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  1. You will probably be correct. When I like a teams chances its like the kiss of death.
  2. I really think the Vikings are gonna tear it up this year.
  3. Having a top O-line coach wouldnt hurt.
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    Stormy Daniels
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  7. Kleckineau

    What would surprise you more?

    Have Devin Smith and Dee Milliner ever been seen at the same time same place?
  8. "The Jets are handing Lee more responsibility. He will call the majority of the defensive plays, a duty Demario Davis held last year." He spends a lot of time on his back but I guess it can work if the CS relays the play call they want via airplane banners
  9. Can you guess which ones before looking? (Hint they are not 2 of the best) Plays that were so good or bad that they needed names Seth Trachtman https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/plays-that-were-so-good-or-bad-that-they-needed-names/ss-AAz9WJ7?ocid=spartandhp
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    United Nations
  11. It is a critique of total CS not just HC The NYJ CS has been a sh!tshow.
  12. 32 is being very generous. But I would give a participation trophy.
  13. Kleckineau

    Help A Sushi N00b Out

    Omakase style. Next time you are on vacation in or near a major city find a Zagat rated Japanese place. When you arrive tell the host / hostess you wish to dine Omakase style The sushi chef will take you on a sushi / sashimi trip which you will never forget. You will leave so happy and knowing what your favorites are. ps I avoid white fish and salmon a search will let you know why.
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