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  1. I remember Kevin Mawae caught on camera on the sideline bench after Farve sidearmed td pass between 2 defenders saying to his titan teamates, “That’s Bret Farve Bro”
  2. That’s some funny sh*t right there! cry like little bitches and the dog barks back. Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it in return. Semper Fi
  3. Yeah, and I remember all the members here that were convinced Mahomes wasn’t worth drafting, and even was telling Mahomes college coach such, when he was on this board saying Mahomes was the real deal......... just sayin....
  4. Agreed! Jets luck would be that we sign Watson, he does what he does, we reach the 6th win of the season, the next game afterwards, his arm gets ripped off like Pennington, Fiedler, and Farve. We are then stuck with the loss of draft capital and a huge contract, unable to build the team as usual, all for a QB with all his monstrous stats last year, that only gave the Texans 2 more wins. don’t get me wrong I’d love to have a good QB on the team, that I just happen to share a last name with, just don’t want to mortgage the teams future to have it. If his stats can’t carry the Texa
  5. All I’m hearing is this: Veteran, experienced, Super Bowl winning QB, played 1/4 of a season with same teammates, same coach, same game plans, and managed to win 0 games..... and that somehow is proof that the younger “allegedly” worse QB is definitely trash??? Although he won 2 games..... great argument Bro. as Parcells used to say “you are what your record says you are” and our record says we were a bad Team. I’m tired of hearing how it’s just one players fault, your Flacco point just proves it more so then it does towards proving Sam was the problem.
  6. Starting QB for the 21 NY Jets. Semper Fi
  7. Not true at all, there were at least 5 game broadcasts this season where the commentators mentioned Gases’ lack of adjustments, lack of any type of plays that fit his Qb or teams strengths. Not planning into his teams strengths. Jay Feely was all over this during the season finale.
  8. The Jets are bad in all 3 phases of the game, and rarely look prepared and have shown no improvement whatsoever, I’m pretty sure that falls squarely on the coach’s and coaching staffs shoulders. Plus the failures of the conditioning staff, again coach’s shoulders. Semper Fi
  9. Yeah Flacco made a great improvement in the team’s performance...... same result, what does that say?
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