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  1. just stop already with the b/s newb
  2. Having played single A ball for 1/2 a season I can confidently say I know more about pro sports than anyone here mister.
  3. Another thread troll jacked. You guys do realize you are being trolled right?
  4. Idzik, Isiah Thomas and Mike Milbury say hi.
  5. It was the perfect storm of ineptitude. On their own, both were absurdly incompetent but then made each other even worse when paired.
  6. Well it sure beats "We have some things we need to clean up" or "I need to look at the film"
  7. Good to hear. Excellent player but lets not get too excited here . He is an intern, not an official hire and I think the interns leave after TC is done.
  8. Good post! He was such an example for the youth. Remember when Lassie kept barking at him and led him to Rex's place when he got stuck in the bathtub and Mark saved him just as the water got up to his nose?
  9. Without the prez Jets D would have been terrible the last 2 seasons.
  10. Honestly after his 2014 Eagles season I thought he had found his niche as a solid #2 and would bounce around for a nice career as a back up but it looks like he just kinda fell off a cliff after the Philly stint.

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