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  1. Bye Week Blues

    That sucker keeps a 3000 square foot home toasty AND makes hot water and plenty of it.
  2. Bye Week Blues

    Right you are. Tough time of year to be looking to start that project. If it were my house I would get the old boiler working with paper clips rubber band duct tape what ever it takes (and make sure portable heaters were on the ready) for one more season and then kick it to the curb in the spring.
  3. Bye Week Blues

    You are correct. We replaced an oil fired boiler with the Navien nat gas condensing boiler. Replacing a warm air furnace with a nat gas boiler would entail a lot of hydronic baseboard being installed. Much more material / labor / plumbing = ^ cost. Personally I would still do it. ------------ Years back I owned a home with a forced air furnace and it was a dry, dusty, sneeze fest. Added a humidifier to the system and a few years later a mold problem in the duct work ensued. One plus I can think of with warm air furnaces is that if the home has central AC the duct work can be used for both heating and cooling. In our current home when we did the natural gas boiler conversion we also removed all duct work and installed 5 Mitsubishi mini-split AC /Heat pump combo units. We save energy cooling rooms as needed without cooling unused areas plus the heat pumps (reverse AC) in them work so well we are only using the gas boiler for heat in dec jan feb mar.
  4. Bye Week Blues

    If natural gas is available from your utility company switch now. You will never ever regret it and will be so happy if you made the switch. I did this 5 years ago and my heating cost is halved, no longer worry about wild price fluctuations from year to year, never worry about running out of oil, frozen oil lines, yearly tune ups, and the unit is very clean so quiet and sootless. So many benefits. Unit is about the size of a large suitcase, makes hot water instantly on demand (never a shortage) No hot water tanks to maintain. Chimney no longer needed it vents out a wall with a PVC pipe.. Plus you can save a lot of electricity by running a gas clothes dryer, stove etc, we also hooked up a BBQ and never deal with refills anymore.
  5. Bye Week Blues

    Costco automatically doubles the mfr warranty on TVs at no extra cost. Also the return policy is absurdly liberal. Brother returned a Vizio after 2 1/2 years after it crapped out for 100% refund with zero push back. I really love Amazon for almost anything but the thought of our UPS guy delivering heavy sensitive electronics......and then having to send it back well ....ugh
  6. Word Association

  7. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    Wow really?? Havent seen that anywhere else. Was it a local Buffalo story? Is this even possibly true that Buff mgmnt would do this??
  8. Bowles deserves credit for his quiet and stoic demeanor. He understands it is better to keep his mouth shut to avoid confirming his football ignorance. He is a bottom 5 HC.
  9. Jon Gruden says he may return to coaching

    Of course. I am not saying Reese is Ron Wolf or Ozzie Newsome but he is upper echelon with a fine CV and honestly have the Jets ever had a guy of his caliber?
  10. Calvin Pryor ~ ~ ~

    Cant decide who was worse. Pryor or Milliner.
  11. Jon Gruden says he may return to coaching

    So here is what I am hearing regarding Reese and Macc in the thread. For Reese, going 1-8 thus far and potentially winding up with the #1 pick is a fireable offense. On the other hand MacCaggnan didnt but should have had the common sense to have fielded a 1 win team (ala Colts Luck scenario) ending 2007 with a top pick. Fire this mook for 7 wins!
  12. Bath Fitter BUYER BEWARE

    New addition to home / new construction, no this is not something you need if a bathroom is being built as part of the new construction.
  13. Bath Fitter BUYER BEWARE

    Your neighbors must have a lot of fun with that!