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  1. I’ll post these pics again…. Catch, spin and pushed out. Look closely at them, after the catch he was already out of bounds with his right foot. Momentum is a bitch, nothing to be done there. Sorry you’re wrong. Semper Fi
  2. Man!…… how many threads do I have to read tonight where you are sharing the same f’ing point. Freaking redundant Semper Fi
  3. No he couldn’t of continued the play…. pic 1: after he secured the catch, he was already out of bounds. Pic 2: after he spun around the 2nd defender already engaged in pushing him out 3rd Pic: out of bounds. there wasn’t a chance for Mimms to continue the play and score, like some in this thread contend that he should’ve if he was a good player.
  4. That sh*t looks like Twin Hype and MC Hammer had babies….. (yeah I just dated myself)
  5. He win a lot, just not Bowls though..... it’s a shining example of not building a complete team! Marino’s ability masked many shortcomings. The Bills..... Jim Kelly.....4 Super Bowl losses...... crazy! Semper Fi
  6. That isn’t true at all, Marino was very smart and very good as a rookie. Started the 6th game of the 83 season and never looked back. Pro bowl as a rookie, had the lowest interception ratio, led the conference in passing, 96 passer rating. In 84 he set the records for most td’s thrown in a season which Manning passed in 04, and most passing yards which Breese passed in 11. Dan Marino was smart and knew what he was doing, that’s damn good for a QB’s first season and a half as a starter! If Zack studies like they say he does, like Marino did, with Zack’s quick release like
  7. The sacks are literally a tap on the shoulder, that’s how they’re being scored in these practices. I think it’s easier for the DL to get a tap on the shoulder counted, then get an actual sack. I’ll even bet Wilson knows this and is not concerned with a tapped shoulder and just carries on with what he is doing on that particular play. I bet in games like this upcoming weekend he’ll be in a different mindset. we’ll see... Semper Fi
  8. I don’t know, I think Austin would be stoked to get an NFL team, regardless of where it came from. Living here and seeing the college teams support, I could definitely see support for an NFL team. stadium put up next to COTA, it could happen. Semper Fi
  9. Is it safe to wear a Farve Jersey?
  10. I remember Kevin Mawae caught on camera on the sideline bench after Farve sidearmed td pass between 2 defenders saying to his titan teamates, “That’s Bret Farve Bro”
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