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  1. Offensive consultant for 49ers? What the hell is that anyway? In my world consultants dont even rate a parking space. This was some great opportunity?? To me it sounds like Harbaugh actually had pity for the guy and may have been the only NFL person of stature with the guts to move out of BBs league wide sphere of influence to give him some work menial as it may have been. Oh and if anyone doesnt believe BB has league wide influence and doesnt have Goodell on a leash just look at yesterdays "punishment" for the latest cheating they were caught red handed for.
  2. Dont know about NYC theaters but next time your'e in DC take in a show at Ford's Theater.
  3. IDK what the answer is but Goodell is nothing but a Himbo and lap dog for Kraft the defacto NFL CEO.
  4. Seen this movie before. Now play the scene where the lawyers get ALL Wilkersons money (whatever he hasnt blown already) for their unrelenting defense then bow out when the cash stops He will be broke fairly soon and wishing he didnt dog the football career.
  5. I fear he takes the NEP deep into the playoffs and then signs a multi year deal with them. Cmon............Have you forgotten? We are Jets fans. Green DNA. This sh!t is preordained.
  6. I was done with beer decades ago. I mean its nice to have one or two at a BBQ when nothing better is available and I understand most people dig it but why waste time peeing and expanding your gut when you could be lavishing your palate and enjoying the warm glow of top shelf whiskey?
  7. No free ride to law school and lawyer money's not nearly as good as box safety cash.
  8. I am no great fan of his and like I said I honestly cant say if he deserved another shot or not but using the Browns job as an example of him still having had NFL opportunities post Jets is like saying the janitor had the choice of cleaning any toilet stall to pick from as long as it was in Cleveland. It may have been the only job BB felt EM "deserved" after he exposed some of the Patriots skullduggery. Who can be certain but based on his well documented character flaws I wouldnt put it past him.
  9. I dont think he can get an NFL job as long as BB is still working. I dont know hether he deserves a job or not but Mangini is screwed by BB. It like the NFL version of the Ako vendetta.
  10. I dont recall Marino playing defense that day giving up 62. I do remember Joe Namath looking like dog sh!t as a LA Ram oh and the great Mohammad Ali lost to Leon Spinks and Trevor Berbick near the end of his career. Some greats hang on too long. So whats your point anyway?
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