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  1. i dont feel like registering there but if you could just sent it to him and say someone from jetnation wrote this that would be great.
  2. Good luck man, hope your mom gets better. My grandma was in the hospital 2 weeks in 07 and she wasnt doing good but she pulled through she had 2 masses in her pelvic region and they were cancerous and she went through kimo for her 3 time. she was ready to give but she didnt. Try to encourage your mom because to keep on keeping on cause if you encourage that shes still got some good years left and this isnt her time then she may pull through. Just try to keep her spirit up and best of luck.
  3. If you rewatch the baltimore game in the 4th quater you will see how well Clemens ran the two minute drill. He ran it like manning or brady and we would have scored if it wasnt for Justin "No Hands" Mccariens. He showed some promise last year and good arm strength. He was inaccurate but accuracy comes with time. He will flourish with our new and improved oline which will give him more time to throw and increasing his accuracy. Its time to hand the throne down to clemens we cant have Pennington being the jets starting QB until forever and soon or later were going to have to change QBs, why not sooner? I gurantee that as long as Chad Pennington is he jets starting QB we will never go to the superbowl. Im not saying that Clemens will take us to the superbowl but we have a better chance with him over noodle arm. If Pennington hadnt tore his rotator cuff it would be a complete different story. but pennington is shot he is done. Hes 32 and is not the answer. Clemens may or may not be the answer. I just wanna see what this kid can do with an above average Oline. I really think this kid has what it takes.
  4. well i have never bought a NCAA football game before because iam not too much into college. its up to you if you have to have it right now and you dont have enough money unless you trade in NCAA 08 and you like NFL football better then i would say yes but its up to you depends what you like more NCAA or NFL
  5. got it at walmart at 12:01 got the first of five copies. game is pretty good. graphics are a little better. on thing that sucks though is every single player on that game has no build they are all skinny as hell which sucks **** and also the cant make the god damn visor touch the rb robots facemask.. but overall good game i would say buy it its worth its only 39.99 for the regular xbox virsion. i would give it 8.5/10 if you have any questions just ask me
  6. http://games.espn.go.com/ffl/clubhouse?leagueId=162945&teamId=9&scoringPeriodId=1&r=7327561
  7. i actually liked carter while he was with the jets
  8. i wouldnt say he sucks he is above average but he is not a star. hes kinda like a damon huard. he got his shot and he still start for the cowboys but will never be a pro bowl type QB
  9. Wade Smith, Adrien Clarke, other (please state) i am going with wade smith.
  10. overrated: i guess pennington but he is barley overrated/Brandon Moore Underrated: coles and cotchery
  11. QB Pats Jets RB Jets pats WR Jets pats TE Pats jets O-Line pats Jets D-Line Pats Jets LB Jets/Pats tie CB Jets SS Jets K Jets P Bills HC Jets OC Jets DC Pats ST Jets AFC Offense Pats Jets Bills Miami AFC Defense Pats/Jets almost a tie miami bills
  12. your just jealous that meroney and washington just a good as one another only the pats had to give up a 1st rounder and we gave up a 4th rounder
  13. i expect barton to be released. we didnt draft harris and not have him start. but overall very good. oh and just incase people were wondering houston changed his # to 32
  14. 15. the pittsburgh steelers select Jarvis Moss out of Florida
  15. i think this year we may just sweep the bills
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