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  1. Like the move but hope this doesn't mean Herbig is a no go Sunday. Herbig> LDT
  2. He hasn't but it was a stupid ass contract then as it was now. Great player (better in BAL) but everyone at the time said it was an awful move by a desperate GM. To Mosley's credit we've seen other FA (Trumaine Johnson immediately comes to mind) who get the Jets bag and mail it in. CJ isn't a top 10 LB anymore but he is still a good player and a leader and hasn't decided to retire while still on the team. Would rather have the cap space but still love the player. I'm also pretty sure they can't get out of the contract until after next year so he'll be around.
  3. If JJ was our sole 1st rounder I think we'd all agree he would be checking the box for a first round player. He obviously isn't a star yet or even a major impact player, but he's done well for his limited snaps and the hope is he continues to improve. Look at the other edges in the class Walker - 3 sacks - 61.8 pff rating - 50.6 pass rush rating Hutchinson - 5 sacks (several of them were clean up but whatver) - 66.2 pff rating and 63.6 pass rush KT - 1 sack (played the least to be fair) - 63.3 grade and 64.6 pass rush Karalaftis - 1 sack 41.7 pff grade - 54.3 pass rush JJ - 2 sacks (not updated yet) - 72.7 pff grade - 58.8 pass rush He is playing like a rookie but still graded the highest and has played way less reps than all of the above (including KT) We've been spoiled with guys like Sauce and Breece and GW - most rookies don't come in and become top guys at their position in the first half of their first year. I think JJ will be just fine. Time will tell whether he is just solid or can be more than that but he has proven already he isn't a bust and I think fans should be encouraged with what they saw. As others have said - while he didn't win that rep for his sack yesterday his closing speed is legit - I thought he'd have no chance to catch Allen on that angle let alone bring him down. Really impressive play.
  4. Wilson is actually such a freak athlete sometimes I think his physical ability is ahead of his processing. That end around last week with the Pats he did like four jukes and basically didn't move lol. One thing about him is he is going to have to gain some muscle. He has taken some hits where you just see how slight he is - guys tee off on him and its like watching an adult tackle a kid. He is still young so hopefully his body will fill out more naturally b/c he hopefully won't lose any explosiveness. He is the best WR we've ever drafted IMO and I love that he has a connection already with ZW - sky is the limit for him.
  5. This team is already one of the best at getting pressure with the front four. You have invested a 1st round pick already (and its a rookie) on DE. You have two other DEs who are both making a ton of money in JFM and Lawson. You have a good pass rushing specialist (Huff) and a mediocre one you just paid (Martin) and you have to give up a first PLUS pay a guy who has had some injuries. I like Chubb fine but its too much to pay given the resources already spent. If this was last year fine. Plus the elephant in the room is you probably need that first round pick to do something at QB b/c we have the only guy in the league who doesn't know how to throw a ball out of bounds.
  6. The thought of it makes me sick to my stomach. Not as much as watching Zach pirouette for 8 seconds and nearly turning the ball over. He's not getting traded this year so its moot - but if ZW is what I unfortunately think he is I would absolutely bring Brady in next year for the minimum. He doesn't care about getting paid, he is now single and could be in NYC fn models, great weapons, OL will be better next year w/ AVT back + offseason, plus he can stick it to BB. If he plays next year and you have to predict which team he is most likely to play for I have a hard time coming up with three other franchises that I'd bet on over the Jets. Basically us, Tampa, and SF unless Tua completely sh*ts the bed over the next half of the year.
  7. I think the reason they've been more Elijah outside vs Wilson is b/c Elijah is actually pretty good against press. You typically think of bigger guys being better off press but if you're quick/know what you're doing smaller guys (AB, Tyreek Hill) can get off of it just as much as a bigger WR. From Wilson's scouting report one of the things they said is he may struggle to beat press. I'm guessing they wanted Wilson more in the slot to start so he didn't need to add beating press to being a rookie WR, learning a new system, etc.
  8. Elijah and Zach for Aaron Rodgers
  9. You're thinking too small. Think another handsome veteran QB on the last year of his contract...
  10. I don't think anyone has any issues with Moore wanting to be more involved. I think everyone wants him to be more involved. A lot of the posts over the past three weeks have been this is great - but what about GW and Elijah. Even when Elijah made the tweet last Sunday - I rolled my eyes but I don't think people were irate with Moore. So I agree - him wanting the ball more is not selfish - him wanting to win more is not selfish. What about blowing up at your coach? Making a bunch of cryptic tweets? Demanding a trade? I think its the last 24 hours that have pushed people to say he is selfish... do you not think the way he handled things the past 24 hours was selfish?
  11. No sh*t. Literally everyone understands that we can't win sustainably with ZW throwing for sub 200 yards per game. But he has played in the same amount of games as Flacco and has attempted half of the throws Flacco. In Cinci alone Flacco had 15 pass attempts in the fourth quarter. Against Baltimore he had 32 passed in the fourth quarter. 32!! Zach had zero 4th quarter passing attempts against the Packers and three against the Dolphins - because we were winning both games by multiple tds. Should we have risked a game well in hand to get Elijah some stats? I don't know if Zach is the guy. If I had to guess right now I'd say he isn't, but what do you want the coaching staff to do? Play Flacco? Or do everything you can to win games while developing a QB who hasn't played a full season games yet? Zach played like total dogsh*t in three quarters against Pittsburgh and then when we got behind the coaches had to let him rip. He did well. Even that 4th quarter may have been a fluke but its not some grand conspiracy... we've thrown less in games Zach has played b/c we've been winning... when we can't rely on run + defense he will not be throwing 20 times per game...
