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  1. i told you it was gross. my friend told me about that and i was like the wtf so i went there and almost threw up lol.
  2. the stupid endzone call when baker was forced out
  3. go to www.dogpile.com search on images tubgirl, it is the grossist thing i have ever seen
  4. yeah well my dad likes to do a big hike every year, he either wants to do mt.rainenear (spelling) or the grand tetons in 08
  5. well the trip was like no other, it was great, there was alot of donkey **** like everyone said. We went down the south Kaiba trail it took us 12 hrs! my dad and my friend and me could have done it in 4 or 5 but my grandpa who is 71 went and he has bad knees so we had to take a break every 5 minutes. we final made it down to Phantom ranch which is located at the very bottom of the canyon at 10:00pm and we went to the canteen and they said they threw out our dinner an hour ago which sucks because you have to pay a head of time and it was $22.00/person so there went $80.00 down the drain. the next day we woke up late and missed our breakfast so there goes another $80.00. then left my grandpa at the ranch because he was very tired and went on a day hike to some waterfall, i cant remeber the name of it but i was a pretty cool. the next morning we woke up at 5:00 and headed out. we saw about four 6 point bucks or four 12 point bucks depends on where you live. it was funny because a couple we humping. it was getting dark and my dad wanted me and my friend nick who is 22 to go to the top and tell my grandma that my dad and my grandpa were fine and would be another 2hrs. and to for her to go get pizza. they made it to the top at 8:30 ish and we all ate pizza and in the morning me, my dad, and nick headed to vegas to have some fun. we rented a lotus elise for 2 days @ $100 a day. the funniest thing is it snowed in vegas. i havent seen snow in a while since i moved from indiana to florida. my dad won $450.00 playing craps and nick won $80.00 and i am not old enough to gamble so i won nothing =(. so yeah it was awesome, i would recommed hiking the grand canyon but not with your grandpa. iknow its a bitch to read. Penny&theJets
  6. if all the good CBs are gone. i would go with Blalock
  7. so you would rather have other than Moses, woodley?
  8. are there really any RT in the draft?
  9. i wouldnt mind if we drafted one as long as if it is after round 4
  10. read my post before last and that will tell you why are O-Line struggled last year. our left side was pretty solid a few bumps here and there. but our right side was horride, because of brandon moore. he just simply isnt made out to be in the NFL. he is horrible. him starting at RG is a joke. Clement constantly had to take on the double team because Moore would just ****ing stand there and wave to his mom. Clement is that bad i am not saying he is good. but with a huge road grader for a RG (Ramirez) Clement could be pretty solid for us at RT.
  11. Florida or kansas is going to win it all. mark it down.
  12. i am happy with it. people say he sucks at run blocking i dont think he is really that bad. he is a decent RT. the reason why he struggled some last year was because he had to tak care if his man and brandon moores man at the same time because moore doesnt know what the hell he is doing or where the hell he is. Moore sucks.
  13. #25. Darrelle Revis CB: he was looking to be the 1st CB takin in the draft but his Stock has dropped lately and would be a steal at 25. #59. Quentin Moses DE/OLB: his stock has dropped massivley as well. he was once a top 20 lock but has fallen for some reason. he would as so be a steal at this spot. he stuggled last year but i think he could thrive in the 3-4 #63. Jason Hill WR: this kids stock is raising fast. He is a speed but physical WR and that is just what we need. #89. Manny Ramirez OG: He is a beast. he can bench 550 and is a huge road-grader OG and that is what this O-Line lacks. yes i know my mock is almost the same as www.nfldraftcountdown.com feedback of any sort is welcome.
  14. i honestly dont want this kid at #25 i want revis or Blalock at #25. i think Moses is a better fit in the 3-4 than spencer. we can get Moses with one of our 2nd rounders
  15. eli sucks and shouldnt even be in the NFL
  16. woodley would be great but i think Moses would be a better fit and a better player in the long run
  17. there are some funny ones but cant think who is the funniest
  18. the only way he isnt the starter is if he gets hurt (knock on wood)
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