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  1. Drafting him might be the Jetsiest draft move since Gholston. Although makes me wonder what Francessa's sauces think of the pick.
  2. If they are willing to give high pics in 2023 for this injury prone turnstile the Jets should be praying they are that stupid and getem to commit asap.
  3. You trippin? Remind me please when Becton was a beast? In camp when Lawson was using him as back scratcher?
  4. They are both attractive women but there is a new standard for sexy middle aged blond women and she is older than both these ladies. Google Kim Wexler. Mic drop.
  5. No they wouldnt. This F/O isnt much better than previous regimes and after not having a genuine QB for decades and then landing a middle of the pack starter they would interpret his mediocrity as impending greatness while slapping each other on the back for such a gutsy pick.
  6. Statue looks nothing like him. FWIW as a #1 pick he has been a disappointment but unlike Darnold he is a genuine NFL QB and has a chance still to take his game to another level. If after 3 years Darnold had Mayfields numbers and durability he would still be a Jet.
  7. Wow wants to lump the poor guy into the "Florida man" trope lol. I guess its less tone deaf than the prior "these guys" comment oh fwiw the poor guy was from NJ.
  8. The real question is what is your underlying motivation to type something like that. "these guys"
  9. Are you saying Rock really should have skipped the so tame GI Jane joke and went straight to the nuclear option and riffed on the your husband gets to pick your side bang lets blow this place up zinger? I would pay per view to see it.
  10. Why do you expect better? Nothing we hear about these people can be trusted. And anyway it probably just boils down to he is probably friends with Smith and doesnt know Rock.
  11. Once again folks. Look closely at pics on the internet. She is not bald she has her hair like that by choice. You can tell just zoom in on it. We all know bald people who shave their heads to avoid the bald old person look" We all know people with great hair who shave their heads because of the cool factor. But lets play devils advocate and say she is balding. WHO GIVES A FLUCK. Now we should we worry about bald people being tweeked by tame jokes? People go to bed hungry in this country. I worry about that. Bald guys please chime in.
  12. Some people shave their heads because it looks chic'. Some guys and gals shave their heads because they have pattern baldness or alopecia. The shaved head of a person who is truly bald or suffering from alopecia will not have a hair "shadow" Look at her head. She is shaved, buzzed not bald. She is a woman of means and could afford a nondetectable hair replacement of the highest quality but chose the shaved look. You can easily tell at a glance by the presence of a shadow if someone is really bald or suffering from alopecia. Looking at her scalp its clear Mrs Smith shaves her head by choice. Its a style or a "look at me choice." Chris Rock made a tame joke. The Smiths share bizarre truths about how he gets to pick who she sleeps with but on Oscar night he cannot tolerate a tame GI Jane joke at an event well known for mild roasting. Will Smith seized the moment to make the whole evening about himself. He is despicable. He has a history of treating people poorly. Will Smith is an attention whore and she is just a...who And he is a grade B actor at best.
  13. Next year lets hope for a hardcore punk halftime show some Bad Brains anybody Crucifux? Just because you are old doesnt mean you have to act old. Personally I miss the good old days that had potential for a wardrobe malfunction and nip slips.
  14. Good food, nice people sounds great! (as long as you dont mind when we just eat and leave for home before kick off.)
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