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  1. Thanks for the wet blanket of reality. Let the wife run it? Which one?
  2. You make fair points but remember I describe my idea as fantasy in the first post. Having said that 8 figures and and some ownership to build what would essentially be an expansion team after a 100% purge and YOU as the interviewer and the non-meddlesome owner could prove tempting to someone looking to cement themselves as one of the greats.
  3. No ideas. I get it. Ozzie is no longer the GM of The Ravens so where / what exactly would (as you describe it) he be leaving?? He is smart and smart people "dont laugh themselves dizzy". They fully analyze all professional opportunities esp ones with ownership and 8 figure compensation on the table. But back on topic. Remember this is not about the Johnsons. This is all about what would YOU do as the owner of the NYJ on 12/30 but hey if you cant get the concept thats cool.
  4. Lets hear what you would do if you owned the team after another year of futility. One in which we witnessed the horrible results free agent signings, another very questionable 1st round draft pick and a CS that couldnt coach its way out of a paper bag and the gut punch of watching Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen take their teams into serious contention (LJ, superbowl contender JA, AFCE contender after they beat the Pats). My fantasy? On 12/30 I offer Ozzie Newsome a 10 year 100 million dollar contract and also a minority share of the team. I also agree to remain a 1000% hands off owner. Ozzie is still young enough for one last big challenge. If he accepts I fire every single coach, (Gase may be the worst since Kotitie) show Joe Douglas the door (he may be ok but you cant hire Ozzie and keep him) and dump the scouting dept. Let Newsome build this thing like it is an expansion team from the ground up. Of course its a dream but money and ownership speaks very loudly so who knows.... Your ideas??
  5. If I am Brett Favre my defamation lawsuit is getting fast tracked.
  6. Just like this JN website, PSLs will become a wise investment when and if the Jets can become Super Bowl winners and annual contenders.
  7. Is it any wonder the dysfunctional Jets with the leagues worst GM were the only team in the NFL dopey enough to give this guy a huge contract? He is a middle of the pack talent that benefited from the Pitt o-line. Gase is right for not wanting him. Oh what a jetsy move.
  8. I have never owned a website so I cant fully appreciate the benefit of eradicating the nuisance posters like Max can. Thats what they are right? A nuisance? In the long run wouldnt the site would be better served by permanently dispatching them
  9. OMG hilarious too much this is what makes JN great!!!
  10. Bump............just cause its so funny.
  11. Its been some time for me since Ive posted seeing this thread I really feel the need to chime in. Its all well and good to get rid of the pest posters but why ignore the constant homo denigration ? I avoid calling it homophobia. Its not fear, its born of hatred so describing it as such is inaccurate. Interestingly much of it comes from some of the most self proclaimed woke people here. Might be time to look at that more closely.
  12. just stop already with the b/s newb

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