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  1. Not true at all! From my own experiences in the Marine Corps, from classroom instruction, to field training to actual execution of tactics, can vary given the Marines headspace at that time. I have had a Marine that have executed all phases of training and have executed flawlessly under training and actual execution of live missions, all of the sudden during a later training scenario loose their sh*t and jump out a window and breaking his leg while defending a building from attracting forces. he had no sign of PTSD, no TBI’s, no traumatic injuries or experiences prior. what he did have was extreme pressure he put on himself to exceed in all facets of his service, a few things weren’t going well for him in other areas of his service and that compounded the pressure he put on himself to the point it debilitated him. a lengthy time off recovering from his broken leg and consequently missing the deployment we were spinning up for allowed him to recover and become just as dependable and exceptional Marine as he was before the break (yips) Semper Fi
  2. Reading this thread from the beginning, it’s hysterically funny all the expertly wrong takes on the team that was posted in here! comedy gold Semper Fi
  3. I guess the football would just will itself into GW’s, and scoot itself forward for first downs, and keep drives alive when needed. Yeah ZW had no part of the win….. you’re delusional Wanda Semper Fi
  4. Good, put his jersey in Canton right next to Mike Whites! Semper Fi
  5. Fields stats suck too….you do you and ballwash away! Semper Fi
  6. It’s hysterical to me that all of the sudden you’re slobbering Fields nuts like his personal ball boy….. Stating your opinions like fact and are outraged that people don’t agree! It’s comical! Semper Fi
  7. This thread didn’t age at all! Lol Semper Fi
  8. Totally agree! I wonder how the anti-ZW/chicken littles would be like if ZW started the season, gave us the same “crappy” performances, but still managed to be undefeated? How would it change their views/scares if we were sitting at 7-0 and on top of the AFCE? it’s crazy, this Jets team is sitting 1/2 a game behind Buffalo!!!!! Who the fack saw that coming? I’ll just enjoy the season as it unfolds Semper Fi
  9. Wow, all that and I guess you’re just saying that you don’t have confidence in ZW? Bit wordy….. Semper Fi
  10. Every week is allegedly going to be the teams litmus test according to many on here. Every week so far the team has passed said tests. So now the Pats will handle the exposé of Zach? this current Jets team is very different from teams of the past, this team is beating its opponents, beating the refs and beating adversity! You tell me the last Jets team that did this? I’m going to argue all this so far is making them a tougher team and their best performance has yet to happen, but it will. Semper Fi
  11. Only one eye? That’s comforting! “lies, damned lies and statistics” …. Semper Fi
  12. Who to believe? An actual team mate of the Qb (who, you know, is an actual professional athlete, gets paid to play) or a bunch of armchair GM’s and Talent evaluators here on JetNation? Such a conundrum…… Semper Fi
  13. As Parcells loved to say “you are what your record says you are”. 5-2….. 4-0….. Semper Fi
  14. Fairly positive that is a quote from the one and only Chesty Puller. ”Looking at a potential combat death in the face didn’t stop at Inchon. When the Marines advanced within mere miles of the Yalu River, North Korea’s border with China, the Chinese intervened. A massive force of Communist soldiers surrounded the Marines at the Chosin Reservoir. Massively outnumbered, Puller was quoted as saying, “We've been looking for the enemy for some time now. We've finally found him. We're surrounded. That simplifies things." It wasn’t just bravado. The Marines fought their way south while putting so much hurt on the Chinese that nine out of the 10 attacking divisions never saw action again.” Semper Fi
  15. That’s what they call now a days? Moved on from lollipop Semper Fi
  16. Bench Flacco, Bench Corey Davis. Promote Strevler and Mimms. Stick to the run game, lots of misdirection runs, tire out that d line, and lb’s. Make them have to move laterally instead of being able to just attach straight on. Use much more screen plays, then use play action when the screens and running game are rolling. Then sprinkle in some TE leaks and chunk passes, wash, rinse and repeat the cycle. maybe through in some hurry up, or at least some urgency of speed to the offense when they are resetting for the next down. That puts pressure on the defense and the D coordinator. that’s what I would do. Semper Fi
  17. Been to SD, never lived there, did live near Ventura though Semoer Fi
  18. Where in Texas? I’m in Austin now, I’ll have your back in the parking lot if needed. Semper Fi
  19. That’s it! He f’ing jinxed it!!! Semper Fi
  20. I’ve been here since the beginning, first as an unregistered guest, then finally created an account in Dec 06. Which board was the merge with? Back before JetNation officially came into existence, since the late 90’s I would read the other board then one day, went to that board and bam…. JetNation popped up in its place. Been reading this board ever since. Semper Fi
  21. Make sure it has the proper amount of asterisks in the title……. Semper Fi
  22. Lmfao….. wow you schooled me, huh? I had no idea that’s how the online forums work! I feel enlightened! This is f’ing amazing! It’s a whole new world for me!!!! Do you think I should watch how I dress when I go to the city for a night out? Should I not accept candy from strangers? FFS… the arrogance of you think I need to be schooled on forums, amazing. yes you’re correct I control the content I take in, just as I control the content I create. Think about that for a minute. The simple point is this, the amount of threads that are hi-jacked with the same talking points against a certain player or players, that are hi-jacked by the same usual suspects, have increased in frequency. This is what needs to be moderated better by the Mods or by Max. thanks for the education though! Semper Fi
  23. Or….. every god damn thread doesn’t have to turn into a freaking argument, and reading the same opinions in every thread. Then being freaking ridiculed for being a fan or hopeful etc….. almost every thread gets hi-jacked with this BS attitude. Prove me wrong! (But we all know that I’ll be proven correct) and yes Max should be putting some people on notice and cleaning this crap up. The OP shared personal convo from someone in his life that has spoken with Zach, shares it here, he gets his ass torn off, and what 11 pages of fans who don’t know sh*te for facts and are arguing their own opinions while passing it off as a fact. so f’ing lame and tiring. Semper Fi
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