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  1. Jet Nut some points to consider in your battle with covid. Reccomendations may be well intentioned but DO NOT take any meds, supplements, concoctions, touted here or elsewhere without the approval of your nephrologist and treatment team in general. As a person with co-morbiditys particularly ESRD your ability to filter toxic substances from your body is compromised and what may be benign supplements to most could really harm you quickly. I have spent the bulk of my career working in emergency rooms and have seen the ill effects of "non-traditional internet miracle therapies" on more than a few occasions. Keep a positive outlook. Stay mobile, do deep breathing excercises for your lungs, stay off the bed or couch. Walk (if ok with your doc) so you can to prevent skin sores and blood clotting problems and follow your doc's treatment plan. Best of luck in your fight!! Phil
  2. Good advice. Tilapia (a made up marketing name) are farmed, raised in filthy net pens and eat their own sh!t over and over until some more garbage food is thrown in. They are prone to disease because of the crowded pens so they are constantly fed antibiotics. They are also flooded with pesticides because of sea lice. They were indigenous to the Nile river but when it was found they were easy to be raised they were brought over for farming. UGHHHHHHH...
  3. Indeed. However how long before some insensitive skunk digs up something he said 11 years ago to pee on this that is out of context and counter. UGHHHHH
  4. I like it a lot. Would love to see more players, coaches doing this on their own time like this. They deserve a bunch of credit for it. I respect the hell out of the guys that get involved in inner city, low socioeconomic projects. Its real. Not just photo-ops and lip service and such.
  5. Happy birthday fellas! Hey Los....why do I picture a screaming Sam Kinison when I read some of your posts? 😁
  6. Post covid unemployment reversal is beginning. Re-opening of the economy is the impetus. Seems now that March April May period was the equities investment opportunity of a lifetime I thought it could be. I'm fairly certain of the V shaped recovery now.

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