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  1. Yes right yoiu are of course but how come folks dont also realize that an all pro OT and DT would shine here despite Gase's offensive game plans?!?!?
  2. Actual fact. Sanchez and Super Bowl do not belong in the same sentence as he never made it to the big game.
  3. I'd bet they are great but the way I drink whisky I would go broke with those 2.
  4. I like how you continue to frame Gase's second half coaching job as a testament to his ability. Prior to looking at it that way I was as down on him as many others are and think you may be onto something. Having said that, this season is as much a make or break year for him as much as it is for Darnold. Both need to produce or its most likely sayonara for one maybe both.
  5. ^^^That stuff is nasty and way overpriced. I love both rye and scotch whiskey. In my opinion while some of these new fangled whiskeys offered are nice I dont see the need to reinvent the wheel. For rye on rocks or neat just give me my Crown Royal. Honestly havent found any of the new ones that are any better. For whiskey cocktails VO or Old Overholt both make delicious drinks. For scotch I am perfectly happy with Dewars and water or I can dig a Chivas neat. If it aint broke.......
  6. Williams knows the odds say he is still coaching Adams this season. Why would he not praise him?
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