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  1. Lol, He could have been a star in NY if he just would have been patient and not put himself above the team. Instead he is in Cleveland, the mistake by the lake and home of the Cleveland steamer. Play a stupid game you win a stupid prize.
  2. Those reservations fill up fast. If it were me I would be reserving things now.
  3. Just what they need. Another injury prone lineman. Hopefully they can draft a center. With Mekhi Hindenburg getting ready for his next crash I'm much more concerned with LT.
  4. Has Irvin chosen gender reassignment? Always assumed he was wiccan or warlock.
  5. Clark Gaines Kevin Long Scott Dierking
  6. Yeah because history shows courts never miss and no life has ever been ruined by something exactly like this.
  7. Kleckineau

    Plan B

    Plan B is draft another QB.
  8. Suspect she may have become pissed off and vindictive when she made her lets have a good time tonight move on him and he blew her off.
  9. You average about 2 posts per year. Maybe consider cutting back?
  10. Sam and his apologists are out of excuses If he winds up starting and it doesnt go well for him in SF.
  11. https://sports.yahoo.com/raiders-set-sign-former-49ers-194352801.html No surprise here I guess. If Rodgers does an about face the NYJ are screwed.
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