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    married, 3 awesome kids, 8 year marine veteran.
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    raleigh, north carolina.
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    mustangs, marine corps and the jets.
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    porsche service technician.

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  1. Pompano Beach or Ft. Lauderdale is probably your best bet, they will be the closest. With Ft Lauderdale being the closer of the two. This is just going off the top of my head. Semper Fi
  2. I laughed too, it took me 3 months of Marine Corps Boot Camp to put on 20 lbs at the age of 18….. Semper Fi
  3. There’s a lot the team and coaches could learn from Brady that could be beneficial to the team even after he retires. I hate him much less since leaving the Pats, and it showed how good he really is, vice always wondering who made who in foxboro. I could tolerate it for the benefits it would bring. Semper Fi
  4. Which happened constantly this year and last year. I can’t count how many times I saw a lineman mostly on the l/s blocking no one as a defender came through untouched and Zach, Flacco or MW bailed from the play in any way they could. It was infuriating to watch drives stall out, and it would happen multiple times a game, then throw in the f’ing bonehead penalties on top, sprinkled with the stupid runs up the gut with 8 in the box, It was frustrating and continuous in every game….. Semper Fi
  5. Get in Gene’s head, make IK Enemkpali a Honorary Team Captain……. Semper Fi
  6. It’s obvious to me, kept BB. When he left he took almost the entire staff with him. That’s was the building block to the Patriots success. it would not be unreasonable to think the success would’ve been relatively the same after that point, but the jets instead. Basically if all decisions he and the organization made after that point were the same and only teams were different, it would’ve been a Jet Dynasty the past 20 years and not the Pats……. Semper Fi
  7. Pretty sure the defense gave up that last minute TD, and special teams gave up that 1st 1/4 punt return TD….. that’s 14 points given to the Lions that wasn’t the QB’s fault. Pretty sure we had the lead before the 2 minute warning. Let’s not forget the piss poor clock management on our last drive…. Same goes for the 2nd Pats game, pretty sure special teams screwed the pooch on that last minute punt return for a TD. My fuzzy math tells me we would be 9-5 right now and solidly in 2nd place with a definite seat in the playoffs if these things didn’t happen. Zach hasn’t played lights out that’s for sure, and he sure does look like a 2nd year Qb right now, but he isn’t solely responsible for our recent results, he’s just not good enough yet to overcome the “other” parts of the teams failures, all this negative yapping about him being the reason is just lazy arse emotional toxic garbage, immaturely overreacting. Semper Fi
  8. These are Apple to oranges comparison as far as recovery goes. There is no potential disability rating with healed fractured ribs. there is a bunch of physical disability possible in a poor knee surgery recovery, hence the difference between to two. Nothing more nothing less, I think you’re reading Tea leaves on this observation of yours. Semper Fi
  9. It’s a validation type of thing…… Semper Fi
  10. Yeah I’m lost trying to grasp what your point is. let’s think about what you said. 25 years time sample 32 starting Qb’s in the league for each year 25 x 32= 800 starting Qb’s positions were available in your time sample. you list 12 Qb’s so, is the point being made by you, that success for rookie Qb’s is more common now, or is it actually less common? So, what is the point you’re trying to make? I feel a counterpoint of probably just as many Qb’s that had success a many years after their rookie season could be made, and to the larger majority, that the successful FQB is a small percentage, which everyone already knows Semper Fi.
  11. Not true at all! From my own experiences in the Marine Corps, from classroom instruction, to field training to actual execution of tactics, can vary given the Marines headspace at that time. I have had a Marine that have executed all phases of training and have executed flawlessly under training and actual execution of live missions, all of the sudden during a later training scenario loose their sh*t and jump out a window and breaking his leg while defending a building from attracting forces. he had no sign of PTSD, no TBI’s, no traumatic injuries or experiences prior. what he did have was extreme pressure he put on himself to exceed in all facets of his service, a few things weren’t going well for him in other areas of his service and that compounded the pressure he put on himself to the point it debilitated him. a lengthy time off recovering from his broken leg and consequently missing the deployment we were spinning up for allowed him to recover and become just as dependable and exceptional Marine as he was before the break (yips) Semper Fi
  12. Reading this thread from the beginning, it’s hysterically funny all the expertly wrong takes on the team that was posted in here! comedy gold Semper Fi
  13. I guess the football would just will itself into GW’s, and scoot itself forward for first downs, and keep drives alive when needed. Yeah ZW had no part of the win….. you’re delusional Wanda Semper Fi
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