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  1. I really dont think the Jets have a chance this week however I am always wrong.
  2. This whole Flacco was so horrible vs Baltimore mantra is B/S. 300 yds and 1 td and 1 int. First live action in how long?? Since being drafted has ZW ever had a game comparable to what Flacco had week one? At this point ZW could only qualify as Flacco's Fluffer.
  3. LOL I cant believe the critique. Put the lube and tissues away and accept that you dullards would not have a .00000001% shot with her or any woman of this caliber.
  4. I may be wrong but does the NFL have the legal ability to stop owners from using a franchise as loan collateral or at the very least halt them from over leveraging with high LTV borrowing?
  5. Johnson may be ignorant regarding all things football but buying the team is likely the smartest thing he has ever done. He was smart enough to spend big when he bought the team and he is smart enough to keep it. Its a cash cow that makes him tons of cash every year without any real effort or stress regarding risk of capital like most other investments. I say eventually he dies as the owner.
  6. Best NYJ player might be on the practice squad.
  7. I wonder if Jamal thinks of the NYJ as he is reviewing his investment portfolio with his financial advisor.
  8. Yes you are on solid ground however the Jets repeatedly win end of season meaningless games to put themselves out of draft position while smarter team execs and CS have done the opposite. Also fair enough about Mac Jones, Jimmy G but would anyone want Zach in lieu of either?
  9. Here is Allen’s year 2 stat line: 16 games, 58.8 completion percentage, 3,089 yards, 20 TDs / 9 INTs, 510 rushing yards, 9 rush TDs. Tell me more about how he would have been vilified in NY after a season like that. May I pick the crack pipe up?
  10. How do you come up with sh!t like this? Zach can't even stay on the field 2 years straight now.. Viilified? If Wilson had Allens 1st year stats we would have had been salivating for year 2. Allens second year? Do you realize Allen's 2nd year performance would rank as one of the best ever seasons for any Jet QB?
  11. While the Jets are busy drafting guys like Sanchez, Darnold, Hackenberg, Wilson. Other franchises are drafting Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, Mac Jones, Trevor Lawrence, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, Deshaun Watson, Patrick Mahomes, Russel Wilson, Jimmy Garropolo, Andrew Luck and MORE. The odds of picking 3 duds like they have might actually be tougher than connecting on one. Please spare us the "well if the Jets had drafted him they would have ruined him" line.
  12. No way the minor knee surgery he had should keep him out this long. Stick a fork in Zack Wilson he is done. What a disastrous pick. I think JD and Saleh realize this guys is injury prone, in over his head and might get killed out there. I am rooting (praying) for Flacco to deliver 10 wins and make this season enjoyable.
  13. If I told you having a 2-7 for 9 weeks was impossible would you believe me?
  14. Careful.... speaking honestly and objectively gets you shot around here.
  15. Please tell me more about what a great GM we have.
  16. I look at the family picture, think of his career and still how young he is and I think now this is truly a guy who has it all!
  17. This may be his make or break year. Especially in light of the Becton and Wilson picks oh and that win - loss record He needs wins and not just 5 or 6. If Wilson can stay on the field and show significant progress and the most recent draft picks produce he will be safe. If not he should go and Saleh should probably exit with him.
  18. Laugh if you must at The Citi Field Trumpet but as far as absurd entertainment is concerned nothing will ever top the NY Jets Flying Lawnmower show. It was killer!
  19. This has never happened before but the Mets with their new willing to invest in talent owner can now compete on an equal level with the Yankees.
  20. I am convinced of nothing without direct first hand knowledge. Now fight me. Word of caution, protect those green balls of yours.
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