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  1. Kleckineau

    Word Association

  2. Kleckineau

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  3. Kleckineau

    NFL = WWE?

    The Jets are more like Teddy in Westworld. Destined to die 4-5 times every season. You know its coming just have to wait for it.
  4. Kleckineau

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  5. Kleckineau

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  6. Kleckineau

    Dee Ford - 0 sacks, 0 tackles

    I knew the outcome was set after the fake roughing the passer. Fords screw up was just icing.
  7. Poor character and a stellar offensive line has made Hunt everything he is at this very moment. He will be a DV nightmare jag here
  8. Kleckineau

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  9. Kleckineau

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  10. Kleckineau

    How can any Jet fan not be excited?

    There is no way Gase/Williams are as bad as Bowles/Rodgers. No way. So on that note I am somewhat confident the NYJ will at a minimum return to respectability and become a team that other fan bases / franchises will no longer view as an automatic win when the schedules are released and analyzed.
  11. Kleckineau

    Movies We've Seen Thread

    Bohemian Rhapsody was terrific.
  12. His problems are the result of poor character and his play results from a superior offensive line. The Jets can do nothing about the former and do not possess the latter. No thank you.
  13. Kleckineau

    Word Association

    Soul Train
  14. He never really called out the slackers or held them accountable. Maybe it would have helped. Probably not.

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