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    married, 3 awesome kids, 8 year marine veteran.
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    raleigh, north carolina.
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    mustangs, marine corps and the jets.
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    porsche service technician.

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  1. Is RJIII Kliff Kingsbury on here? Didn't he post here about going after Mahomes? Stating he recruited and coached Mahomes? Sounds like he knows what he's talking about if you ask me. Semper Fi
  2. fastmover

    Episode 3

    Pretty sure the brown tie was matched to his brown shoes...…. just saying.
  3. Hopefully with some Kill 'em All, Damage Inc and Battery thrown in too!
  4. fastmover

    Chad Pennington Question

    sh*t...... I'd take a pre-injury Chad as quarterback right now, without a doubt.
  5. fastmover

    Who is your top choice at 6?

    Pat Mahomes, That is all.
  6. fastmover

    Patrick Mahomes Article

    Coach, I'm with you on Pat, I would love to see him in a Jets uniform. I feel he is a sure bet for potential franchise QB. He's 100% my pick for the draft, but unfortunately the Jets never pick the QB I want in the draft, so I will apologize now... Semper Fi
  7. fastmover

    Updated scenarios post MNF

    If this all works out, we will be playing Denver for the AFC championship in Denver, we will have to exercise our demons from the 98 meltdown!!
  8. fastmover

    GAME BALLS Jets vs Cowboys

    he was also cramping up and left the game for a bit to get an I.V. Injection, maybe that's why he came on in the 4th??? just saying...
  9. do it! I'd love to read them! its good to have you back!
  10. That's just like Jets luck, a player shows us something and bam... He's injured! I hope he recovers well and continues to grow as a football player.
  11. fastmover

    1000 yards and Runnin

    B Marsh plays with a fire that I love, a passion, Braylon Edwards had the same fire and passion when he was a jet!
  12. fastmover

    The Jets are not the Browns

    Too funny, even though we have all felt this many many times before!!

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