  12. Kurt Warner does a breakdown on Youtube as well. Also called out Elijah Moore here: Basically blames the first pick in the Pitt game on Elijah Moore's effort. I have no idea if he is right or not - but thats now two sources saying elijah was dogging it.
  13. Its honestly almost worse he is showing up today. Just shows this wasn't really a thought out plan just Elijah getting all emotional and frankly acting like a brat. He is about three ugly situations away from taking his shirt off mid game, running off the field and then whipping his dick out at a hotel pool... Sucks
  14. Really exciting development for a guy who seems to work his ass off and has also been uniquely honest about his play. I believe he said something last year to the extent of I'm a good DT - but I was drafted at #3 to be a great DT and I'm not there yet and I need to work my ass off to get there. He definitely did. Its also hard to forget how young he is... he's only 1 year younger than Jermaine Johnson. I believe DTs hit their peak performance around age 26 so in theory he should still have room to improve. You want to see it throughout the year as he has had flashes of dominance in the past but has not done it over an entire season - but assuming he does he will be getting a $20mm/yr + extension this offseason and its absolutely the right move. Finding a DT with his pass rushing ability plus his dominance in the run game is one of the harder positions to fill and knock on wood the Jets may have their guy for the next 5 years and hopefully ten.
  15. We need to get back to the real season - draft time. This playing games and actually expecting our players to participate in them sh*t is for the birds.
  16. Feels like this is either a veteran rest situation - like how Brady was on the Injury Report every week just to rest him - or they're going to announce hes on IR this afternoon...
  17. I'm now thinking Pinnock and Parks cut were just to make room for IR/PUP people? Who is on the list potentially? Does Becton need to make the 53 before being put on IR? Or since he is already on IR can they use his spot? Other PUP/IR candidates: McDermott Vinny Curry? Anyone else?
  18. Its easier to claim people when you're able to have an 80 person roster. This is the cut to 53 which is the biggest cut. Elijah Riley for example was cut by the Steelers .
  19. I'm pretty sure last year like less than 25 people were claimed in the entire league. The reality is that we're likely looking at two players max that we don't have the ability to re-sign to the PS. There is probably as good a chance there are no Jets claimed than two. So while I'd prefer to have kept Pinnock or Parks over Davis and Marshall/Smart over Shepard. I think most of the guys we're bummed to cut will be on our practice squad soon.
  20. You'll never convince me that the additional preparation these teams get from joint practices + preseason games are so valuable that they outweigh the injuries. Maybe its just the jets - but it seems every year we lose 1-2 really important pieces. One year some coach is going to just run a super light summer and all of the hardos will call them soft - and then the team will roll into the season with a full/healthy roster and everyone will be like maybe thats not a bad idea. So sick of august injuries
  21. Even if he can only play the second half of the year - you'll have enough time to make a decision. You'd have seen an offense w/ Flacco for half the year vs. an offense w/ ZW. Sorry if ZW can't outperform Flacco at this point you need to move on/have a back up plan. If the Jets are winning games you can look for a Baker/Jimmy G - or there will prob be some disgruntled vet who'll try and push for a trade (Tannehill?). If the team is losing and ZW is at or below Flacco level of play - then everyone is losing their job anyway. If thats the case it'll be a new GM and new HC and I can almost assure you based on the expectation that this is supposed to be a good QB class they'll want to pick their guy. I think JD and Saleh can get by with Zach being a hit or the overall team being a hit. If both miss they're out and a new regime will get their guy as we'll likely be picking in the top 5 again.
  22. Contract is more than I expected but with Riley Reiff getting $10mm for 1 year (up to $12.5mm) - seems pretty fair considering Brown is the better player (arguably by a good amount).
  23. Not to belabor this if I'm the only one who cares but look at this: Admittedly this may include things like 1 on 1s - I have no idea. But that averages out to ~17 throws per practice and our boy is throwing seven...
  24. Sorry - but this is BS. I don't care if you think Zach Wilson is worse than Brooks Bollinger or going to be the next Mahomes. He is a 2nd year QB with multiple new weapons and he needs more than seven fn throws. Change the practice structure so the number of snaps isn't dependent on the success of the drive. Give Zach 10 plays, than let Flacco + White have 10 plays split between them. People always mention during QB competitions how a prolonged competition is tough due to having to split snaps. I can't imagine that seven throws would be sufficient even if there is a competition but there is none here. Screw the existing structure and let the kid throw the ball more - the entire season depends on it. If Flacco is in we're screwed anyway and I'm pretty sure after 15 years he doesn't need the reps.
  25. I think there are ramp up periods to start camp + to start with pads. Something like 90 minutes and then they add 10 minutes or so with each practice. Could be wrong. I don't know what the rules are on snaps or whatever - but the team needs to find a time to prioritize more snaps for ZW/first team. It sounds like they are getting a lot less snaps than the 2nd and 3rd team - which is likely a function of not getting first downs/sustained drives when they run through drives. That being said - no one gives a sh*t about the integrity of the drives or whatever. 2nd and 3rd team O has been outperforming first team and they need to get ZW all the reps he can get.
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