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  1. Kleckineau

    Total set up

    The Jetsiest of all outcomes would be another tie for the Browns. Everyone gets half a beer.
  2. BB will teach him how to cheat the NFL pee tests and Josh will go for 100-150 yds per game What?!......given Bill's proven ability to cheat you dont think that this is possible?
  3. NY Post back page Cleve Leaves Brown Stain on Jets Record or on a more posiitve note Jets Lay a Cleveland Steamer on Browns
  4. Kleckineau

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  5. Kleckineau

    Word Association

  6. Kleckineau

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  7. Kleckineau

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  8. Kleckineau

    Jets Waive ArDarius Stewart

    He sucked. The Pats can have him. Another fab pick from the Pickmaster General.
  9. Kleckineau

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    Hook'em Horns
  10. Brady isnt going anywhere. No other team would provide him the "advantageous and creative salary structure" (undertable $) Kraft offers.
  11. Kleckineau

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  12. Lets be honest here. BB may be a skunk but who wouldnt trade Bowles for him in a nanosecond.
  13. Kleckineau

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  14. Kleckineau

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    Big Oil

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