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    i grew up a chiefs fan n sorta lost that being i decided i wanted to go for the jets with my uncle
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    Watching the JETS play
  1. best running back in the league.

    no i think you are. take into consideration reading something multiple times so you actually have the opportunity to understand it before making a comment on it.
  2. best running back in the league.

    even better the jets bring the homosexual in you out.
  3. best running back in the league.

    the great sperm isnt as knoweledgable as you think. he knows quite abit but some **** he just makes up and runs with it.
  4. best running back in the league.

    so whats the jets franchise excuse for hiring edwards? guess they're homosexuals to.
  5. best running back in the league.

    99.9% of the time. thats why he made a comment on something just being speculated rather than an actual discussion. 99.9% so hunt being a homosexual pedophile is true and the fact he only pushed for the nfl afl merger was to own a team? ironic being hunt owned the dallas texans, and the fact he was married and has children. 99.9% yea bs.
  6. best running back in the league.

    i reckon, i want herm to be replaced by gun by the end of this year. dont really have a problem or disagree with how he runs the team just think gun is better. gun was a big influence on the 90s chief D's when they were tearing it up.
  7. best running back in the league.

    hang around more? past 2 years hasnt been enough i guess. call out the wrong person? how did i call out the wrong person. sperm thinks he knows everything, at points so do i but atleast im willing to view others. if it isnt his opinion its not right.
  8. best running back in the league.

    yea, i like watching westbrook. what i find most intriguing is how he slid down at the 2 or so in the cowboys redzone to win the game instead of scoring, shows that his team matters more to him than his stats.
  9. best running back in the league.

    once again spermmy boy you show your stupidity. i love ignorant fans like you.
  10. best running back in the league.

    you underestimate the talent of sproles. he isnt as bad as you think. watch lt get injured. sproles step in, take the reins and run with it.
  11. Anyone see these Matt Linert pictures?

    i was thinking more on the lines of where is his house.
  12. best running back in the league.

    actually was a jets fan for past two years then saw people bashin hunt and realized chiefs still my team. before i started watchin the jets was a chiefs fan for 12yrs. tryin to get my new name up but dont have full access atm on it so post wit jp10 still. idk lj had acouple great years but wouldnt consider him best rb in the nfl. goes either way whether say bush is better or lj, bush is more effective in passing game where lj tears it up in the run game when he is actually healthy.
  13. best running back in the league.

    ever watch any SD games? whenever they pulled lt from the game turner or sproles went in and did a pretty damn good job of runnin the ball. lt also didnt get injured so turner never got a real opportunity to start and show what he could do.
  14. best running back in the league.

    so did turner and sproles for SD.
  15. best running back in the league.

    Lt has a great o line blocking for him and you used that pointing out petersons succes so therefore thats the only reason lt is succesful aswell. passing game lt isnt that great i can name 3 backs off the top my head better than lt. westbrook, peterson, and bush all bigger threats in passing game.