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  1. Kleckineau

    Ha Ha Clinton Dix to Bears

    Fun fact. His grandfather was the great 1940's cricket player Hardy Har Har Dix.
  2. Kleckineau

    Hello Everyone

    Dudes an animal. Bowling ball with knives.
  3. Kleckineau

    Just Joined the Forum

    Seams a lot of folks bursting here lately. Welcome and hope you can withstand the loss of IQ.
  4. I think the press is trolling Brown here. Unless its a post game PC do these things ever start on time?
  5. In a serious blow to the department's reputation, both the Post and the Daily News are reporting the existence of body camera footage that depicts a police officer performing oral sex on a male sergeant thats some good reporting there.........
  6. Sounds like a lock he wears green
  7. His greatest talent is how he still manages to get paid real good money to fail. Kinda like Jets GM
  8. Kleckineau

    Mike Maccagnan Appreciation Thread.

    Mac gets cred........ for building losing teams. Until that changes what the hell are you thinking?
  9. Signing a running back that clearly nobody else wanted (at the price the NYJ will pay) will not save his career. First off unless the NYJ pull off some sort of miracle and successfully rebuild the O-line (osemele is a good start) before the season begins I just cant see Bell duplicating his Pitt performance here plus who knows, he may be a guy who gets lazy after the pay day. The only thing Mac has going in his favor for being retained at this point is the Johnson's lack of a forward thinking, solidly constructed plan. They just constantly seem adrift from every standpoint.
  10. And never have to sell tix you cant use to Pats fans.
  11. Kleckineau

    Word Association

    & Shirley
  12. Kleckineau

    Le'Veon Bell signs with Jets

    2 things. Show me the official announcement (Barr cough cough) and do we really think he will still average over 100 per with this Jets line blocking for him.
  13. Kleckineau

    McCaggnan is awful but...

    No denying it but I think every QB in the NFCE has their own question marks. Prescott may be the best of them but Im not a believer. Wentz is like glass. Keenum Sanchez lol
  14. Kleckineau

    Browns sign Sheldon Richardson

    Bringin his steam to Cleveland like only Sheldon can.
  15. Kleckineau

    McCaggnan is awful but...

    Saquon is not just "a running back" as you put it. He is a generational talent that is already (arguably) the best in the game at his position. If Barkley were a free agent right now Leveon would be picking up his leftovers. Darnold has flashed and I am thrilled the NYJ have him. I think he will but he has a long way to go yet to live up to his draft position.

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