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  1. Aren't they worth a look in a regular season game? Everyone seems unhappy with the RB and TE positions. Is it their blocking that sucks?
  2. The 8 best late-round steals in the 2020 NFL Draft, including picks by Cowboys and 49ers Vinnie Iyer 12 hrs ago Several of the best late-round steals this year were wide receivers representing arguably the deepest modern class ever for the position. Others teams got steals because of injury concerns that couldn't be alleviated before the draft. Which teams made out like bandits with players they had no business getting near at the end of their drafts? Here are eight picks th
  3. Jeudy's ability to cut on a dime is amazing and he does it constantly. My biggest fear is knee and ankle injuries with that running style, i..e Dalvin Cook.
  4. Why, when the D-line is batting down passes, there aren't any plays put in where Darnold rolls out? Doesn't Darnold throw well when moving? At least try it... Sorry if this was brought up already.
  5. The Jets dominated the headlines in the opening days of free agency by signing running back Le'Veon Bell and linebacker C.J. Mosley. As a result, some of New York's other free agent acquisitions flew under the radar. Throughout free agency, the Jets added several players who are primed to serve as key contributors in 2019. They might not be the biggest names, but New York did well to make some shrewd moves while other teams engaged in bidding wars for the biggest names on the market. Here's a look at four of Gang Green's most overlooked offseason additions. Trevor Siemian
  6. More on Dortch: Jets wide-open return game creates path for UDFA Greg Dortch by Tyler Calvaruso Most undrafted free agents are nothing more than acquisitions to give a team enough bodies to survive offseason workouts. In some cases, though, undrafted free agents have a legitimate chance to not only make the team out of training camp, but an impact in the regular season as well. For the Jets, that player is wide receiver and return specialist Greg Dortch. In two seasons at Wake Forest, Dortch established himself as one of the most electric players in the ACC. As a redshirt
  7. I wonder how much input Darnold has in evaluating the O-line. Perhaps Harrison is finally getting it and Darnold is comfortable with him. I was surprised seeing Ray Lucas praise him as much as he did.
  8. That game was unwatchable. 2nd and 10 and Bowles doesn't take a 10 yard penalty to push them back?
  9. I know it's a moot point, but this was the case for hanging on to him and possibly getting a 2nd rounder.
  10. I wonder if Lawrence Thomas will stick around? If you think about it, a big fullback is needed for short yardage situations..
  11. Daniel Jeremiah of NFL.com stated that he was informed Darnold was the "biggest talk at (the) Combine" among executives at the 2017 event. That's when you know you are dealing with someone special. While Darnold may not have the elite arm strength of Josh Allen or the effortless motion of Josh Rosen, he is, in my humble opinion, the front-runner to be the first quarterback drafted in 2018. Having said that, it will be interesting to see how he handles entering his Junior year as the unquestioned starter, as opposed to being the replacement on a struggling team a month into the season like he w
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