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  1. Why will a mandate matter? Go on the interwebz and get your bogus jab card in 5 min.
  2. Wish him the best speedy recovery but I'm not surprised he stunk it up today. Carl Lawson exposed this guy in TC. CS tried to not make an issue of it but it was real and maybe he needs to regain his confidence.
  3. Cool story except the earliest VCR for home use wasnt available until the mid 70's. My user name pays homage to Canadian Henri Kleckineau inventor of the round type hockey puck.
  4. Doesnt seem to have helped and therapy is expensive. Can you get your money back? Oh and helluva pivot! Serial woman objectifier to virtue signaler extraordinaire.
  5. LOL no millions to waste here but if anyone can make it happen it Dwayne Johnson can,
  6. WTF are you talking about! Show me where I belittled him! I am a huge DJ fan and think if anyone can promo the league its him. Jeezus take a hike and bring all your ignorant BS with ya.
  7. Of course. He kinda sucked at it. I would think Johnson could do a better promo with the cross over and as a former star and current mega star prob has more respect from the fanbase than Mc.
  8. NFL does not have that much more cred than pro wrestling does at this point with all the cheating Goodell gives wrist slaps for so yeah, why not? Dwayne Johnson is very well networked in the wrestling world and maybe is thinking there could be some synergy here for the XFL. Maybe some of the pro wrestlers could cross over doing both and have their fans follow.
  9. Fact. When the team we root for is a perennial green snot wad the scribe hacks will troll us for clicks. Winning drives them back to their crawl space in search of new easy marks .
  10. Credere Nuntium. The Globe and Inquirer are the only avatars of truth in journalism remaining.
  11. Fair post. I would be satisfied with him in the top 10 / Eli catagory as long as winning seasons are part of the package however you say he is trending and maybe he is. Some of us just dont feel as bullish as you do for good reason.
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