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  1. Defiently blaylcok will be cut we cant have Turner Washington Houston Barlow Blaylock i think Blaylock and barlow both get cut.
  2. Just wondering. Cause smith has 33. i was thinking 32.
  3. FA signings Nate Clements Eric Steinbach We get Michael Truner for are 2a pick in the draft. Draft #1 Adam Carriker #2 Ray McDonald #3 Marshal Yanda any thoughts?
  4. Since Kendall is getting old and may be cut, Do you think Teague could take his stop and be a pretty Solid guard? Then We could sign steinbach and then we would have a pretty good OL if we draft a RT in this years draft. but anyways back to the question. Do you think trey teague could be a good starting LG or Maybe RG for the New York Jets?
  5. when doug brien shanked it in OT and lost the game
  6. he was under center and colvin just came unblocked and knocked it down i dont know if it was D'Brick fault or not.
  7. i wonder which serial killer that is?
  8. the movie is about retards raping people this movie sucked
  9. i think the Jets win 20-17 Jets 20 Pats 17
  10. i scored an 80% and wasnt even alive for some of the questions and guessed on the ones i wasnt alive for and got them mostly right.
  11. Every other minute something weird as hell would happen i was saying wtf the whole movie
  12. Slient Hill SUCKS. #1 V for Vendetta #2 Da Vinci Code #3 X-men III #4 The Omen #5 An American Haunting
  13. Well you do a good job at ganggreen GreenMachine. it is my second favorite board. i like it A LOT BETTER then jetsinsider
  14. well some people take shots at people but not a lot that I know of
  15. that would be great LT D'Brick LG Kendall/Draft pick in 08 C Mangold RG Steinbach RT Blalock that would be unstoppable.
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