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  1. Painfully accurate and depressing as well Semper Fi
  2. There’s no good reason David and Mimms are not out wide, with Cole and smith rotating needed basis. None. this theory of needing special teams play and all positions usually holds true for borderline talent or ability, those player play specials and multiple positions to increase their value to make the 53. But what Saleh has put forth, with climbing the ladder by doing these things is a ridiculous standing. mimms as a rookie last year with no training camp and an injury played pretty well, still had a greater ypc average than Berrios, or crowder, smith, in fact Mimms is i
  3. Rah so you’re Bi-illiterate, cool lol Semper Fi
  4. I think Zach saw and knew BB had over/under coverage on Davis, and was confident he could fit those balls in the small windows and wanted to make a statement that BB wasn’t going to dictate what he could do in the game. In essence he accepted BB’s challenge, but ultimately failed. the first int, didn’t look hesitant to me, he went with his first read and fired away. Semper Fi
  5. I’m in Austin, I’m in if something turns up! Semper Fi
  6. I’m a little guy with little guy syndrome. Little guys can do big things too…. Put Berrios and Moore out wide…… That’ll confuse them…. You can do this my football midgets! Semper Fi
  7. Moore’s ability to run routes did produce results, did it? And yes Mimms has made enough receptions in his snaps that warrants me to believe he is a benefit on the field regardless of the label he’s been given this season. If Mimms and Davis are on the field together then the defense cannot shut one down while not exposing themselves to the other. That’s what Beli did, and dares Wilson and the Jag receivers and the rookie to beat it, they failed. Mimms isn’t Stephen Hill or Curtis Conway, he has produced in his snaps given in game time last year and this season. I’m not against M
  8. How did that route tree help today? What has been put on tape so far also makes the hands claim dubious at this time. Moore’s potential doesn’t outshine his production at the moment. Production is key and Mimms has production on tape, and would of definitely helped in the 2 past games no doubt. BB took Davis away, and the remaining receiving corps fell on its face in futile fashion. Where was Kaleen, Smith and the rest? Ineffective land. what I see are the signs of a stubborn coach unwilling to move off a decision that was made despite the alternative of his decisi
  9. My remarks about Moore are along the lines of he is small, and an inexperienced rookie, combined with the fact you need big receivers on the sides to make contested receptions, to high point the ball etc… especially in crunch time. Right now Moore and Berrios cannot perform that consistently. This also comes back to Saleh’s remarks on Mimms, about not knowing all 3 receiver positions, or route trees. what good is a receiver that knows all this and is smaller target, and is easier to defend against in crunch time? A good coach (teacher) puts his players in good situations, then
  10. This 100% Why are midget “slot receivers” playing wide out? I’m sorry Berrios is a fine receiver in the slot, not the receiver to play the boundaries, same for Moore, Moore as a rookie shouldn’t be playing wide either, he needs more time gaining playing experience. some fundamentals hold true, big receivers on the boundaries and small shifty ****ers on the inside. Make the players physicality and skill create the mismatch. I’m sure Mimms would of been more effective on the sideline then Berrios and Moore. It seems to me that how the receivers are being used through 2 games now i
  11. I’ll post these pics again…. Catch, spin and pushed out. Look closely at them, after the catch he was already out of bounds with his right foot. Momentum is a bitch, nothing to be done there. Sorry you’re wrong. Semper Fi
  12. Man!…… how many threads do I have to read tonight where you are sharing the same f’ing point. Freaking redundant Semper Fi
  13. No he couldn’t of continued the play…. pic 1: after he secured the catch, he was already out of bounds. Pic 2: after he spun around the 2nd defender already engaged in pushing him out 3rd Pic: out of bounds. there wasn’t a chance for Mimms to continue the play and score, like some in this thread contend that he should’ve if he was a good player.
  14. That sh*t looks like Twin Hype and MC Hammer had babies….. (yeah I just dated myself)
  15. He win a lot, just not Bowls though..... it’s a shining example of not building a complete team! Marino’s ability masked many shortcomings. The Bills..... Jim Kelly.....4 Super Bowl losses...... crazy! Semper Fi
  16. That isn’t true at all, Marino was very smart and very good as a rookie. Started the 6th game of the 83 season and never looked back. Pro bowl as a rookie, had the lowest interception ratio, led the conference in passing, 96 passer rating. In 84 he set the records for most td’s thrown in a season which Manning passed in 04, and most passing yards which Breese passed in 11. Dan Marino was smart and knew what he was doing, that’s damn good for a QB’s first season and a half as a starter! If Zack studies like they say he does, like Marino did, with Zack’s quick release like
  17. The sacks are literally a tap on the shoulder, that’s how they’re being scored in these practices. I think it’s easier for the DL to get a tap on the shoulder counted, then get an actual sack. I’ll even bet Wilson knows this and is not concerned with a tapped shoulder and just carries on with what he is doing on that particular play. I bet in games like this upcoming weekend he’ll be in a different mindset. we’ll see... Semper Fi
  18. I don’t know, I think Austin would be stoked to get an NFL team, regardless of where it came from. Living here and seeing the college teams support, I could definitely see support for an NFL team. stadium put up next to COTA, it could happen. Semper Fi
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