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  1. That is great stuff, he made her and her sons Christmas that much more memorable! Doesn’t matter how well or how bad the team is. That is memory for life for those people! kudos! Semper Fi
  2. I see a Qb that the game is still moving too fast for, which is messing up his internal clock. He’s inconsistent because of it. He has periods where he’s in sync and periods he’s out of sync. I’m waiting for it to all slow down for him. Semper Fi
  3. Was anything I said not factual? your opinion of where I stand is a reach, but thank you for your worthless, dismissive reply! It has made me Lol worthless = Lol Semper Fi
  4. JD’s progress has more dimensions then you are viewing through win/loss point of view. Which I am sure the owners are looking at as part of his performance. the Scouting Dept and procedures have changed. Medical staff and procedures have changed. Team financials are improved. Draft capital has improved. Draft results have improved Now we have first year coaching staff under JD that was his choice The most rookies playing that I can remember in Jets history. Basically, everything in operating the Jets has changed and realistically this is year one of the N
  5. Dude you’re exhausting….. stop talking sh*te and f’ing shaming f’ers that don’t align with your beliefs. Semper Fi
  6. Upvote for the Van Halen/Mammoth analogy! Semper Fi
  7. Didn’t Ray Lucas and Rick Mirer play in between Vinny and Chad? Semper Fi
  8. Effective use of the screen game and electing to receive the kick off Semper Fi
  9. Agreed, I am not taking anything away from White, he did what he needed to do. I think white is good in the short game, his low passes being easily batted down is a concern as is what seems to me may be ineffective deep passing as well. If all he has is the short game, the Pennington defense will stop him. We’ll see. I have no doubt if lafluer called all the other games like this one, we would have better results from Zach. Semper Fi
  10. They actually changed up the play calling this week, finally used the screen game, wasn’t so heavy on the 12 man grouping, elected to receive and put the offense out first. Actually spread the offense out and less use of tight groupings, and it led to a better flowing offense. Let’s see if this mindset sticks around a little bit longer. Semper Fi
  11. Hey just think of the money the team will save with not having to make new uniforms for Flacco……. That’s a positive….right???? Semper Fi
  12. Corey Davis has no hops… Semper Fi
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