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    married, 3 awesome kids, 8 year marine veteran.
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    raleigh, north carolina.
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    mustangs, marine corps and the jets.
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    porsche service technician.

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  1. Starting QB for the 21 NY Jets. Semper Fi
  2. Not true at all, there were at least 5 game broadcasts this season where the commentators mentioned Gases’ lack of adjustments, lack of any type of plays that fit his Qb or teams strengths. Not planning into his teams strengths. Jay Feely was all over this during the season finale.
  3. The Jets are bad in all 3 phases of the game, and rarely look prepared and have shown no improvement whatsoever, I’m pretty sure that falls squarely on the coach’s and coaching staffs shoulders. Plus the failures of the conditioning staff, again coach’s shoulders. Semper Fi
  4. Yeah Flacco made a great improvement in the team’s performance...... same result, what does that say?
  5. I have not missed watching a Jets game in over 20 years, and I mean the entire game, no matter how bad it was. Well today that streak has been broken, turned it off with 10 minutes left in the 4th. Fire Gase immediately!!!! Semper Fi
  6. Is RJIII Kliff Kingsbury on here? Didn't he post here about going after Mahomes? Stating he recruited and coached Mahomes? Sounds like he knows what he's talking about if you ask me. Semper Fi
  7. Pretty sure the brown tie was matched to his brown shoes...…. just saying.
  8. Hopefully with some Kill 'em All, Damage Inc and Battery thrown in too!
  9. sh*t...... I'd take a pre-injury Chad as quarterback right now, without a doubt.

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