts: DJ has him going at 29 Dane Brugler has him going at 20 McShay has him going at 25 Kiper has him at 24 Matt Miller has him at 31 I don't know who else to add - but good shot we get him at 23 - but unlikely at 34
  13. After his pro day at Oklahoma State on Thursday, Jenkins didn’t mince words when asked to describe his play style. “[I’m a] tough, physical, nasty mother****er, a dude who does not shy away from hits,” Jenkins said. “A dude who is going to bust his ass.” I'm in...Start him at RG - let him be our future RT after next year - form the nastiest line in the NFL.
  14. So Douglas - who makes more than $3mm per year - is going to give Darnold $120mm - which if he fails - will probably seal his fate as the Jets GM and seriously tarnish his ability to get another GM job. On that contract, Sexton will receive a max of 3% (so lets say in this insane scenario we guarantee the whole $120mm) as per NFL/agent rules - Sexton kicks some back to his boy Joe D. Hey we just made a whopping $3.6mm - Joe why don't you jeapordize your entire career - plus risk your entire contract with the Jets (I'm guessing this sort of bad boy act would make his existing contract voidable)
  15. The drop from 12 to 23 is the equivalent of a 2nd round pick. The reason they would do that is if they felt there was similar talent available at 23 than there was at 12. If the 3 WRs, Pitts, Jaycee Horn, Surtain are all off the board by their pick at 12 they may have the next tier of options at WR/CB (their biggest needs) as being very likely as being there at pick 23. Say they were choosing between Rashod Bateman and Greg Newsome - who I believe would be the next best CB/WR - I'd be pretty confident that one of them was available at 23. So you get a free QB to compete with Hurts, at a lower
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